Novak Djokovic: Bit interesting to be playing with Federer and Nadal

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is progressing to be the top pick to win the gold medal. In men’s singles tennis at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This year but the Serbian world number one. Said that he will still take things “slowly and cautiously”. Djokovic will be gunning for his maiden Olympic gold. In men’s singles tennis when he opens his campaign at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Tennis events will take put from July 24 to August 1.

“I know it’s arranging to be boring for you. People to listen to me say that I will take things especially slowly. And cautiously and center on the next challenge. “But this can be the kind of approach that I really got to have. Since within the past I wasn’t likely really encountering that approach. And that has reverse discharges on me. “I begun to feel that there was part of distractions around that was affecting my performance”. Djokovic, who claims as it were a bronze medal from Beijing in 2008, told columnists on Thursday.

Djokovic will be looking to alter the color of his 2008 Olympic medal. From bronze to gold and will have the chance to remain within the race. In total a Golden Slam in case he oversees to win the beat prize in Tokyo.

Novak Djokovic:  Bit interesting to be playing with Federer and Nadal

German legend Steffi Graff

The 20-time Grand Slam winner will be got to win. The Olympic gold and US Open this year were facilitated. To German legend Steffi Graff’s record of completing the Golden Slam.

“I’m advantaged and persuaded to be in this position. I’ve worked exceptionally difficult to be here. Let’s conversation almost history if everything goes extraordinary here after I wrap up with the tournament.

“I feel great. Physically, mentally I’m ready to perform at my best. I have arguably had the best Grand Slam season in my sport so far. I could not have had better preparation in the lead-up to the Olympic Games than I have this year,” Djokovic said.

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