N Srinivasan says “MS Dhoni doesn’t want CSK to lose money trying to retain him” in T20 World Cup

N Srinivasan says “MS Dhoni doesn’t want CSK to lose money trying to retain him” in T20 World Cup. He has revealed that MS Dhoni doesn’t want the franchise to excess big money by retaining him for IPL 2022. MS Dhoni and CSK won their fourth IPL title by defeating the Kolkata Knight Riders. Also, in the final of the recently-concluded 2021 season.

In the new season, IPL 2022 will see the introduction of two new teams and a mega auction. All current eight teams, including CSK, will be allowed to retain a maximum of four players. There is no Right to Match Card available as well. MS Dhoni, according to Srinivasan, is a “fair person.” It does not want CSK to create an exception for him when it comes to recruiting.

N Srinivasan says "MS Dhoni doesn't want CSK to lose money trying to retain him" in T20 World Cup

N Srinivasan

MS Dhoni is a very fair person. He wanted the retention policy to come out as he didn’t want CSK to lose money trying to retain him. That is the reason why he gave different replies to people. However, he made a very regnant statement. On being asked about the legacy he left behind, he said I am not gone. So, that says it all,” N Srinivasan said.

Moreover, the four possible retentions will be a challenge. There’s also a big argument going on in the inner rumps of IPL franchises. CSK, as a steady team, would prefer to keep its core group together. However, this will require them to spend a significant amount of their $90 million budget.

Lastly, a franchise will have to spend ₹16 crores. For its first retention if it retains four players. This will come down to ₹15 crores if it retains three players and ₹14 crores. If it wants to hold on to one or two players. CSK is likely to retain three to four players. And then MS Dhoni’s concerns about emptying the CSK pockets. They are likely rooted in the fact that these retentions. Also, for a three-year cycle. The captain is unlikely to play all three, which might leave CSK scrambling for a captain. In other words, a star player whenever he decides to hang his boots.

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