Learn How To Play Teen Patti Game For Beginners. Teen Patti could be a well-known Indian card game that’s regularly played in groups of three to six individuals. Teen Patti may be a popular game that started in India and has presently spread around the world. The game has some similarities to Poker and a British game known as three-card brag. In certain places, Teen Patti is additionally known as flush or flash. Playing Teen Patti amid the Hindi celebration of Deepawali is additionally considered fortunate. Learn How To Play Teen Patti Game For Beginners

Before you’ll be able to learn how to play Teen Patti. You must begin with getting a few of the terms used in this card game.


Terms used in Teen Patti

Ante – Ante can also be referred to as boot. This can be the sum of cash that the player must bet before the cards are managed.

Chaal – When playing Chaal in Teen Patti, you can review your cards before placing your wager. But you will have to bet the ante twice in the existing ante to do so.

Blind – This term refers to playing blind, which means making the next bet without even checking the cards. And after placing the bet you can play Chaal also but you need to follow the rules as per Chaal.

Pot – As the word, ‘Pot’ suggests basically is where bets are placed which later after the game. This is used for the collection of the total wager of that Teen Patti game.

Fold – This term is used by you in the game of Teen Patti when you think about your card. Current hand is not good to win the bet from your co-players and you can decide to quit the game.

Raise – You can use this term to raise your bet by X2 from the previous player’s bet. But only if you think your cards are very good to win but in the case of Blind only.

Call – Call is used in Teen Patti when you would like to place the same bet. As the player previously placed bet then you.

Show – This This Teen Patti term is used when the last 2 two players are left in the game. And then both of them have to reveal their card upon using this term to announce the winner.

Compromise – This term is very unique when two players played chaal would like to compare their cards. But player with the worst set of cards in the hand has to fold as a condition of Compromise.


Teen Patti

In Teen Patti all 52 cards of the deck are used which does not include jokers. Teen Patti is generally played within the bunch of 3 to 6 individuals, each player managed three cards confront down. Before the cards are managed the Ante amount is chosen and collected from all the players. Playing the Teen Patti game and then out as a Pot within the center of the table. Amid the game, the Pot money will keep expanding as the bets keep being put by the player. And add up to some of the Pot is taken by the champ at the end of the game. Also, the winner of the Teen Patti game is chosen based on the highest hand of cards as per the card rankings which you may discover out in this article.

Lastly, Teen Patti has a different sequence of cards based on which the players are judged as the winners or losers. And among their group and the bets are placed according to, how strong their sequence of cards is.

All the sequences used in the game of Teen Patti are given as follows:

  1. Trial or Set (Three of the Same Rank)
  2. Pure Sequence
  3. Sequence (Run)
  4. Color
  5. Pair (Two cards of the same rank)
  6. High Card

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