Kento Momota: Japan’s World No.1 badminton player lost the first round

Kento Momota

Japan’s badminton world number one Kento Momota. He lost within the first round at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday. South Korean Heo Kwang-hee defeat Kento Momota. At the official scores of 21-15 and 21-19.

Also, he ending up the favorites offered for the gold medal. It is just after a fair of two games. Momota’s early exit takes after similar upsets. Then for high-profile Japanese competitors.

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Kohei Uchimura

It’s counting tennis player Osaka and gymnast Kohei Uchimura. Badminton’s comeback kid Momota has confronted. With huge deterrents to get to the Tokyo Olympics. He experienced a serious accident. That gave him an injury in a car accident. And expected to win the match.

Instead, he battled to keep his head over water. Within the first game, overpowered a few times by Heo’s sharply angled. Also, crushes are incapable to strike back with their own.

Momota’s journey to Tokyo 2020 has been full of personal and proficient difficulties. Including contracting COVID-19. The 26-year-old was involved in illegal betting. It is embarrassing months before the Rio Games in 2016. And become prohibited by the Nippon Badminton Association.

Momota was stripped from the league tables. And by the time he got back on the court in 2017. Kento Momota positioned is on 282nd. With a 39-match unbeaten streak, he clawed his way back to the top.

But Momota’s Olympic dreams appeared pulverized. Once more in early 2020 when he was in a car accident. That cleared out the driver dead and damaged his locate among other injuries. He had time to recover amid the pandemic. Also, making a comeback at the All-England Open in March. To give and lift the Japanese hopes. Lastly, he may challenge to get of Olympic game for the gold medal.

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