Kamalpreet Kaur’s father missed her qualifying match in Tokyo 2020

Kamalpreet Kaur

Kamalpreet Kaur’s father, Kuldeep Singh. Missed his daughter’s qualifying match as he was actively working at his farm. Plate thrower Kamalpreet finishes 2nd within the capability round. The final will be played on August 2.

Kuldeep Singh, the father of India’s disk hurler Kamalpreet Kaur. Missed his daughter’s surprising performance. Within the qualifying round as he was busy working at his farm.

Kamalpreet Kaur's father missed her qualifying match in Tokyo 2020

Kamalpreet Kaur in Tokyo 2020

Kamalpreet Kaur delivered one of the finest performances by an Indian. Within the Olympics, as she qualified for the finals. With a toss of 64m in her third and last attempt. She got to be one of the only two programmed qualifiers for the ultimate round. The other being American Valarie Allman (66.42m).

“Kamal told me recently about the timing. I waited, but broadcasters were appearing something else. I didn’t hold up much as I had some work to do at my cultivate.” Kuldeep Singh, a proud father of Kamalpreet Kaur, told IndiaToday

“When I was working at my farm, I started getting calls and messages and then only rushed back to my house. I will watch highlights later in the day,” he added.

Kamalpreet, who hails from Badal town in Sri Muktsar Sahib. Punjab, started with a 60.29m effort and then moved forward. It is to 63.97m before her third toss of 64m. The Indian finished ahead of defending gold medallist Sandra Perkovic (63.75m) of Croatia. And ruling world champion Yaime Perez (63.18) of Cuba. Perkovic qualified at third and Perez at seventh.

Kamalpreet has been in amazing form this year. As she breached the 65m mark twice as of late. She tossed 65.06m amid the Federation Cup in Walk to break the national record. And become the first Indian to breach the 65m stamp. Also, In June, she bettered her national record with a throw of 66.59m. Amid the Indian, Grand Prix-4 to sit at world number six.

Kamalpreet Kaur's father missed her qualifying match in Tokyo 2020

Krishna Poonia

Kamalpreet is known for breaking records. At the Inter-Railways athletics meet in 2018. Lastly, she broke Krishna Poonia’s six-year Railway record.

The final will be on August 2, and Kuldeep shows her efforts to win.

“I am not going to miss it for anything. I hope she will return with a medal,” Kuldeep Singh said.

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