Johannes Vetter Says: “He won’t be able to beat me”

German javelin toss whiz Johannes Vetter said. That India’s Neeraj Chopra won’t be able to defeat him in Tokyo Olympics. He is the previous world champion and the top choice to claim the gold. Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra is one of the brightest candidates. To win a medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics. The Haryana Youth is India’s best-wagered.

He is the favorite player of India. Also, assume to bring home the medal at the end of the Olympics. German Johannes Vetter, former world champion. The one who is the top pick to win Gold at Tokyo. But will be Neeraj’s greatest equal in the Olympics.

Johannes Vetter Says: "He won't be able to beat me"

Johannes Vetter

However, German spear toss superstar Johannes Vetter. Made it clear that Chopra won’t be able to defeat him in Tokyo Olympics.

“He (Chopra) threw good throws twice this year. Above 86m in Finland. If he is healthy and if he is in the right shape, especially in his technique, he can throw far,” Vetter said in an interaction with select international media organized by World Athletics.

“But he should fight with me. I am looking to throw over 90m in Tokyo, so it’ll be tough for him to defeat me.”

The pair to begin with met in 2018. At Offenburg in Germany when both prepared at the same facility. Three years later, the pair met once more in Finland. During the Kuortane Games in Finland’s last month. And they indeed travel together in the same car from Helsinki.

Vetter is in red-hot shape. And he is the only man within the world to have thrown past 90m within the past 24 months. In truth, he has done so 18 times, counting a record streak of seven competitions between April and June this year. His toss was just 72cm bashful of the long-standing world record of 98.48m set by Czech legend Jan Zelezny.

Vetter does not need to be underweight considering breaking the world record amid the Olympics. Instead, he said winning gold in Tokyo would be his priority.”Not truly (world record). Javelin toss is difficult, the method is exceptionally tough. Everything has to come together. The wind condition will get to culminate, the surface will need to be great and the strategy.

“You’ve got to think overall points, speed, etc. I know I am actually in very great shape, but I don’t need to put that much pressure on myself. I just need to appreciate such a high-level competition.

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