India vs New Zealand: Virat Kohli says “We don’t entertain that as a team”

India vs New Zealand: Virat Kohli has emphasized that continued feedback of Ajinkya Rahane doesn’t bother the think tank. Just because individuals on the outside don’t exactly know what’s going on within the group. Rahane has failed to find runs this season. Since his historic century against Australia in the Boxing Day Test last year. In Kanpur, they scored 35 and 4 points versus New Zealand. After leading the team in the first Test, he was forced to withdraw from the second due to injury. Thus, with Shreyas Iyer scoring a century on Test debut in Kanpur and Mayank Agarwal coming up with a hundred in Mumbai. Also, the pressure has only grown on Rahane. Kohli downplayed the criticism of his deputy in Test matches.

“I cannot judge Ajinkya’s form. I think no one can judge it. The individual in question knows the areas of the game he needs to work on. We need to back players who have come up with impact performances for us in the past under difficult circumstances in key Test matches,” Virat Kohli said.

India vs New Zealand: “If there is some pressure on an individual and people start creating an environment wherein everyone is asking “what happens next?”, we don’t entertain that as a team. We cannot expect that balance outside. The same people who praise certain players want them out of the team after two months. We have never reacted like that and we never will because we know the amount of effort that goes into it. We will support him, whether it is Ajinkya or someone else. Also, we won’t make a decision based on the atmosphere outside,” Kohli added.

India vs New Zealand: Virat Kohli says “We don’t entertain that as a team”

Ajinkya Rahane

Lastly, Ajinkya Rahane is going through a tough time. Kohli himself hasn’t scored an international hundred since November 2019. Also, asked if a batter needs to alter his game to try. And then overcome the challenges, Kohi replied in the negative.

India vs New Zealand: “You go through the typical procedure.” You continue to put a lot of effort into your game. You must persevere when there are no evident dismissal patterns. You must comprehend that you are going out there and batting 70-80 balls in order to open that mental space where you can begin to take on the game. Those traits come naturally to some people, while others require patience and hard practice. The hard effort that goes on behind the scenes is the one thing that never changes,” Virat Kohli said.

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