India vs New Zealand: Sanjay Bangar says “Mental error”

India vs New Zealand: Shubman Gill’s wicket in India’s first innings was attributed to Sanjay Bangar. The batter made a ‘mental error’ in the ongoing second Test against New Zealand. On the first day of the tournament, Gill had a stroke-filled 44. He and Mayank Agarwal shared an 80-run first-wicket partnership. He threw away his wicket just as he appeared to be on his way to a big inning. Aakash Chopra asked Sanjay Bangar a question at a Star Sports forum. If he could assign a reason for Shubman Gill’s dismissal. Also, a lapse in focus or a technological issue.

“Mental error, I will put it in the category of mental error. It is not a technical error because you can definitely go with hard hands and it is not the first time a batter has gone with hard hands,” Sanjay Bangar said.

“But if you make two mistakes off two consecutive deliveries, it means your thinking between the deliveries or your control over your mind or thoughts, it is required to work on that a little,” Bangar added.

In addition, Tom Blundell granted Shubman Gill a reprieve. In addition, Ajaz Patel’s bowling caused the wicket-keeper to miss relatively simple campaigning. Gill nicked the spinner’s following delivery straight to first slip for Ross Taylor. Moreover, Chopra was asked if Shubman Gill might have to pay attention to his hands. They are going too far away from his body.

India vs New Zealand: Sanjay Bangar says "Mental error"

Sanjay Bangar

India vs New Zealand: “One hundred percent and this is somewhat a byproduct because they play a lot of white-ball cricket, a lot of T20 cricket, where there is an advantage of staying away from the ball. You score runs easily when you stay away from the ball,” Bangar said.

Lastly, Aakash Chopra mentioned a technique that works well in white-ball cricket. He can also be counterproductive in the game’s longest format.

India vs New Zealand: “The bat’s free-flowing downswing becomes second nature. The ball was a long way away, but if you take a modest step forward and try to reach it with your arms, your hands don’t stay soft and you push at the ball, and if you push, it will carry 100 percent on this surface,” Aakash Chopra said.

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