“I benefit a lot from Umran Malik’s bowling,” says Arshdeep Singh.

“I benefit a lot from Umran Malik’s bowling,” says Arshdeep Singh. Their bowling styles are as different as chalk and cheese, but Arshdeep Singh believes Umran Malik’s frightening pace is beneficial because batters are constantly struggling to adjust due to the significant difference in their respective speeds.

Their bowling skills are as different as chalk and cheese, but Arshdeep Singh believes Umran Malik’s scary pace is useful since batters are always fighting to adjust owing to the significant gap in their individual speeds. The Jammu speed phenomenon, along with South African Anrich Nortje and Englishman Mark Wood, is one of the quickest bowlers in global cricket, frequently hitting 150 clicks. Arshdeep is a swing bowler who can attain the early 130 kmph mark when in rhythm.

Both IPL players made their ODI debuts against New Zealand in the first game of the series in Auckland, and the Punjab player wants the partnership to last forever.

“It’s always pleasant to bowl with Umran, and he’s also a fun-loving guy, so the dressing room vibe stays positive,” Arshdeep said before of Wednesday’s third and final ODI against New Zealand.

“In terms of bowling, Umran’s bowling helps me a lot because batters have to adjust a lot from 155 kmph to 135 kmph. And they are duped by speed, while we have fun bowling with each other. I hope we can keep this partnership going for a long time “He stated.

Arshdeep, who has made a name for himself in T20Is, does not want to change too much while playing the 50-over format.

“In T20Is, I bowl offensively at first and defensively in the end. For me, ODIs are not much different, and wherever I have the chance, I will try to play well.”

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Fans have a right to criticise

Arshdeep has previously seen the ugliness of fandom when he was cruelly harassed on social media. Following India’s loss to Pakistan in an Asia Cup game in Dubai. A inebriated supporter had also insulted him as he boarded the team van.

However, displaying maturity beyond his years, the 23-year-old stated that he has learned to take everything in stride.

“If you do well, you receive love and appreciation; if you do not, the fans have the right to criticize you. They are also fans of the game and the team. You will receive both love and criticism along the way. The key is to accept both with equal humility “said Arshdeep.

He recently received a lot of support in Australia, and there were quite a few devoted Arshdeep fans who would have his photographs printed on their T-shirts.

“It feels fantastic to see (people wearing T-shirts with his portrait) and write poems devoted to him,” he added. “But the focus is always on the game, good or bad, one must behave oneself well.”

The most essential thing to him is to be in the now.

“When you play the game, you want to have fun rather than focus about how you want to be the team’s main bowler. You want to live in the present moment rather than consider where I will be a year from now. Staying in the present moment benefits you as a player “Arshdeep, who has 33 wickets in 21 T20Is, stated.

Regarding the rain-affected series, he stated that some things are beyond anyone’s control.

“Weather is beyond our control, and even during breaks, one must be mentally prepared. We must adhere to the procedure, and there should be no pause in preparation “he concluded

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