how to betting on cricket in indiaHow to bet on cricket in India?

how to betting on cricket in indiaHow to bet on cricket in India?

  With cricket being no less than a national obsession in India, it is no surprise to see that betting on cricket just keeps getting more popular in the country.

  Especially when a major event in the sport such as the Indian Premier League or the Cricket World Cup is ongoing, there is a huge amount of interest in betting on cricket across the land.



  But those Indian sports fans who have never bet on cricket before may not know how to get started, so we have put together the following guide to help newcomers to get up and running.

  Picking a betting site
One of the daunting things about starting to bet on cricket in India is choosing where to do it.

  India has a wide range of cricket betting sites and apps to pick from – new options are launching all the time – so people in the country who want to place cricket bets are spoiled for choice.

  Checking out a site such as for detailed expert reviews of India’s best cricket betting sites and apps is a good place to start when trying to choose an operator to go with.

  Registering with a cricket betting site for a new account should be a quick and easy process. It usually takes a couple of minutes at the most to get an account created, verify it if this step is needed, then make an initial deposit and be ready to start placing all types of cricket bets.

  Deciding what to bet on
After cricket fans have joined a betting site or app, the next stage is deciding what to bet on.

  Various cricket betting tips and strategies can be found online, though none of these are able to guarantee any level of success. After all, if it was easy to be 100% sure of winning cricket bets then everyone would be able to do it and cricket betting websites would go out of business.

  Cricket lovers may find that it is a good idea to focus on a specific league or competition when they are betting on their favourite sport. For example, it might be better to specialise in placing bets on the Indian Premier League, one of the biggest events on the Indian sporting calendar.

  Benefits of sticking to justone league or competition include that people placing their bets can ensure they are across all the research they may need to carry out to pick out winning wagers.

  Knowing which players are fit and in form can make all the difference, so those who bet on matches in competitions they know little about will find it harder to select a winner. Of course, in cricket factors such as the weather and the condition of the pitch can play a huge role in what ultimately happens in a match, as well as which team wins the toss at the start of the game.

  Using betting bonuses for cricket
One of the best things about learning how to bet on cricket in India is the fact there are so many bonuses – such as free bets – that tend to be up for grabs at both cricket betting sites and apps.

  Most of the leading online cricket betting sites and apps in India have a large welcome bonus available. This might be in the form of a deposit bonus, giving new users more money to play with when they add funds to their account for the first time. Free cricket bets are also widely available as India’s top cricket betting sites compete with each other to sign up new users.

  Various other ways of getting free cricket bets are also available, such as by placing qualifying wagers. Earning free cricket bets is recommended as it offers a risk-free way to place wagers.

  Betting pre-match or live in-play
One of the best things about cricket betting is how well suited the sport is for live in-play bets. As there is a natural break in the action between every ball – as well as a slightly longer pause at the end of an over – it can provide a good chance to place a winning wager during the game.

  Of course, in cricket momentum can shift very quickly, with a big six or a wicket able to have a huge impact on which team is likely to come out on top at the end of the match. Odds can change rapidly when betting live in-play on cricket as a result, which provides opportunities but can also be a little overwhelming for those who are new to cricket betting.

  As a result, newcomers may find it is better to start out by placing pre-match cricket bets. Various options are available on the top cricket betting sites and apps in India, such as betting on a team’s top bowler or batter, as well as which side is going to win the match.

  Ante-post markets for top competitions like the Indian Premier League and the Cricket World Cup also tend to be available well in advance of those events getting up and running too.

  Using mobile devices to bet on cricket in India
One of the top trends for cricket betting in India of late has been the rise in placing mobile wagers. Many people now prefer to place cricket bets while out and about via a mobile device.

  As a result, many of the best cricket betting sites in India have been launching their own apps. Available to download for iOS or Android in many cases, this is a speedy way to bet in-play.

  Cricket fans may find using a mobile device is the easiest way to place a wager while they are watching a game, for instance in the Indian Premier League, how to betting on cricket in indiaHow to bet on cricket in India? on their television at home too.

  Having the chance to use mobile devices to bet on cricket in India makes it easier than ever.

how to betting on cricket in indiaWhat other betting/casino guides & strategies are available?

  Types of cricket bets that are popular online Different variables that may affect your cricket betting strategy Top strategies in cricket betting to help you master the game Tournament specific betting strategies The best tips to help you make your strategic moves in cricket betting Match betting: The most popular form of wagering in cricket is to bet on who will win a particular match, that is, the punter chooses a side. For instance, backing the Mumbai Indians to defeat the Chennai Super Kings in an individual match of IPL. If the forecast is correct, a payout is made based on a fixed betting rate. However, match bet markets may be declared void if the match ends in a draw or if 20 overs have not been completed. Outright and series winner: Betting on the outright winner is an ante-post bet on a single team to dominate a season or tournament such as Mumbai Indians winning the maximum number of titles in the league’s history. It is risky since there are too many teams to choose from. A Series bet is offered when teams play multiple games in a series. Proposition bets: These are not directly associated with the outcome of the match, tournament, or series. Instead, it includes team bets like which side will win the coin toss in the beginning and stakes on the performance of players such as Top Bowler, Top Batsman, and Man of the Match. There is no limit to the kind of prop bets a bookmaker may offer. Even the Best cricket Betting Strategy India is affected by more variables than any other sport, and you should take these factors into account before placing a bet:

  Placing a lay bet on the draw: The idea behind this strategy is that you act as a bookie and place a lay bet on the draw before the match begins. In the instance of a draw, you are liable to pay a certain amount, depending on the odds. With the progression of the game over the next five days, the odds change, and you can reduce your liability by betting on the draw. In-play markets with live cricket betting: You can take your stake here while the players are in action during the match. It is mostly available online through live streaming with features like “cash-out” that lets you lock in a profit with a click while the game is on. However, transmission lags and rapidly fluctuating cricket betting odds may affect your bets. Bet on top players: You can bet on the best team player, overall match top batsman, and top bowler, to name a few. Before you place any of these bets, you need to look up the recent forms of individual players of all teams. Then you make your prediction based on the form analysis. Betting on runs: Your bookie will set a particular amount, and you need to forecast if the number of runs will be under or over the specified amount. This is also called over/under betting. The discussion on the Best cricket Betting Strategy India naturally calls for the T20 format, or more popularly IPL in India. Your betting goes a notch higher owing to the game format and players involved. Some popular and potentially lucrative markets in IPL cricket betting are- Man of the Match, Man of the Series, top run-scorer of a season, and highest wicket-taker of a season.

  Know the six-over and innings market well. Also, higher value odds are generally on the chasing team The toss is essential, but going by the statistics, the toss results do not always prove to be decisive of the match results. Strategy breaks often disrupt the focus of the players; use this time to devise your next angle of attack. The head-on battles in every match and the team composition are crucial to IPL betting; look out for mismatches on both the teams such as left-handers versus off-spinners. No two grounds are similar, and so before placing a bet, look up previous results on respective fields. Also, check up on the performance of chasing teams and whether a pitch allows spin or pace.

  After you know how to bet on cricket in India, having some essential tips at your disposal can help you to strategise each bet for greater success.

  Open accounts with multiple bookmakers to compare the bonus offers, promotions, odds, and take advantage of all the first deposit bonuses. Statistics are crucial to cricket betting and make sure you consult online tools and betting websites before placing a bet. Follow cricket betting tipsters and experts on social media to get useful suggestions on betting strategies. To maintain a stable bankroll, avoid uncertain bets, wage small, and place big bets only on matches that are well handicapped. The majority of cricket bets are singles. Make your betting line with the maximum value. Select a game format with readily available information and avoid flicking between multiple game formats at a time. To find out which game format or market you want to target, consult only one bookmaker at a time. Once you have decided the market you want to bet on, look out for an online bookmaker offering the best odds and if there are any welcome bonuses and promotions. When placing in-play bets, pick markets that are predictable based on data, rather than intuition. While you might become aware of cricket betting by learning How to bet on cricket in India, there are many other sports that you can also bet on. Given the range of betting choices that online gambling offers, punters can now choose from between a wide variety of betting strategies. If you want more references and help to explore the betting world, you should also look at the Wetten guides for 1×2 betting strategy India, In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy India, Value Bet Strategy and no risk matched betting India.

  Cricket has come to occupy an important position in the Indian sporting arena as well as in the betting industry. With the right strategy and tips, it is not impossible to make steady winnings from online cricket betting. However, some critical considerations that no bettor should ignore are – most popular cricket bets available online, the best strategies to ace cricket betting, and tips to keep in mind to avoid pitfalls and losses. how to betting on cricket in indiaHow to bet on cricket in India? If you are a punter who is unfamiliar with cricket betting, there is no better time to get a hold on the game with the best betting strategies and to know How to bet on cricket in India.

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