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how cricket betting worksBest Cricket Betting Sites Overview 2023 [Top Cricket Bookies]

  If you’re searching for a cricket betting site in India, you may find that it’s difficult to gather all the information on which cricket betting site would be the best. That’s why we have created our guides to show you which online cricket betting site in India might be the best ones for you.

  Not all Indian players may like the same betting platform or betting exchange. You may want the site with the best cricket odds, or ones that allow in play betting on live cricket matches. That’s why we provide a wealth of content for you to decipher and choose for yourself.

  We provide all the best information that Indian players would want to know about a cricket betting platform. We have spent years researching cricket betting sites in India, and our experts have a wealth of knowledge on online betting, most betting sites in India and sports betting in general.

  We have taken the time to research sports betting markets so that you don’t have to. We provide you with all the information you’d want to know about the best cricket betting site, including cricket betting odds, cricket events, cricket tournaments, free bets and the best places for betting online.

  We even provide cricket betting tips for various cricket markets so that you can make solid choices for event such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, the Indian Premier League and other great cricket betting options.

  In order to outline the best cricket betting sites in India, our experts have scoured every available online betting platform. We have created our list of best betting sites after spending loads of time taking a look at the best online cricket betting platforms that are available to Indian players.

  If you are interested in placing a bet on cricket, then you’re going to want to read our reviews of every Indian betting site that offers cricket betting online. We break down every aspect of the betting site that you might want to know about, including cricket betting promotions, their mobile betting site, cricket betting apps, whether they offer a sports welcome bonus (deposit bonus), horse racing wagers, bet credits and an online casino with the many online casino games including live casino games.

  Our recommended IPL betting sites in India make the list only after our experts have found out first-hand what’s good and what’s bad in the Indian market. Creating an account at one of the online cricket betting sites in India is a very simple process. From the start of the account creation to actually placing a cricket bet on matches, it could take roughly 5 minutes or less.

  All Indian players will need to create an account at Indian betting sites is to find an India best cricket betting site — preferably one of the best cricket sites that we present to you on our site. This is really key, as we test cricket sites out first to figure out where are the most advisable sites to place bets.

  The only other things cricket fans will need to create a cricket account is an email address and password that you will create during the sign-up process. You will also need to be at least 21 years old to play at the best cricket betting sites in India.

  Sign-up is really a breeze. You will just need to click “Create Account” or “Sign Up” at the the online cricket betting site that you have chosen, enter all of your pertinent information, connect a financial account so that you can deposit money in your cricket betting account, and then start searching for matches in various betting markets listed to place your wagers.

  One of the best ways to maximize your earnings and your fun at the best cricket betting sites in India is to take advantage of the regular promotions and good welcome bonus offers that the online betting sites in India offer. Most cricket betting sites will offer various types of first deposit bonuses, promotions or other lucrative bonuses that will allow you to maximize your earnings before you even place bets.

  One of the most common welcome bonuses is called the welcome bonus (first deposit bonus). The great welcome bonus is a first deposit bonus that’s typically reserved for new players at the best cricket betting sites. It works by serving as a match welcome bonus (deposit bonus) on your first deposit into your new account at betting sites in India. Although the generous welcome bonus is very popular, the welcome bonus is not everything players can forward to.

  Other types of bonuses include a free bet that the betting site may offer on one cricket match. Free bets are great bonuses, in that they offer risk-free bets no a cricket match. This means you don’t have to risk your own money on matches when you’re making your bets.

  Another great way to take advantage of cricket betting markets is to take the competitive cricket betting odds and make them even better. This is done through online cricket betting odds booster bonuses that most betting sites offer, which automatically lead to great betting odds provided by the betting site.

  For many popular betting markets, these odds booster bonuses will increase your odds, which will make your payouts on winning cricket games even better. This is particular important if the odds are minimum odds, which much potential that can be unlocked through boosted odds. High betting odds can turn into even higher betting odds during major events such as the ICC World Cup where the best of the best international cricket teams compete for the trophy.

  Therefore it is always a great idea to compare odds at the leading bookmakers, not just when it comes to international cricket matches but any time an Indian audience places bets on sports events incl. popular cricket events.

  Our site has scoured the various cricket betting options at cricket betting sites in India so that you don’t have to research the indian betting market nor the online betting market. We present all of these different options to you so that you can take advantage of all the bonuses and betting promotions that are offered at the cricket betting sites.

  In addition, we provide you with the different rules, restrictions and limitations that the betting sites have for the sports betting bonuses that they offer. We’ll discuss them in further detail here in the next few paragraphs.

  All of the cricket betting sites will have some requirements to take advantage of the best cricket betting odds through their welcome bonus and other promotions. To get the best odds, you may be restricted on which online sports betting wager you can make, or whether you can use it on live cricket betting sites.

  It’s important to understand the many sports betting options and restrictions before you sign up so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Some of these restrictions are laid out in greater detail below.

  Requirement 1: You Don′t Have All the Time in the World

Many cricket betting options will come with a time restriction. You will only have a limited amount of time to use the bonuses on the IPL betting markets, IPL cricket matches and other cricket leagues that you want to.

  In most cases, cricket betting sites will give you 14 or 21 days to use the proceeds from the welcome bonuses they give you on their betting site. When you get free bets, for example, you might have to use them on cricket events that you didn’t want to at first, only so they don’t expire.

  Requirement 2: Not All Sports Contribute

Another one of the common restrictions is that the online betting sites will restrict you on which sports online you can use the free best on. If it’s free bets that can be used only for cricket bets, for example, you would not be eligible to use the free bets on another sport such as golf.

  Even though the free bet is in your account, you would only be able to use it on cricket markets such as cricket matches and cricket tournaments that are offered for wagers.

  Requirement 3: Place High Wagers

When you’re betting with a free bet or other bonus, note that you may have to place the free bet on a wager with a defined level of odds. This may mean you have to select from among competitive betting odds instead of just taking the odds that the cricket betting site or cricket betting platform offers. This requirement belongs to the wagering requirements.

  In other words, you may be restricted to competitive cricket odds that are at least -200 or better. You may not be able to place bets on some of the odds on the site, only because of the wagering requirements for the free bet.

  All the online cricket betting sites that we present to you offer various great mobile cricket betting opportunities so you can have the best mobile betting experience. Betting sites know today that it’s not just about the cricket markets and whether they offer a free bet at their online betting site or via their online cricket betting app.

  In order to be among the best cricket betting sites in India on the market, they have to offer a great mobile betting experience. People want to do cricket betting online from wherever, and that requires a great mobile experience and a user friendly interface.

  You may wonder how to go about mobile cricket betting. First of all, you will need a mobile phone with a reliable internet connection. After that, you will need to download the mobile cricket betting app of a popular sportsbook.

  After that, you will need to register with that site to be able to place bets. Thankfully, this registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. In addition, mobile cricket betting sites in India and mobile apps usually offer favourable odds and ongoing promotions that will increase your chances of winning big.

  Once you have registered with the cricket betting site, you can begin betting. Signing up will be similar to signing up for a sportsbook, but you will be asked to provide some personal details. Ensure the information you provide is accurate and legitimate so that you can avoid any problems later on when claiming your winnings. You will also be required to create a username and password to log into your account. Once you’re logged in, all you have to do now is choose a team and place your wagers.

  The online cricket betting app that you download should offer all of the features that the associated cricket betting website offers, including in-play betting. Make sure the online cricket betting app is compatible with your device’s operating system, as well as offering safe payment options.

  Ultimately, mobile cricket betting apps should be safe and compatible with all major mobile devices. We made sure that the sites we present and their mobile cricket betting apps are legal, encrypted, and offer a variety of other features you can use.

  Live betting is one of the most popular ways to bet on cricket today. Live betting is one of the best online cricket betting options because live betting allows you to see how the cricket teams are doing in their match before you place your wager.

  Unlike some other various cricket betting markets, live betting allows you to respond to the cricket sports betting markets and matches as they are unfolding. The best betting sites in India will all provide live betting as a way to bet on cricket because it’s so popular today.

  The live betting odds will update as the actual results of the best cricket matches are unfolding. This is why live cricket betting in India is so popular and why IPL betting sites in India make sure to offer it to players.

  Live cricket betting sites in India allow you to make your cricket bets after you get a little bit of a feel for cricket tournaments or other big matches before risking your money. In live betting can be hard to select the right picks from all the betting markets out there before the match even starts, but this is one way to bet on cricket that counteracts that.

  Among all the cricket bet types, live betting is the one that requires a stable and fast internet connection the most. That’s because the in play betting markets (live betting markets) update so rapidly as the match progresses. It’s best to do live cricket betting on a mobile device that will update quickly as the best cricket matches are playing as well. Doing so, you get the best live betting experience.

  Some of the best cricket betting sites we present will offer live streaming services. Live cricket streaming is something new that betting sites will offer, at least on some of the most popular cricket betting markets.

  Not every betting site will offer a way for you to watch cricket betting markets live online as the matches are happening. But, if this is something you’re interested in, we have provided information on whether a cricket betting site offers it or not.

  Live streaming offers more than entertainment. Live streaming gives you the chance to get live insights into a match of the most popular Indian sports. Live streaming together with your friends can also be fun and thrilling. If you are interested in live streaming or the best live cricket betting site, have a look at our site.

  When you bet on cricket, you may be focusing so much on finding the right wagers or taking advantage of your welcome bonus. However, there are some times when you may be having trouble with the betting site and need some help with topics like cricket betting in India, live streaming, welcome bonus, live cricket bets, online cricket betting apps, cricket betting bonuses, cricket betting predictions, virtual sports, betting exchange platform, or the first deposit of Indian Rupees into the trustworthy betting site.

  When this happens, you should have a way to get the help you need from the betting sites where you are risking your money. The best cricket betting sites that we present all offer great customer service channels. Some of the most popular options include a live chat support that’s available 24/7 on their betting site.

  Besides live chat support other cricket betting sites will also offer email customer service, and possibly even a telephone hotline. One of the things we feel is very important about the best cricket betting sites live chat support is that they respond to inquiries quickly to help their customers out with questions about a cricket betting app, welcome bonus (first deposit bonus), betting exchange or any other topic.

  If you want to wager for real money at the best cricket betting sites, you will have to conduct financial transactions such as a deposit. This will require you to connect a financial account you have to the betting site you choose so that you transfer money into your betting site account.

  You also want to be able to take money out of your account when you win by using a welcome bonus from the best betting sites or online casinos with their thrilling online casino games including live casino gamesban. We’ll discuss these financial transactions in greater detail below.

  All the betting sites require a first deposit, before the betting on popular sports or the IPL season can start. Depositing money into a cricket betting site is very simple, even via a cricket betting app, and will not take a lot of time to complete.

  This is especially important if you are interested in live betting and live streaming. Once you have set up your account and have been confirmed by the betting site, you just need to navigate to their cashier page to start your first deposit via a one of the available deposit methods.

  Once there, you can select from the different convenient deposit methods that the betting site offers. Most sites will provide deposit methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies and other convenient payment methods such as e-wallets.

  All you have to do is choose which is your first preferred deposit method, then select the amount you want to deposit, add in a welcome bonus code if you have once, and click proceed. You’ll be asked to confirm the deposit methods transaction, and then the welcome bonus will be available in your account.

  Most sites will make deposit money available for you to use right away on their sports betting site. One thing you should pay attention to, though, is what their terms and conditions say about this, and also whether there are any fees attached to deposits in general or some of the deposit methods specifically.

  It’s similarly simple to conduct fast withdrawals from a sports betting site that includes the best online cricket betting sites. One you have winnings in your account, including any released winnings from the best online cricket welcome bonus, then you can request to withdraw it into your financial institution account.

  First, navigate to the cashier page, and select withdrawal or cash out. Then, you’ll select from a list of withdrawal options that the cricket betting site offers. The cricket betting site may not offer the same number of withdrawal options as they do deposit options, and they may require you to use the same method for withdrawal as you did for deposit.

  Still, most sites of your cricket betting journey will offer you convenient banking methods such as google pay, credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets to cash money out of your accounts. Almost all sites will charge you a fee for withdrawals, and they may vary depending on the deposit methods that you select.

  In addition, there are also various durations until the withdrawals are processed and the money is back in your withdrawal account. The cricket betting site should list all of this information for you on the cashier page or another part of their site so that you can see and make the best decision for you.

  When you search around for cricket betting sites, you may find that there are licenses and unlicensed sites out there. Not every site has a license to be able to offer cricket betting to players from India. Some, though, still operate in other parts of the world and try to entice players from India to play at their sites. The sites we present accet players from India and have licenses one or more of the following regulation organizations.

  You might be asking whether you should wager at a licensed site and whether doing so at an unlicensed site is okay. We will break all of that information down in the upcoming paragraphs one by one so that you can see why we do what we do, and the dangers and risks of doing something different. Ultimately, we just want you to wager at a cricket betting site that is going to be the best for you and give you the best experience overall.

  Our site presents only licensed cricket betting sites that are fun and safe to use. This means that all of the sites that we review will have a gambling license to offer cricket betting to players from India. That license will also come from one of the reputable gambling license agencies, such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.

  It’s really important that you wager at a site that has a license from a reputable agency, because you’ll know that they have your best interests in mind. These sites will be audited on a regular basis to make sure that what they are offering is fair to players, and that they aren’t compromising your personal information and data, or trying to steal your money. A welcome bonus isn’t any good, after all, if you have no chance of winning and cashing out.

  We recommend that you do not use any unlicensed cricket betting sites. While they may try to lure you in with a welcome bonus that seems too good to be true, you should know that it is indeed way too good to be true. Meaning: This is not a good cricket betting site.

  There are several risks to using an unlicensed cricket betting site. Because they aren’t regulated by an outside, independent agency, the risk of fraud or other poor technical development is much higher than at sites that have a license. 

  The fraud could come from the gambling site operator themselves. They may have set up the site just to get your deposit, with the original intention to steal your money. Or, if they don’t have a good technical site, it could be very susceptible to a hacker, who could steal your money and your personal information to work to destroy your finances later, too.

  Our site isn’t just about educating you on the best cricket sites to use and the best promotions to take advantage of. Our experts also present outstanding guest blog posts that cover the best cricket predictions around.

  Our experts aren’t just gamblers; they are true cricket fans who know the ins and outs of every team and every upcoming match. They’ll provide you with general tips on how to bet cricket, as well as on specific matches that are upcoming that you could take advantage of.

  Before you actually bet on cricket, it’s important to know the steps involved in doing so. The more educated you are on how cricket betting in India works, the more likely it’ll be that you’re successful when you’re wagering.

  The last thing that you want to do is make a silly mistake when placing your wager that causes your bet to lose rather than win. You also want to make sure that you’re following all these steps so that you have the best chance of winning.  The following paragraphs will break all that down for you step by step.

  You never want to go into betting on cricket if you don’t know how it works. You should know all the general cricket terms, as well as specifically how cricket betting works.

  When you see the lines that are available on the cricket betting site that you have chosen, you should know what each of them means. You want to be able to recognize not just the event types or the team names, but also what the competitive odds next to each team represents. This will help you make quick decisions on the fly as the lines are changing. 

  Next, it’s essential that you’re able to analyze the lines to see whether there are any betting opportunities based on something that you feel is out of whack. If, for instance, one club is a big underdog when you think they are going to win the match outright, then that might be a wager that you should jump on.

  If you don’t know what the competitive odds mean, though, and what best betting odds you believe should be the correct competitive odds, then it will be impossible to separate what might be a good wager from what might be a bad one. 

  Once you have done all your analysis and have landed on a wager or two that you believe will win, it’s time to place your bet. All you need to do is select the wager or wagers you want, then add them to your bet slip. On the cricket betting site, this should pop up automatically once you select it.

  Then, you’ll just need to enter in the amount you want to wager, and whether you’re using any free bet you might have, and then click confirm. Once your wager has been accepted, it should appear as confirmed in your bet ticket and you can start betting online.

  In this section we will explain how the game has changed over the centuries, including a few notable events. For example, cricket’s popularity is widely linked to the emergence of the first modern game of the sport in England, played in 1750. The game is now a worldwide phenomenon, with over a billion fans.

  During its first early days, cricket was played in many English cities, with the first recorded game taking place at Lord’s on June 27, 1888. The first matches were played in England and were often attended by huge crowds and betting. Cricket was also a popular pastime for the aristocracy, with Lord’s hosting matches as early as 1715.

  The law of cricket was first issued in 1744 by the London Club. It was also the first-known book published on cricket technique. The club’s President was Frederick Louis, the Prince of Wales, father of George III. In 1877, Europeans invited the Parsis to play a match in Mumbai.

  In 1912, Parsis played a quadrangular tournament with the Europeans. During this period, some Indians played for the English cricket team. Today many people in England and the United Kingdom play cricket.

  Cricket in India has many traditions. In addition to the traditional team games, Indians also have festivals to celebrate their victories. In 2005, the fans of Sourav Ganguly’s team erupted in protests in his hometown.

  Throughout the country, there are cricket tournaments dedicated to the game. Fans can purchase tickets to these tournaments by registering for free, because cricket in India is a sport enjoyed by millions of people and even people who don′t have a high income should be able to watch the games.

  The British Raj was unremitting in its support for cricket. In 1892-93, Lord Hawke’s team toured India and played two matches against the Parsis. Cricket’s popularity was growing exponentially. Princes in the country also embraced the sport, with some taking it up to get in the good books of their British rulers.

  We know that this is a lot of information, and that you may still have some questions about responsible gaming, how cricket betting works or how to take advantage of deposit bonuses and promotions that the best cricket betting sites offer.

  That’s why we will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions below here, so that you follow along and understand whatever it is you need to know more about. 

  More than one cricket betting enthusiast asks: Are cricket betting sites legal? Cricket betting is indeed legal in India. There is not just one cricket betting sites on the internet that offer this to players from India, and that is a great thing.

  In recent years, cricket betting has become more and more popular. As a result, there have been new cricket betting sites that have been popping up seemingly almost every other day. This choice is a great thing, but it can also be confusing to wade through all the information.

  We only present legal bookies on our site. As mentioned before, presenting only legal betting sites is really essential. It ensures that you will be wagering your money at a legitimate gambling site that is licensed and regulated. It also means that there is much less of a chance that fraud will be done against you, and that your information will be compromised when you are sending it over the internet to the site.

  This really depends on an individual’s preferences. You may be looking for a cricket betting site that offers live streaming options, great welcome bonuses and promotions, a huge selection of cricket markets, as well as other non-cricket sports to bet on.

  At the same time, someone else may have other things and features that are more important to them when they are choosing a cricket betting site. That’s why our bookies list offers so many different great options. We want to present to you everything that’s available to you so that every bettor can find the ideal site that is right for them.

  We are not in the business of telling people what to do. We are here to provide great, in-depth information, and then letting you choose what is right for you based off this information. As such, we won’t tell you one site is the greatest, rather we show you several great cricket betting sites and you can decide which of the trusted cricket betting sites listed is the best cricket betting site.

  The cricket betting sites that we present offer the opportunity to bet on several other sports. We believe that it’s very important that Indian bettors have a wide selection of sports to choose from, so that they can wager on whatever is of interest to them in that moment.

  Some of the other sports that the sportsbooks we cover will offer wagers on are football, horse racing, tennis, boxing and a lot of the other sports that are popular among Indian bettors. All of the sites on our list will offer some sort of variety in the type of sports they offer.

  One of the main focuses of all of our expert articles is describing where bettors can find the cricket betting odds on matches. While there is one general consensus betting line, each separate site will offer different competitive odds from time to time. If you really want to maximize your winnings, it’s important to get the most amazing cricket bettingle odds for all your wagers. Therefore, you have to select more than just one best betting site, think of many different betting sites instead.

  That’s why we take the time to go through and review all of the best cricket betting sites out there to detail for you what are the most popular betting sites, where the best cricket betting live cricket betting odds can be found, for example the cricket world cup and which offer the best cricket betting experience. You always want to be wagering where you are getting the best odds so that you can maximize your payouts.

  It doesn’t make sense to bet at a site where the cricket odds offered aren’t so good, because you’ll ultimately be costing yourself money and this will have a negative impact on your cricket betting experience.

  Yes, it is possible to bet in Rupees and use convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. If you want to start betting and don′t know how, don′t worry. Our experts will present online betting sites accept Indian Rupees as a form of payment. You can then choose the deposit methods that you prefer that uses Rupees so that you don’t have to jump through hoops just to get money into your online betting account.

  We know that being able to use this currency is important to you, which is why we take the time to detail the sites that allow you to bet using Rupees.

  In cricket betting, SP stands for Starting Price. This is the odds on a particular cricket team or cricket wager that’s offered through a fixed-odds sports betting market at the time that the match begins. 

  We know that there is a lot of information about different top cricket betting sites on the internet, a new betting site emerges every week and that it can be hard to understand whether you’re wagering at the best site or not. That is why we have hired experts to scour the internet to do the research on all the betting sites and legwork for you.

  By coming to our site, you will learn the best cricket betting sites available to you, and also be able to learn how to bet on cricket and other things such as how to get the greatest odds or take advantage of the best welcome bonus offers on new cricket betting sites.

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how cricket betting worksBest Cricket Betting Strategy Australia 2022

  Placing a bet and making a profit is a great way of enhancing your enjoyment of cricket. And if you’re looking to find out how to bet on cricket in Australia, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

  This article will outline the best cricket betting strategy Australian fans can use. We’ll be giving you some top tips on what to look for when betting on cricket. We’ll be outlining a few markets that can be especially profitable and we’ll be revealing a couple of ways you can improve your chances of a win.

  Whilst cricket is a fantastic sport to bet on, it’s not as popular with gamblers as some other sports. Whilst finding, for example, the best horse racing betting strategy Australia is relatively easy, finding the best cricket betting strategy takes a little more effort.

  Before outlining a few specific cricket betting strategies, it’s important to go over a few general rules that you should adopt when considering how to bet on cricket. They can help you avoid heavy losses and, hopefully, improve your chances of making a healthy profit:

  Cricket is rich with statistics and you can use that to your advantage when placing bets. Somewhere in amongst all of the information, there will be little nuggets that will help you find winning bets. Maybe Sri Lanka have a poor record in floodlit one day internationals. Maybe David Warner has a fantastic T20 record batting in South Africa. Or maybe Nathan Lyon never takes a wicket in Galle.

  There are also more timely player factors to take into account, such as form and injuries. When looking at statistics, try to focus on a player’s more recent games. Whilst most players go through swings in form, it’s useful to know which players are currently at the top of their game and which are going through a slump.

  Similarly, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the news in the run up to games. Discovering that a certain player is carrying a minor injury can impact upon your betting decisions.

  You should also look carefully at the weather forecast before placing bets. If there’s a lot of rain forecast, then the draw suddenly becomes a lot more likely. If the game does go ahead, then overcast conditions could favour teams like England who have skillful swing bowlers, whereas a sunny forecast often favours the stronger batting line up.

  The wicket that is being used is also an important factor. If the track is predicted to turn from ball one, then it will favour the side with the stronger spin bowling options. Whereas a green surface will give an advantage to the side with the best seam bowling attack.

  None of the above factors are guaranteed ways of finding the best cricket betting strategy, but they can be important considerations to make when looking for the best value cricket odds.

  In-play betting is extremely popular with cricket fans. The problem is that cricket scorecards can be misleading. For example, India are 270-2 after 35 overs in the first innings of a One Day International. This looks like a fantastic position, so the natural inclination is to back India regardless of the price. But had you been watching the game, you might have noticed a few mitigating factors – maybe India have been really lucky with umpiring decisions or dropped catches, maybe the wicket is a batting paradise and the opposition are loaded with attacking batters. Or maybe there’s heavy rain in the background and the game is likely to be abandoned or shortened.

  Watching the game is the only way you can get a real feel for how to develop an in-play betting strategy in Australia.

  The odds offered by betting sites are usually pretty similar, but sometimes you can find some extra value by shopping around. It can make a big difference to your potential winnings.

  For instance, if you place $10 on Pakistan winning the T20 World Cup at odds of 12, then you’d win $130 in the event of Pakistan lifting the trophy. But if you’d placed the same stake at a betting site that was offering 14, then you’d win an extra $20 if your bet was successful.

  Unfortunately, the site that offers the best odds varies from market to market and game to game, so the best sports betting strategy always involves shopping around to find the best value.

  It might be tempting to always bet on your favourite team or player. You want Australia to win, so it makes sense to put your money on them, right? Well, not necessarily. There are plenty of strong international sides out there, so do you really think Australia are guaranteed to beat the likes of India, England and New Zealand every time in every format?

  When betting, it’s important to put your emotions to one side. Try to remain completely objective and look for the best value bets.

  Now you’ve got a good overview of how to bet on cricket, we’re going to look at three specific approaches you can take to help maximise your chances of winning:

  Please note: This is only relevant for Test matches and 4 day cricket, such as the Sheffield Shield.

  This is a popular cricket betting strategy that takes advantage of the fact that the draw is often incorrectly priced by bookmakers.

  Back in the pre-T20 era of cricket, Test matches regularly ended in draws. Batters were naturally defensive and valued their wicket at a high price. Since the advent and growth of T20, batters have been more aggressive, and games (in all formats) have moved along at a much faster rate. Consequently, the percentage of drawn Tests has fallen from around 45% in the 1980s, to just 27% in the last decade.

  Nowadays, there are only really two reasons why a Test ends in a draw. Firstly, you occasionally get wickets that offer absolutely nothing for the bowlers, combine that with strong batting line ups and a draw is very likely. Secondly, and more commonly in countries like England, the weather can ruin things.

  Despite all this, draws are often available at short prices before a game begins. The way to take advantage of this is to bet against (lay) the draw. In other words, should either side win, your bet wins.

  If, during the game, the chances of a draw increase significantly – either due to adverse weather or a flat batting track – you can negate your potential loss by betting in-play on a draw. This usually results in a small overall win.

  The toss is a vitally important element of cricket and can have a huge impact on the best cricket betting strategy.

  In some cases, especially in longer format games, winning the toss and batting first gives a side a huge advantage. Wickets can deteriorate after a few days, so getting runs on the board first can make a big difference. Alternatively, if a game is beginning under cloud cover, but the weather is expected to improve, teams will often elect to bowl first to take advantage of the bowler friendly conditions. Overall, the side winning the toss bat first in about 73% of Test matches.

  One day and T20 cricket is a very different matter when it comes to the toss. In T20 internationals played in 2017/18 over 70% of teams opted to field after winning the toss. Not only do most sides prefer chasing in limited overs games, it also gives them an advantage if rain is scheduled and the Duckworth Lewis method comes into effect. What’s more, pitches really deteriorate to any great degree during a one day game, so that rarely impacts on the decision.

  So what does all this tell us? Quite simply, that the toss is really important. Odds can change quickly after the toss, suddenly that bet on England to win in India looks a very long shot now you know they’ve got to bat last on a turning pitch.

  One other factor to consider when betting after the toss is light. Floodlight games have far few successful run chases. Batting under floodlights can be very tricky and favours the fielding side. You might find greater value in betting against the chasing side in day/night games.

  Your best cricket betting strategy is to wait until the toss has taken place before placing your best. Have a preconceived idea of what you’re going to do depending on the result, then place your best as soon as you know who is going to bat first. If you’re lucky, you can take advantage of some generous odds.

  A lot can happen in a game of cricket and odds can change from over to over. A batting collapse here or a 20 ball half century there can make all the difference in a short space of time.

  In-play betting is one of the best cricket betting strategies, as it gives you the chance to anticipate upcoming shifts in momentum. For instance, you know that in Test match cricket, the new bowl is taken after 80 overs and that often leads to wickets. So when it gets near to that point, you should look at the markets for when the next wicket will fall or the batting side’s final total.

  Alternatively, in a T20 game, try to anticipate when the fielding side will be forced to use their fifth, sixth or even seventh bowlers. This could be a great time to bet on the ‘over’ for runs scored in the next over or even on the total scored by the batting side.

  The key to making money from in-play cricket betting is to stay focussed on watching the game and react quickly when something happens.

  You’ve got your strategy and you’ve done your research. The next step in knowing how to bet on cricket is knowing which markets to use. There are a huge range of cricket markets out there. You can bet on anything from the winner of the game, to the runs scored in the next over, right down to the outcome of the next ball. Some markets are virtually impossible to predict (which side wins the toss!) but there are a couple that are especially popular with bettors and can give you a great chance of landing a win.

  As it says on the tin, you bet on which player will be the top run scorer. This is usually done per team, but you might sometimes find markets for the entire match.

  Naturally, the star players are always the shortest odds. Steve Smith and David Warner will usually be at the top of the odds when Australia are playing. However, their odds could be as short as 3 or 4. You can find better, but riskier, odds by opting for middle order batters like Matthew Wade or Tim Paine. Of course, they are less likely to win you the best, but you can often get far more attractive odds and it represents a better value gamble.

  It’s worth noting that in the event of a tie (e.g. two or more batters scoring the same amount) dead heat rules apply and your winnings are halved.

  This can apply to either a team or an individual player. Simply put, the market offers you a score for the theme or player and you can bet on whether the actual score will be over or under that amount.

  The main reason for the popularity of this bet is that there are only two possible outcomes. Whilst the over/under amount is usually pitched in a way that means both outcomes are equally likely, research can help you identify factors that can increase your chances of picking the right option.

  For example, the over/under market on Marnus Labuschagne 1st innings runs in the first Ashes test is:

  Over 38.5: 1.93 Under 38.5: 1.93 On the face of it, this seems a tough call. Labuschagne is a world class player, but England have a potent bowling attack, so 38 looks like a fair spread.

  However, by studying Labuschagne’s record, you might uncover information that suggests he’s likely to make a big score. For example, his track record against England, his scores in the first innings of a series or his form at the venue. Put all that together and suddenly the 1.93 on over 38.5 runs looks a really attractive price. Websites such as Cricinfo and Cricbuzz are great for conducting detailed research on how to bet on cricket.

  The same principles apply to over-under markets on bowlers and team totals. Do your research and look for markets where the spread appears to be incorrect.

  It’s not easy to find the best cricket betting strategy. Australia can be an erratic side, as can most other test and domestic teams. Even the best players have low scores and can go wicketless in games. Betting on cricket always carries an element of risk.

  However, the strategies and markets outlined above can help you beat the bookies. If you carry out plenty of research, stick to a few markets and compare the odds on different betting sites, then you can spot value and increase your chances of success.

how cricket betting worksCricket Playing Advice That Works Well With Cricket ID

  People are interested in cricket because it is such a popular sport in India. Like other sports, anyone can wager on the results of games in this one and profit handsomely from doing so. People think a lot about their favorite sports teams in addition to their financial interests. Have you given any thought to what makes cricket betting safe? This information probably seemed irrelevant to you because you were focused on placing profitable bets to make up for the money you lost on earlier lords exchange id bets. That is comprehensible.

  There is never a slow moment for cricket betting because there are typically one or two significant matches on. The game of cricket is exhilarating. This piece should be read by everybody who is looking forward to the forthcoming season of sports. You will also discover why betting on cricket is the best method to increase the amount of money one can make from watching a cricket match, as well as why using Online Betting ID is the best approach to reduce the possibility that you will lose your bets.

  The entire betting process will be really easy and secure from the outset thanks to the free best cricket id betting tips. You owe it to yourself to look over the websites, if you haven’t already, to see if they can be of any use. They provide trustworthy cricket betting advice that could help you place bets with big potential payouts. You must sign up after looking over the free suggestions in order to access all of the free cricket betting advice provided. These recommendations will be updated as the game progresses. If you like, you may choose to get a notification on your phone whenever a tip for a specific cricket match is made online. It appears that you might make any wager you desired without concern for your financial situation.

  People are more likely to seek out cricket betting guidance if they are putting their first wager or if they don’t typically wager. This happens a lot of times frequently. Anyone who plans to wager a significant amount of money may find cricket betting tips helpful. By purchasing a subscription, you can instantly obtain expert counsel while the game is in process. Think about employing cricket betting tips if you wish to wager a sizeable amount of money on the game. You have the option to change or leave your job based on the information presented to you. It suggests that you would see all of the information pertinent to the match or competition right away.

  The most reliable and practical strategy to quickly enhance one’s income is to use cricket betting guidance. You are free to keep any winnings from gambling on the batch since the tips are gratuitous, and you are not required to make any additional payments in order to have the choice to receive the tip. On the other hand, if you want to subscribe, you will have access to all of the cricket betting guidance. There won’t be a cap on the total amount that can be wagered, so you can place as many bets as you’d like. Sky Exchange proposals are now the most dependable and secure option to put a wager with a 100% success rate and the biggest payouts. In terms of success, they have advanced significantly as well. You can make a significant amount of money by taking part in a cricket tournament or a single game, but joining will only set you back a very modest sum of money.

  You must first sign up with a reputable best lords exchange admin how cricket betting worksCricket Playing Advice That Works Well With Cricket ID cricket id betting site if cricket is your favourite sport and you want to start making significant bets. You can securely place bets on game outcomes on the cricket betting tips website, increasing your chances of striking it rich. Our specialists take into account every event both before and during the game before providing you with the most recent cricket betting advice. Follow us on Twitter if you’re interested in learning more about betting on cricket.

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