Headingley Test: Zaheer Khan says India must have a new mindset

Headingley Test, Zaheer Khan says India must have a new mindset. Former India quick bowler Zaheer Khan said “It feels Virat Kohli’s group needs to come out with a new mindset”. It is when they continue the battle against England. On Day 2 of the Headingley Test on Thursday.

India got bowled out for 78. Also, after that conceded a lead of 42 runs. On the first day as England reach 120 for no loss. Also, with Rory Burns and Haseeb Hameed leading a strong answer for the hosts.

“They will need to find a way. They should attempt and do something different. When I say different, doesn’t mean the technique, I mean come out with a new mindset. The more they think around this day, the more it’ll get difficult for them to move on.

Headingley Test: Zaheer Khan says India must have a new mindset

Zaheer Khan

“It is important for India to forget this day. Nothing went in their way; neither the bat nor the bowling,” Zaheer told Cricbuzz.

Zaheer also said, that India attempt to disregard the proceedings. Also, the first day and see to alter its approach on Day 2.

“India would need to disregard this day as soon as possible. Tragically, I cannot because you have to come back tomorrow. And there are 5 days in a Test. Once you have such a day, it’s not simple to forget it or come out of it.

A long way on England’s will starting a stand pushing India’s back within the Test. England is currently ahead of the game and they have a lead of 42 runs. A lead of 42 runs is one thing but then India has not been able to choose up a single wicket.

“When they come back tomorrow morning, they know they have the task of picking all 10 wickets. Moreover, their innings are already over. So, you can imagine how far India has fallen behind in this game,” Zaheer said.

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