excel sheet for cricket bettingRoulette Excel Spreadsheet Betting Tracker using IF Formula

excel sheet for cricket bettingPrintable Cricket Score Sheet Excel

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excel sheet for cricket bettingRoulette Excel Spreadsheet Betting Tracker using IF Formula

  Yes, I think that works pretty good. I think the formula is pretty easy to follow:


  The part in blue subtracts out both of the red and black stakes. Then if red wins, the part in red adds back twice the red stake (your bet plus the winnings), and the same thing for the black part. If you want to allow someone to bet on green, it should be easy enough to see how to add that too. But for now, if it comes up double zero, then you lose both your red and black stakes.

  Glad we could help! excel sheet for cricket bettingRoulette Excel Spreadsheet Betting Tracker using IF Formula:)

excel sheet for cricket bettingSports Betting Data

  Hi, I’m a sports bettor and I’m looking for someone to create and organize a spreadsheet of stats from the NBA. I bet mainly Totals so I’m looking for a spreadsheet that helps me determine Over or Under, preferably Unders.

  Im currently using Numbers but I want a more efficient and effective system that helps me check my spreadsheets daily and look at the analytics the way I like. I need it upgraded to update automatically and have more specific rules and conditionals.

  I’ve attached my current spreadsheet so you have an idea of what I’m using and what I’m trying to accomplish. I need to add more stats to it but I want to also move the spreadsheet into Excel so I have more excel sheet for cricket bettingRoulette Excel Spreadsheet Betting Tracker using IF Formula options

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