double chance in cricket bettingDouble Chance Betting Strategy Explained

double chance in cricket bettingDouble Chance Betting on Football – Tips & Strategy

  Double chance (DC) is a type of bet that is commonly available as part of the football sportsbook offering of most online bookmakers. While three outcomes are possible with a 3-way bet (1X2), only two possibilities remain with a double chance bet.

  Doing so does not mean that one option is removed completely, but rather that two of the three outcomes are combined into one option. This means that three different double chance bets are available for each football match:

  The double chance bet can therefore be in the variants 1x, 12 and x2. The bet is won if one of the two outcomes covered by the DC bet occurs.

  Incidentally, the double chance bet is not just restricted to the world of football, but can also be found in any other type of sports betting, anywhere where matches can end in a draw. These include (after regular time) handball, basketball and ice hockey, for example.

  As the name implies, choosing a double chance bet doubles your chances of winning. Statistically, the distribution of chances in a three-way bet is 1:1:1. However, this distribution is different in reality, as the teams are often of different strengths.

  If two outcomes are combined into one, or – in other words – two match results out of three are covered by one selection, the average distribution of chances becomes 2 : 1.

  The probability of the double chance bet winning is therefore 66.6 percent (recurring), while the alternative outcome has a probability of 33.3 percent (recurring) – of course, only from a mathematical point of view with the assumption that the teams are exactly equal in strength.

  The correlation between a higher chance of winning and lower odds is, at the same time, the greatest advantage and disadvantage of this type of bet. It is important to remember that double chance bets need to be used under the right circumstances, to take advantage of the peculiarities of this bet and hopefully secure a win.

  Double chance betting is always a good pick when there is great uncertainty over the outcome of a game. If you have reason to believe – based on prior indications – that a surprising victory by an underdog is likely, but don’t want to risk too much, choosing DC combined with a draw would be a good strategy. In this way both match outcomes are covered and the odds are still attractive.

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  Alternatively, there are also some situations where the favorites may be satisfied with a draw, such as in the case of an away game when the coach would rather take a “safe” point than risk too much. Another possibility often takes place in second legs of knockout competitions, when a point is enough for the favorite to progress.

  Even if on paper a win might seem realistic, the given conditions might affect the favorites’ performance. In such cases, a bet on a favorite can be made safer by adding a draw to the corresponding DC bet.

  Selecting double chance could also make one feel safer in cases where psychological factors are involved, for example, when a match against a bogey-team awaits the favorite squad. Often you also resort to the double chance when the team to be favored must play an away game. In these cases, it is often a good idea to hedge your bets with a draw.

  A popular use for this betting type is also as part of a combination bet, to lessen the risk of a betting variant that by itself is quite risky. By combining several bets, attractive winnings are of course also waiting when using the DC bet.

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double chance in cricket bettingDouble Chance Betting Strategy Explained

    In most betting markets, we usually have three possible outcomes—home win, draw and away win. In double chance double chance in cricket bettingDouble Chance Betting Strategy Explained betting, these options are reduced into a combination of two possibilities, as follows:

double chance in cricket bettingDouble chance betting strategy

  The name gives it away – with a double chance bet you can double your chances to win. You can find a description, an example and your winning chances in the text below.

  Simply put, in this betting strategy you can bet on two outcomes of a game. Needless to say, the only precondition is that the sport you are betting on has three different possible outcomes (e.g. Win, Draw, Loss). Compared to a regular bet where you only bet on one of these three outcomes, in a double chance bet you bet on two and thus double chance in cricket bettingDouble Chance Betting Strategy Explained decrease your risk. The downside of this, of course, is that the odds are lower than on common bets.

  As an example we take a look at a football game. In football you can bet on the required three outcomes of a game. A team can win (1), lose (2) or draw (X) against its opponent. So, if you have the feeling that the underdog (Away-Team) is able to draw with the favourite or even beat him, you could place your bet on a Draw (X) or an Away-Team-Win (2). Let’s say Liverpool FC is up against Aston Villa in the Premier League. At the book-makers, the “Reds” are a runaway favourite, but you think that Aston Villa could get at least one point out of the game? In this case you could place an X2-bet to increase your chances of winning. On the right-hand side you can see an example of a double chance betting system. On Livetipsportal, you’ll find a lot of Premier League betting tips, in case you need help with your betting.

  Generally speaking there are three different possibilities of a double chance bet:

  Case 1: Win Team A + Draw – 1X

  Case 2: Win Team B + Draw – 2X

  Case 3: Win Team A + Win Team B – 12

  All in all, yes it is. However, the odds are usually lower than on regular sports bets. That is why you should use this betting concept for games with a risky outcome. At those games the odds are generally a little higher and despite the decrease are, due to the double chance, still profitable. Because of the decreased risk that double chance bets carry, they are also perfect for pushing up your odds on your accumulator bets to push up your odds. For example you can combine your double chance tips with some handicap betting.

  As mentioned earlier, these bets are only available for sports with three outcomes. Hence you cannot bet on sports like tennis or volleyball, where there is only one winner and they cannot draw. In spite of this, they can be useful in many other sports. Indeed, they are very popular with football bets because football bears so many surprising wins and losses (or draws).

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double chance in cricket bettingDouble Chance Betting

  Double chance betting is where you will bet on a team to either win or play a draw and win if the team manages to do so. The only way to lose in a double chance bet is if the team you have betted on loses, otherwise you will get a prize no matter what the result it. The odds will be significantly lower than if you bet on a victory for the team or for a draw, but since you got both results covered, it is still a profitable way to bet. Double Chance is especially good for matches where you think there is no chance that the other team will win, but still believe that they can reach a draw. With double chance bets you will still be winning money if this happens, ensuring that you will get angry from an equalizing goal in the last seconds.

  Double chance betting is becoming increasingly popular as many hobby players have an easier time making a long term profit by choosing this option, instead of losing when a worse team makes a surprise draw against a top team. Doing a little bit of homework before making the bet will get you a very long way with the double chance betting.

  Of course we can! Let’s assume you want to place a bet on Barcelona vs. Real Madrid and you believe that Barcelona will win because of their current good form and Real Madrid’s current bad form. However you do realize that there is a high chance of a draw, so you want to cover that option as well.

  Barcelona 1X Double Chance Odds: 1.60

  Real Madrid X2 Double Chance Odds: 1.90

  If you bet on Barcelona as double chance and you win because Barcelona wins or it finishes as a draw you will get your investment amount multiplied by 1.6 back.

  Should you bet on Real Madrid instead, they need to play a draw or win in order for you to win your bet. It is as simple as that.

  The advantage by choosing to bet on a double chance is the security that it provides for the better, as you have a much higher chance of winning money than you would otherwise have. By eliminating another option that you can lose on your odds of winning increases significantly. Despite the fact you will receive a much lower odds compared to double chance in cricket bettingDouble Chance Betting Strategy Explained just betting on a victory or a draw directly, it is still doable to make a good long-term profit by betting with double chance.

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