Deepika Kumari was paired with Pravin Jadhav instead of Atanu Das

Deepika Kumari

Deepika Kumari was matched with Pravin Jadhav. Instead of Atanu Das, her spouse and with whom. She had won gold at the 2021 Paris World Cup. On the mixed team occasion, after Jadhav, outscored Atanu. Within the capabilities for the person occasion.

India may have had a distinctive result in mixed group archery. At the Tokyo Olympics, agreeing to Deepika Kumari. It had they stuck with her pairing with Atanu Das.

“It’s over now, there is nothing we can do about it. But yes, if the time there was a decision taken strongly. The situation could have been different today.” Deepika told India Today

“Obviously, there’s a quality that an individual creates to finish on the podium. There’s coordination and communication that a team creates. Which is exceptionally important. We have worked hard for so numerous years. Also, after that, all of a sudden end to be like this. When we finally get here. You judge us from one performance. But all the exhibitions we grant for three-four years, that’s never judged,” she said.

Deepika and Jadhav finished up getting thumped out. Within the pre-quarters of the mixed group event.

“I will fair say please be solid. Moreover taking choices and take into consideration the past performances. We are too human, we make mistakes. We do not do that intentionally,” she said.

Deepika Kumari was paired with Pravin Jadhav instead of Atanu Das

Atanu and Deepika

Atanu and Deepika got married in June final year. And he said that the couple feels trouble but had no break from the sport ever since.

“There’s never a chance to require a break. There are trails all the time and competitions in between. After marriage, we haven’t truly been able to go anyplace. Of course, too features a part to play in that. We made our home but we are never able to go home. It’s been eight months since we finally went home. That’s not an issue, there is Covid. But yes, there’s never a break. It’s archery, archery continuously,” he said.

“I had prepared very well. We learned a lot from the last two Olympics and improve a lot. I think something has gone wrong somewhere again. And it’s very important for me to find out what is that. I hope I can improve myself more,” said Deepika.

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