Cricket News: Tim Paine’s resignation as Australia’s Test captain

Cricket News: Tim Paine resigned, following an off-field controversy. Also, Paine stated that the team does not yet have access to the inside information. He’s involved in the scandal and expects to be out soon. Paine resigned from his role as captain. On Friday, during an emotional press conference. Cricket Australia has made public several embarrassing and graphic texts from 2017. In relation to the former Australian captain. Paine has proclaimed his availability as a player while resigning as captain. He was also selected in the 15-man squad for the first two Ashes Tests. And then addressing questions about Paine’s withdrawal as captain. Paine said he hasn’t spoken to any of the teammates about it.

Cricket News, “It’s a tough one at the moment to go into any of that because I don’t know the ins and outs, I haven’t spoken to Tim or the boys, I guess over the next 24-48 hours we’ll know more about it. I think the group’s in a great space, a lot like the World Cup-winning T20 group, this group’s played a lot of series together, we’re in a great space, everyone gets along really well, so what will be over the next 24-to-48 hours will be and we’ll move on,” Tim Paine said.

Cricket News: Tim Paine's resignation as Australia's Test captain

Tim Paine

Travis Head, Paine’s position as leader was under scrutiny. In following a second consecutive series defeat to India. Thus, the Ashes series of 2021-22 was likely his comeback in international cricket. He conceded that the current status of the fiasco remains unclear. But he acknowledged that everyone has each other’s backs.

“It’s hard to comment on what’s going on at the moment, but as a whole, with the culture and where the teams at, what you see with the T20 squad I think is very similar to the Test squad, so I think Australian cricket as a whole with the guys we’ve got in, we’ve got good people and we’re fully behind everyone,” Paine said.

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