Cricket News: Brad Hogg calls for improvement in Australia setup

Cricket News: Brad Hogg calls for improvement in Australia setup. Hogg has acknowledged that Australian cricket has regressed. During the previous decade. All variants of the game have been modernized by both England and India. Hogg also believes that Australia needs to come up to the plate in order to compete with such teams. Hogg also mentioned that Australia’s academy has played a significant role. In their World Cup success, India and England want to see a change in the way talent is developed. In recent times, they have done so. In addition, the five-time world champions were not among the favorites to win. Furthermore, there was the just finished T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. However, It was able to peak at the appropriate time.

“The last 5-8 years, it has not exactly gone to plan, we have rested on the laurels a bit. A few nations have caught up with us, Australia still has a lot to work to do. India has set the bar when it comes to playing in ODI, Tests, and even T20s. They were unlucky in this particular tournament,” Hogg said.

Cricket News, “Academy has been Australia’s biggest reason behind the success, you can see it with England and India have done the same with their academy with Rahul Dravid. Pant, Gill, Shaw are all coming through,” Brad Hogg added.

Cricket News: Brad Hogg calls for improvement in Australia setup

Brad Hogg

Additionally, Australia came into the World Cup on the back of four consecutive series losses in T20Is. They will defend their title at home next year. Hogg enlisted aggression at the top, Finch’s form, Steve Smith’s future in T20s. And then the ensuing No. 4 conundrum as prime areas of improvement for Australia. Finch and Smith struggled throughout the course of the tournament. They are in danger of losing their spot in the playing XI.

“Lot of things for Australia to resolve by the time the next T20 World Cup comes around. Need more aggressive batsmen. Hopefully, Finch finds his form, his place in the team is under the radar,” Hogg added.

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