cricket handicap bettingWhat Does +1 Handicap Mean?

cricket handicap bettingKing Richard III Stakes: Leicester feature replaced by valuable handicap

   Happy Power wins the King Richard III Stakes earlier this year (Photo: Tony Knapton / Happy Power wins the King Richard III Stakes earlier this year (Photo: Tony Knapton / valuable new handicap worth £50,000 will replace the Listed seven-furlong King Richard III Stakes as the early Flat-season feature at Leicester racecourse from next year.

  Indentified as surplus to the overall programme’s requirements by the British Horseracing Authority, the Listed prize – won most recently by the Andrew Balding-trained Happy Power – has now been revamped as the new King Richard III Cup Handicap Stakes. The new race will also be staged over seven furlongs and the inaugural running of the new Class 2 contest will take place on Saturday, 29 April 2023.

  Clerk of the Course Jimmy Stevenson said: "Whilst it’s a shame to lose the Listed race, we are keen to commemorate our royal heritage with a suitable contest and a seven-furlong handicap for horses rated 0-105 is just the ticket.

  "We’re excited about the new race – it will be worth £50,000 in total and we expect it will prove very competitive, which will be great for our racegoers and the Racing TV and ITV audiences watching at home as well."

cricket handicap bettingRacing Results

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cricket handicap bettingUnder 2.5 Goals Meaning | What Does Under 2.5 Goals Mean?

  The handicap meaning is often sought after by many bettors when looking at sports betting terms. Here, we guide sports bettors through different handicap bets and we provide tips on handicap predictions.

  In sports betting, handicap betting is when a team or player is given minus points or score against their opponent. Usually, this is when one opposition is stronger than their opposition. Ultimately, the meaning of handicap in betting gives one player or team a head start over the other when a match starts.

  Below are some handicap explanations for different sports.

  The handicap meaning in soccer gives one team a goal advantage over the opposition. For handicaps to work in soccer, one team must cover a handicap to win. However, teams can also get a head start in soccer handicapping. In this case, one team may start with a 1-0 head start over their opponent.

  The meaning of handicap in betting for rugby is when one team starts with minus points, which they then have to cover for a bet to win. Again, with this type of handicap, the wager often relies on one team being a big favourite.

  As points are used in basketball scoring, basketball handicaps rely on one team to win by a certain number of points to cover the handicap. For instance, one team can get a -5, -6 etc., handicap.

  Cricket uses runs to determine the winner of the match. So, rather than points or goals handicaps, teams can be given run handicaps in cricket. As cricket is a high-scoring sport, a bettor can choose a superior team to cover -30, -40, etc., handicaps.

  Bettors can select two different types of handicaps when wagering on tennis. Firstly, they can select a handicap for the favourite in terms of games won during in a set. Alternatively, someone could wager on one player to have a -1, -2 set start to the match. To cover the handicap, the favourite would have to win by one or two clear sets, with a score of 2-0, 3-0, etc.

  Handicap betting varies in different sports. As some sports score in points and others in goals, handicap meanings vary. In soccer, for instance, handicaps are measured in -1, -2 goals etc. Alternatively, sports like basketball use points. Therefore, -1,-2, etc., applies to points rather than goals.

  Bookmakers also offer handicaps in -0.5, -1.5… The handicap 0.5 meaning is also referred to as an Asian handicap. This differs from an outright handicap as it brings in the possibility of draws. For example, if Chelsea plays Burnley in the Premier League, Burnley gets a +0.5 handicap and the score begins at Chelsea 0 – Burnley 0.5. Therefore, if the final score is 0-0 then Burnely cover the +0.5 handicap.

  However, the handicap meaning in soccer would be if Liverpool plays Norwich. In this case, Liverpool is the big favourite, and a bettor can see them as a superior team. As a result, a bettor could place a handicap bet on Liveprool to start with -1 goals.

  Therefore, at kick-off, the score would start as Liverpool -1 – Norwich 0. For the handicap to place, Liverpool would have to win 2-0, 3-0 or more to cover the -1 handicap.

  Things work slightly differently in sports where points are scored instead of goals, particularly in high-scoring sports like rugby and basketball. An example of such handicap would be if France play Italy in the Six Nations.

  France is the favourite in this match and a bettor can select handicap betting. Therefore, a bettor could give France a -12 handicap. To win, France would have to win by 13 points or more to cover the handicap.

  Overall, wagering on the handicap markets gives one team or player a head start over the pre-match favourite. Often, bettors choose this option when one player or team is considered a stronger opponent.

  Although, not all handicaps are the same, and it refers to different things depending on the sport. For instance, handicap goals are used in soccer, while points are used in basketball.

  Furthermore, there are two main types of handicap. Firstly, the are handicaps that use whole numbers, which allows room for the underdog to earn a draw to cover the handicap. Alternatively, an Asian handicap uses decimals (0.5, 1.5, etc.) to eliminate the outcome of a draw in handicap betting.

  However, like with many betting markets, there are pros and cons.

  Below are some of the positives about this betting market.

  Handicap odds are better than backing an outright winner in certain matches. Usually, big favoruites in sporting matches come with low odds to win outright. As a result, picking a handicap is an alternative choice for many bettors.

  If a strong team or player is in good form and they are playing an out of form, weaker opponent, a handicap wager is a good way to level the playing field. This market gives bettors the chance to back less strong teams rather than always backing the favoruite to win.

  These are some of the negative aspects of handicaps.

  One of the risks of a handicap is that the favourite needs to do more than just win the match. For example, in soccer betting, if Real Madrid play Ral Betis, a bettor may select Real to cover a -1 handicap. However, if Madrid win just 1-0, then the bet is void. So, even though a bettor’s selected team won, their handicap would not.

  In potentially high-scoring sports, like rugby and basketball, deciding the handicap margin can be tough to call. For example, basketball teams win by 50 points or just one point on occasion. Therefore, selecting the margin of victory can be unpredictable.

  Below are some common questions about handicaps.

cricket handicap bettingWhat are Cricket Bets – 7 Common Bets Of Cricket

  Betting on cricket suits is just reliable if you understand the markets. Besides, the available cricket betting markets assist you with what wagers to place. Below is information discussing one of the most preferred cricket bets.

  Cricket bets are the options bettors can select on betting sites.

Outright Winner wagers are betting options where you get to choose the match-winner, tournament victor, or series winner. On The Whole, an Outright Winner is generally referred to as match betting.

  For instance, if Pakistan is playing Australia in a one-off T20 match, Outright Winner wagers will certainly need you to make a decision on which of the two teams will win the event. Of all the available cricket betting markets, you will locate this betting choice to be uncomplicated. But after that, you need to do ample study on both groups to make a most likely prediction.

  Handicaps have actually come to be common in the cricket betting scene, with increasingly more wagerers choosing the market. The betting option is where the driver degrees the end result by creating an advantage for the underdog.

  Basically, thanks to handicaps, you can appreciate higher chances on circumstances where the probabilities would be or else not so affordable. An example is if Scotland was playing Oman as well as the former wound up scoring 400 in their One Day International (ODI) match.

  This will activate Scotland to receive lesser chances indicating a smaller-sized payout. Nonetheless, you can make a decision to use a -30.5 runs handicap to raise the probabilities. After the handicap, you reach a bet on your favoured side while still delighting in excellent chances. But after that, Scotland will certainly have to get rid of the handicap for you to win.

  Over/Under is yet another sports betting market you can take into consideration when banking on different events such as the Cricket World Cup. This betting choice involves predicting the total variety of wickets or runs in a particular match. Your main task is to select whether the total amounts will be over or under a details number.

  If you are betting on a T20 match between Sri Lanka and Australia. The operator might publish 295.5 as the complete variety of runs likely to be made during the occasion. If you think both groups will certainly not be able to get to that number of runs, you can bet under 295.5. After the match, if both teams accomplish a collective 240 runs, your bet wins. Nevertheless, if the runs are 300, you lose.

  First Ball/First Over is a betting market that is extremely suggested if you want to bank on a prompt result. With this betting market, you get to identify whether the first round will be a gate or a four.

  Take Into Consideration a One Day International (ODI) between the Netherlands as well as England. You can determine to forecast a 6 will certainly be pinched hit the first round. If that is the case, you win. But after that, some bookies can make a decision to be much less specific and enable you to bank on the First Over or Under.

  When betting on Innings, you need to predict the number of runs a group will certainly score for the preliminary batting duration. Unlike many bets, this choice does not need you to specify the specific score but instead guess whether the runs will be above or below a specific number.

  For example, in a T20 match between Ireland and New Zealand, you might select to forecast whether the innings run rate for Ireland will certainly be more than 4.5. If you forecast over as well as the team scores 5 runs, your bet wins. Note that this is one of the most open markets on cricket betting websites.

  Gamer wagers are markets that allow you to gamble on a particular player. Basically, you can bank on Harshal Patel of the Indian Premier League to be the top bowler of a match. Like various other online cricket betting choices, you have to do an adequate study on these bets to predict precisely. The great information is that your research may concentrate on a single player and also not the whole group. Several of the marketplaces revolving around player wagers include:

  Top bowler

Man of the match

Bowler bet – Most wickets

Batsman bet – Most runs

  Team wagers are direct opposites of gamer wagers. With them, you concentrate on the entire team and also not a bachelor. On a One Day International component of England vs South Africa, you can make a decision to wager on the Outright Winner. If you select South Africa as well as they wind up with even more runs in the match, you win. Various other instances of team wagers consist of:

  Series score

Team of leading batsman

Series winner

Win toss

  The offered cricket betting markets guide you on what wagers to place. Of all the readily available cricket betting online markets, you will find this betting option to be uncomplicated.

cricket handicap bettingWhat Does +1 Handicap Mean?

  Handicap betting has emerged to be a popular type of betting on online sportsbooks, and is available on various sports like tennis, golf, football, and cricket. In the handicap betting section, you might have come across the term `+1 handicap′. What does +1 handicap mean?

  It is not as intimidating as it looks.

  +1 handicap is a `positive handicap′ usually given to an `underdog′ team. It is a head start in terms of points or goals, that a weaker team receives.

  For example, in a football match between Manchester United and Newcastle, the former is an overwhelming favorite to win the game, and the odds offered are pretty short. In order to make the field more level, the Newcastle team will be typically awarded a +1 handicap, meaning the game effectively starts at a score of 1-0 in favor of Newcastle. If you have placed a winning bet on Manchester United, they will have to score at least 2 goals more than Newcastle for you to win.

  Advantages cricket handicap bettingWhat Does +1 Handicap Mean? of handicap betting

  Handicap betting is a great way of increasing your returns in matches when the is an overwhelming favorite to win the game. However, you need to back your bets by proper research, as it may so happen that the team you backed, wins, but you may still lose the bet if the handicap conditions are not fulfilled.

  Also, handicap betting is mostly used in games where the sides are greatly imbalanced. In evenly matched contests, the chances of getting a handicap bet right are slim.

  Best sites for handicap betting in India

  Many online bookmakers allow Indians to place handicap bets. Some of the most popular ones include


What does +1 handicap mean? There are many different ways of handicap betting too, including level handicap, single handicap, and Asian handicap. Check it out for yourself!

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