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cricket betting moneyBest Cricket Betting Apps

  Do you like betting on cricket but don’t feel comfortable doing it from a laptop or computer? Well, you no longer need to be in front of your laptop, accessing the leading cricket betting sites to bet on cricket matches. Yes, you read it right.

  Cricket betting apps in India?allow you to bet on cricket anytime anywhere. Isn’t it exciting?

  This is the 21st century where we are witnessing a record surge in mobile usage across the world. This has led to an increase in mobile betting in India. Hence, more and more cricket betting websites are providing mobile apps to cater to the increasing demands of the bettors for apps.

  However, with the growing number of cricket betting apps, there is also an increase in the number of scammers. The secret to finding a good online betting website and its app is to look for licenced operators that have a good privacy policy set for the users.

  There are also some good Cricket betting apps such as Betway and 10CRIC which let you enjoy betting at your fingertips.

  There are many who still prefer using a laptop or computer and might be wondering why I should switch to mobile apps?

  We understand your dilemma but let us first explain the benefits you get while betting from an app. Then you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

  After giving you the benefits of using cricket betting apps and the guidelines to choose the right ones, we will also give you a list of recommended apps to chose from. This article will cover every aspect of mobile betting to make the entire process easier for you.

  So, wait for no further and dive into this detailed guide on how to use cricket betting apps and their benefits.

  There is no denying the fact that with betting apps you can place stakes on an ongoing game at your convenience. There is no need to rush back home to bet from your laptop. Use your mobile for cricket betting app download and play 24/7.

  You don’t have to wait for your laptop to fire up, connect to the internet, and open the site to bet on a cricket match. You just have to unlock your mobile phone, launch the app, and place a wager on your preferred match. This saves a lot of time.

  If you use betting apps, you can bet and take part in other activities simultaneously. You can watch a match and place a bet; you can do that on your mobile without even moving an inch.

  You don’t have to pay any fee to bet from the apps. Just make your deposit through the app and start betting. When you win, you can make a withdrawal through the app.

  Instead of using bank transfers to deposit that can take days, you can simply make your deposit using an e-payment app on your phone. This deposit your fund in just a few minutes.

  A great advantage of betting apps is you can access them 24/7. Be it night or day, you can place a bet. The mobile bookmakers are active every hour to make cricket betting more entertaining for you.

  Now you must be waiting eagerly to find out the apps for cricket betting.

  But do you know how to find the best cricket betting app?

  There are hundreds of mobile betting apps available on the?Play Store for both Android and iOS. This makes it difficult to choose the best one, right?

  If you find yourself confused, don’t worry, we are here to help.

  First, let’s find out how you can choose the?best cricket betting app.

  To choose the?best cricket betting app in India, you should check the below points for the app.

  Don’t just download and sign up for the first app you come across. First, make sure it’s trusted. You don’t want to invest your hard-earned money and get scammed. The best betting sites in India will have the licence and the licence details will be mentioned in the About Us section of their website or app.

  Next, you need to check if the app is free to download. If you have to pay money to download an app, it’s not worth it. Check if it’s free to download in Android, as well as iOS.

  The mobile interface should be easy to use. Make sure it’s easy to navigate through different categories and sections on the app. Each category should be prominent enough and placed nicely on the screen so that you don’t click on the wrong button by mistake while placing bets.

  The app you choose should function as well as the website, if not better. The app must load smoothly without any lags or crashes. In case the app is taking too much time to load, it’s better to steer clear of it. A slow app will not give you enough time to check all the available odds and you will end up doing it in a hurry. This might get you into losing your bets as well.

  Check if the app has some additional features like in-play and live coverage. Sure, you can catch up with the details of the match on your TV or desktop but that will be a little difficult to focus on while betting from mobile. Make sure the app updates live odds in real-time to get access to?current odds.

  Yes, push notifications from apps can be quite annoying at times but we feel push notifications alerting you about betting will add to the betting experience. A push notification can tell you about significant changes happening in a match you are betting on.

  To find the best?betting app?for?cricket, it might take you a few hours to find the best app.

  Don’t want to spend those few hours?

  No worries! Our experts have already done all the research and found the best betting apps to save your time.

  There are numerous betting apps available online. However, not all of them can be considered the best. The list of the top cricket betting apps in India includes names such as 10CRIC, Dafabet, Betway, and followed by others. Let us know about some of these in detail.

  10CRIC is one of the most trusted betting providers in the world. provides a dedicated mobile app that primarily focuses on cricket. They have a huge selection of games as well as promotional offers for the players to enjoy.

  In addition to cricket, you can also place your bet on other games such as football and tennis. The app runs 24/7 so that you can place your bet on any cricket match.

  It is available for download on iOS and android. It has a staggering amount of cricket betting choices along with some of the best live betting options. No wonder Betway India made it to our list of best cricket betting apps because of its smooth mobile interface.

  Players can also get fast live odds and numerous betting options. Additionally, their offering of other sports for betting is impressive. Betway also provides good customer support and many India specific payment options.

  This is a newly developed app in the market that highly emphasizes cricket betting. The app is easy to use and offers real-time odds for betting.

  Next time you plan to bet on cricket, you can choose any one of the above apps to place your bet.

  For the other Betting Site reviews, do visit our “Review Section”

  If you are a novice user in the world of cricket betting, don’t worry at all. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to bet using the app.

  To use a betting app, you must have an active internet connection on your mobile. Follow the below steps to bet on cricket using?cricket betting apps for android in India.

  If you don’t already have the app, download it from the app store or directly from the website.Once you have the app on your mobile, launch it and choose cricket to bet on.Next, you have to make your deposit through your preferred payment option.As soon as you select a match, you will get to see the score details and the betting choices available. Make your choice.You can opt for a live match or pre-match betting.

See, it is just as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

  Now, what if we say that you get bonuses when you sign up on cricket betting apps.

  Voila! Surprised, right? Continue reading below.

  Bookmakers always look to entice new betters, while retaining the old ones. Thus, they offer a welcome bonus to the ones who try out their app for the first time.

  Don’t ignore these offers. These gifts from the websites are important for making profits from cricket betting. You can use the bonus amount while placing your bets on the app.

  Always check out the Promotions page to learn about the incentives offered to the app users.

  Now that you know all about cricket betting apps, why don’t you try betting on an upcoming cricket match?

  For cricket lovers, there is nothing better than engaging in betting to watch the match with more excitement and fun. Betting apps makes this happen in real-time. If you like betting on the move, you should download a cricket betting app now.

cricket betting moneyHow to Earn Money Through Online Cricket Betting?

  No one on the planet has won every bet they have put down. But many people have made huge profits from betting online on sports like cricket. Making money online through betting is everyone’s dream but not everyone’s cup of tea. Winning a bet online is not a big deal, but maintaining the streak makes this game risky yet exciting and fun to experience. But with some simple tips and strategies, you could be able to earn money through betting online on sports like cricket. Platforms like YOLO247 have made betting on cricket much more accessible and convenient for users. Online cricket betting has given a chance to people to make some quick money.

  For all the cricket fans who want to know how to earn money through cricket satta, this article will guide you, whether you are a beginner or an amateur, so stay tuned.

  Here are some cricket betting tips.

  Backing up your bet with proper strategies and statistics will surely make you the winner. Betting might look like an easy game, but to become an expert in the field, you must have proper strategies. For making strategies, you should familiarise yourself with standard terms of the game and have adequate knowledge about different betting techniques. Instead of just following your gut feeling, following the data will surely help you to get through the most challenging bets. You shouldn’t step back when you face a few losses along the way. Instead, you should use your failures to build a much stronger strategy for the next time. 

  When you are in the field of betting, emotions can be a big hurdle in your way. If you want to earn money, thinking practically and logically will benefit you in the long run. You should always bet on the team/player backed by statistics. Betting on a cricketer/team just because of their popularity is useless. You should check the current form of the team/player so that you can make the most out of your bet.

  Mainly all the bookmakers impose limits on how much money you make through their bets. You can find this information stated on their terms and conditions page. Many bookmakers will allow you to make more money on each chance when compared to other bookies. Don’t just stick with one bookmaker; you can join in with different bookmakers through multiple accounts and go with the one that provides the best value to you. Splitting up between bookies is always an excellent option to reduce risk factors. Also it is best to find betting sites with offers.

  There are multiple formats in cricket like T20, ODI, Test, etc. Each format has its benefits and risk factors. Trying out various formats lets you know which one suits you the best. The risk factors vary in each format, so make your decision wisely. If you are a beginner, choosing the right format can help you kickstart your betting journey.

  Knowing about the weather and pitch condition pre-match will give you an upper hand over your competitors. Check the weather forecasts and pitch conditions before the match and then place bets accordingly because the weather conditions can turn out to be a turning point in the game.

  There are a good amount of risk factors involved in betting, and managing your money wisely will help you minimize these risk factors. If you are a beginner, then you should start betting with lower amounts and bet with the money you won’t mind losing. You should be smart enough to make up for your losses through different sources. Keeping your stakes low will help you last longer in the game.

  Websites like YOLO247 provide free registration bonuses. After registration, you can redeem your bonus and start betting. Isn’t that cool? Bonuses help you maintain your cash flow without involving your pocket. Other than this, platforms have many offers running which provide you with betting bonuses or, in some offers, they even refund your money when you lose a bet. Such offers will help you when you are losing a bet. 

  Analyzing patterns can help you find the right team/player to bet on, especially if you are a beginner. You can use the records of the team/player to make your betting strategy, and analyzing the patterns will help you to develop expertise in the game. Patterns should be analyzed through past performances in the matches played by the team/player. For example, if you are betting in IPL, after analyzing past trends and interpretations, betting on teams like MI, CSK, and KKR has proved to be the most beneficial to the bettors.

  This is the most crucial step of the process. Losing your money or bet just because of a mistake made by the platform you are playing on is very frustrating. Many cricket satta websites are known to be fraudulent and display fraudulent games that can make you lose money. To avoid such situations choosing the right platform for betting is necessary. Taking a closer look at the online user reviews will help you to find such platforms and will help you to keep your money safe from such fraudulent websites. Along with that, you also need to look for the platform’s terms and conditions, licensing policies, and payment policies. YOLO247 is one such name that is the most trusted and user-friendly platform in online cricket satta bazar. 

  Quitting the game is never a bad option, especially when you are in the game of betting. Taking a break from the game will give you time to calculate your wins and losses and manage your money efficiently. Addiction to the game will only lead you to a big loss. Knowing when to stop will help you earn and spend efficiently in the game and keep you out of losing streaks.

  When you bet pre-match, you don’t have many deciding factors to make a proper decision for your bet. Anything can happen during the match. But when you live bet in a game, you have things happening in front of your eyes, which helps you make a good decision for your bet. You can have better odds in favour of your bet, building up a chance for profit. Not to mention there is much more thrill and excitement involved in live betting. If you are interested in betting on the Asia Cup 2022 tournament, YOLO247 is offering you the complete game updates and statistics. 

  These are just a handful of tips you can take care of. You can outsmart your opponents and make quick money with your expertise and a few strategies in the game like:

  Arbitrage Betting

Depending on the bet there are multiple outcomes. Betting on only one of the outcomes can’t guarantee you cash. So you can try betting on all the outcomes through different bookies/accounts. This is what arbitrage betting is. Covering all the outcomes is a kind of insurance for your money. This will provide you with a guaranteed win, but remember that you need to have money in your hands to split between all the bookmakers. But in the end, profit is guaranteed!

  Value Betting

In simple words, it is betting for long-term profit. With higher risks comes higher profit. With value betting, you can have better odds in your favour, giving you an advantage over the bookmakers. Sometimes you can also get paid higher than the actual bet value. If the risk factors are properly calculated, this strategy can generate a good amount. Value betting can’t be just done based on intuition or gut feeling. Using this strategy, you need to do a good amount of research and have statistical data to win a bet.

  With the tips and strategies mentioned above, you are good to go in the betting market. You can surely earn a good amount of profits if you bet smartly. Betting is always a yin-yang situation, so you must decide wisely. You win sometimes and lose sometimes, but if everything is planned properly, you can earn money through betting platforms like YOLO247.

cricket betting moneyHow to win money in cricket betting – Earn ?5,000 every day

  Become professional with experts & boost your winning by 98%! Know 10 strong tips on how to win money in cricket betting at 10CRIC India & earn ?5,000 daily.

  It’s fortunate to have a mentor before starting anything. Someone you can trust and rely on when it comes to decision-making. 10CRIC India is more than delighted to be the one for you. Know 10 strong tips on how to win money in cricket betting, curated by 10CRIC betting experts, and start printing money.

  There’s not only one cricket tournament that is played. There is a number of different formats of cricket tournaments with different fixtures and winner determining process.


  Understand different forms of cricket and different betting options to place well though bet. You need to start with learning different forms and then the history of cricket to win.
If you are willing to take cricket betting seriously and want to create it your career, then you cannot bluff with luck. You need cricket betting strategies, tactics, and knowledge, not just luck.

When online betting experts predict the cricket match-winner for the punters, they keep multiple factors in account. One of the crucial ones is the history and head-to-head performances of the teams.

  Therefore, if you are keen on becoming a cricket betting expert then you must learn to critically analyze the cricket teams, players, previous performances, scores, etc.
Analyze the sports match and become the master of online cricket betting. Read more sports forecasts to understand the pattern of predicting the match-winner.

In some betting options, they give 93 units of betting options. Yes, it’s true and sounds intimidating. Who doesn’t want to place a bet of ?1,000 and earn ?93,000 in return? That’s just to lure you in.


  The greatest odds seem fascinating as they offer great pay-outs. But more often they are just the way for punters to lure in and bet money when chances of winning are rare.
Therefore, choose optimum odds in cricket betting. Don’t become greedy, play with your mind and not greed. Understand who’s going to win the match.

What is live cricket betting? It means that punters can bet on the cricket match while watching the match. This live cricket betting provides a more clear idea of the winner of the match. Find out the?best betting app in India for cricket & start betting to win lots of money.

  Not all online sportsbooks offer live betting. Therefore, keep a keen eye for live betting while picking an online betting site for yourself to bet on cricket matches.
Be sure to check the customer reviews. Check out the odds in live cricket betting before registering for the online betting site to ensure that you don’t make a bluff of yourself.

If there is a cricket match between MI and CSK in IPL and you want to bet for both the teams cause choosing one is extremely difficult. Well, some online betting sites give the punter such an opportunity.


  Betting on both the cricket teams in the match to neutralize your losses is called the double chance cricket betting strategy. If you don’t have a clear winner prediction, then use a double chance cricket betting strategy.
The best way to even out your losses is a double chance cricket betting strategy. Keep in mind that cricket is having fun, no matter all the uncertainties. Know more betting tips & earn.

Be informative and grab as much knowledge as you can about cricket matches, teams, and players. Be up to date not only with the cricket sports news but also the evolving tips and tricks to win.

  Read cricket news to know if any player left the team. Because a player leaving a team before the match is a great surprise and can disrupt the whole form of the team before the match.
Follow up on cricket strategies and with experience, you will be able to make your own cricket strategy. Sharp your tactics and increase your possibilities of earning more cash.

There are so many different formats of cricket tournaments, national cricket tournaments, and international cricket tournaments. Indian Premier League, ODI, T20, T20I and so many more.


  There’s no shortage of cricket matches for you to place your bets. One season goes and the other comes. Make the most out of every cricket season by placing your bets and earning real money.
Increase your knowledge every season. Explore and choose the one which you believe you can master. Join reliable online betting platforms like 10CRIC India.

There are many betting experts in the online betting market that provide sports forecasts of the cricket match in advance with absolute knowledge to help other punters earn more money.

  Believe in the expert’s prediction, but also check out the 4-5 sports forecasts of the same cricket match you are willing to bet on before placing your bets on it.
Read the articles thoroughly and understand what drives the betting experts to their conclusion. If you find them trustworthy, then go ahead, take a chance, and place your bets.

What points do you look for before choosing an online betting site for a cricket match? Picking the right online betting site is crucial to having a good online betting experience.


  9 things you should ask an online betting platform before placing bets: License, SSL certificate, multiple payment options, welcome promotional deals, minimum betting stake, live cricket betting, double chance cricket betting, optimum odds, and great pay-out results.
We got you the best online sportsbook that offers all 9 things. Bet at 10CRIC sports with a minimum betting limit of ?5 and get great returns when you win your bet.

Online betting sites come up with a variety of newcomer bonuses to attract more players often. They also release weekly and monthly reloads for their loyal active punters.

  Be up to date with all the offers that your online betting site has to offer. Claim the promotions as much as you can and keep a keen eye on them.
10CRIC provides loads of bonus deals for its new and existing customers. Claim 30% up to ?10,000 in IPL cricket season at 10CRIC India.

Many seasons of cricket come and go, meanwhile, you sit at home and earn nothing. Don’t follow this trend, become a part-time punter, and claim 10CRIC offers made for new punters.


  Take what you deserve before becoming a loyal punter to 10CRIC India. Register and deposit a minimum of ?1,000 to get your first online cricket betting earning of 200% up to ?20,000 in a sportsbook wallet.

  Don’t waste your time in prestigious festivals of cricket, be it Indian Premier League, T20 International, One day International, or any other cricket tournament. Grab your prediction gear and win a lot of prizes. Know 10 ways how to win money in cricket betting tips online at 10CRIC India. Make 10CRIC register and start betting at cricket matches with sports forecast.

cricket betting moneyOnline Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks To Earn Money

  Cricket has always been the favorite game of sports lovers across the globe. Spending hours in front of the television sets or catching some action on mobile devices has become an essential part of the daily schedule of cricket enthusiasts. Betting on cricket matches is not unheard of, but an initiative was needed to bring it from the shadowy pit of disrepute. The creation of online cricket betting platforms is an innovative approach to give the desired makeover to cricket betting. Some intelligent investors created this platform of online cricket betting seeing the growing eagerness among people to get involved in this strategy of earning through entertainment. You can get your online betting id to bet on different cricketing bets.

  Online cricket betting is a game about a game. The two-in-one impact with the chances to win a lot of money without even stepping out of the home while watching one’s favorite sport is fast catching up with people. Is it too easy to win on online cricket betting platforms? The answer can be both a yes and a no. It is undeniable that online cricket betting can make a person accumulate a considerable amount of money within a very short period, but this cannot be achieved easily. Betting needs a systematic and careful strategy to win. Many factors must be carefully considered before going for a bet. Let us have a look at some of the free cricket tips for successful online cricket betting :

  Choosing the appropriate betting platform: There are thousands of cricket betting sites on the Internet. The choice of the right betting platform cannot be a casual affair. At first, care should be taken to find out whether a betting website is legit with a valid license. A dedicated support team, different payment options, and a good waiting time for withdrawal of funds from one’s account are some of the factors that help to choose a trusted online cricket betting site. Before approaching online betting, one should pay enough attention to choosing the appropriate betting platform.
Choosing the right team: The form of a cricket team is one of the most decisive factors in choosing the right team. Choosing the best team based on performance can result in fewer wins, but it is indeed a safe option for someone who does not want to take much risk. Sometimes in a knockout game, even the weaker team can surprise through a stunning performance. On the other hand, even the best teams can suffer from a lack of motivation at a point.
Choosing the right game: Choosing the odds carefully is part of deducing the right game. Different websites can offer different values of games. A quick comparison of the values can help in choosing the best value. Some inexperienced bookies might offer higher odds.
Giving priority to weather forecasts: The weather on the day of the match is an important factor that should be considered before going for betting. Wind velocity can affect the speed of the ball. Rainfall can obstruct the match. While sunny weather can help the batsmen chase high runs. So, a quick look at the weather forecasts of the day can help in predicting the course of the match.

Keeping an eye on the media: Hours, days, and months already spent to understand cricket can help an individual to speculate on the area of catch in online cricket betting. The tips given above are proven guidelines to make it big while betting online. It takes perseverance and hard work to analyze the factors properly before going for the stakes. Remember betting is a game so like every game it requires practice and calculation. The master bettor is the one who would never go for betting unless sure of the chances to win.
Gathering information about the stadium of the cricket match: Gathering information about the stadium where the match is going to be played is essential. Every stadium has some arrangements to combat sudden changes in the weather. The extent to which such arrangements are available can help in predicting the course of the game. A stadium with proper maintenance, perfect lighting resources, grass signage, wicket covers for protection from rainfall, and a good drainage system, can keep the game within control irrespective of the unpredictable changes in weather. Along with these, bettors should also pay attention to the condition and size of the pitch.

Knowledge about the latest trends in cricket betting: It often becomes problematic to choose the right kind of tournament for betting. For instance, which one to choose between the premier leagues and the international games is quite difficult. This important decision should be taken only after considering the latest trends in the field of online cricket betting.? A perfect choice according to the trend will help to decide what to bet on – the toss winner, the highest wicket-taker, the number of boundaries, the man-of-the-match, or the ultimate winner of the game.

Focusing on live betting than pre-match betting: Choosing the correct type for betting is an important step toward success. The traditional bettors prefer pre-match betting for their enjoyment. The bettors who want to catch the thrill of the game prefer live-betting or in-play betting more than pre-match betting. Live betting offers a variety of choices and modifications in the course of the game, like the selection of markets and value odds, after observing the pattern of the cricket match. For the inexperienced ones or the new bettors, betting with the help of free bonuses or other promotional offers at betting sites can save their money from getting lost in extravagant bets.

Online Cricket betting is a form of amusement for thousands of people. The above-mentioned essential tips prove the point that only a careful betting strategy can save the day. The difference between losing and long-term winning depends upon the right choice at the most opportune moment. Reining cricket betting moneyOnline Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks To Earn Money too much excitement and learning from mistakes can eventually help an individual to become a master of online cricket betting. Thus, before going for online betting one should focus on the tips to become successful at the end of the match.

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