cricket betting in sikkimSikkim Online Lottery

cricket betting in sikkimSikkim Online Lottery

  Sikkim is one of the three states in India that has legalised land-based casinos and one of the thirteen states that organises legal state lotteries. Let’s look at the scenario of both online and domestic lotteries in this North-Eastern state of India.

  Unlike other states of India that have no particular laws to legalise or ban online gambling, Sikkim amended its online gambling laws. It made online betting and gambling legal in 2009.

  According to the Sikkim Online Gaming Regulations of 2009, residents can participate in gambling and sports betting through online platforms. Everything is legal whether it’s betting on cricket, horse racing, boxing, football or hockey or playing poker, blackjack, rummy or roulette online.

  The amendment in the law gave people access to bigger lottery draws offered by international lotteries. Many online lottery platforms sell genuine tickets to these draws. Many people have even won prizes which are much bigger than the prizes offered by the state lottery.

  The winning from all the international lottery draws is taxable. This means that if you receive your winnings in your bank account in Sikkim, they may get taxed according to the country’s tax laws.

  Under India’s Lotteries Regulations Act of 1998, Sikkim chose to legalise government lottery. It has been organised since 1978 and is very popular amongst Sikkim punters. As per India’s lottery law, only government-run lotteries are available in the state. The tickets for these draws are only available through authorised sellers and are not allowed to be sold online.

  The Sikkim state lottery is only available to the residents of the country. This means if you are a tourist in Sikkim, you cannot buy state lottery tickets. Other than lotteries, there are a few casinos that tourists can enjoy as Sikkim is one of the states where public gambling houses are legal.

  Several weekly lottery draws are organised by the Sikkim State Government Lottery. Each lottery has different prices and prizes. Although the prizes offered to the winners are not very massive, winners will have to submit numerous documents to claim the winning amount.

  A few incidents have been noted where a person won the prize but later discovered their ticket was fake. This issue cricket betting in sikkimSikkim Online Lottery is very common in Sikkim and people are advised to buy the tickets only from a certified seller. Buying the tickets online is a big no as it has more chances of being fake.

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