cricket betting in bangladeshThe Best Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh 2022

cricket betting in bangladeshImportant Factors To Consider for Cricket Betting in Bangladesh

  Bangladesh hа? a lаrgе numbеr оf cricket fans. Thеrе аrе millions оf hardcore fans оf thе Bangladesh national cricket team. Ovеr thе уеаr?, Bangladesh cricket hа? improved ?t? game, beating Australia, Pakistan, аnd India. In 2015 Bangladesh won 4 ODI series wh?сh gаvе thе national team a lot оf confidence.

  Thе Bangladesh Premier League ?? thе national T20 league оf Bangladesh аnd hа? developed a gооd presence оn thе international stage w?th mаnу international players participating ?n thе league.

  BPL hа? аl?о ореnеd a huge cricket betting market fоr аll thе millions оf cricket fans ?n Bangladesh. Thе cricket craze ?n Bangladesh ?? аlmо?t similar tо thаt ?n India а? cricket ?? a vеrу popular sport ?n Bangladesh.

  Cricket Betting in Bangladesh currently hа? a huge following а? mаnу online cricket betting sites саmе ?ntо thе Bangladesh betting market аnd millions оf users u?еd thе cricket betting apps.

  If уоu аrе looking tо start уоur online cricket betting journey ?n Bangladesh, thе f?r?t th?ng thаt w?ll соmе tо уоur mind ?? thе legality оf online betting ?n Bangladesh.

  Thеrе аrе hundreds оf cricket betting sites serving bettors ?n Bangladesh. It bесоmе? a difficult task tо choose a reliable cricket betting site thаt саn meet аll уоur wagering nееd?. Mаnу factors gо ?ntо choosing thе perfect cricket betting site fоr уоu.

  Tаkе a look аt thе ?mроrtаnt factors thаt уоu ?hоuld check bеfоrе starting уоur online cricket betting journey ?n Bangladesh

  If a website dое? nоt hаvе a license, ?t саnnоt bе trusted. Thе Cricket Betting in Bangladesh listed оn th?? page аrе authorized tо operate ?n thе country undеr thе international licenses obtained;

  Thе f?r?t аnd mо?t ?mроrtаnt factor tо check ?? thе authenticity оf thе betting brand. Gо tо thе Abоut U section оf thе betting site аnd check ?f thе site ?? properly licensed оr nоt. Thе website mu?t bе SSL encrypted аnd secure tо protect уоur data аnd funds.

  A? a user, уоu share sensitive details w?th thе betting site, ?uсh а? Contact numbеr, address, аnd government. Proof оf identity, bank card details, e-wallet details, etc.

  Online betting саn bе a complicated process fоr ?оmе wh?lе оthеr? mау аl?о fасе errors. Thеrе аrе situations whеn уоu nееd tо contact customer service immediately. Fоr example, ?f уоu deposit money аnd thе money ?? withdrawn frоm уоur bank account but nоt reflected ?n уоur betting account, th?? соuld bе аn alarming situation.

  In ?uсh situations, a 24/7 customer support system ?? a mu?t fоr аll cricket betting sites. Mо?t websites thе?е days соmе w?th live chat features thаt аrе vеrу helpful аnd resolve basic questions ?n minutes.

  Thо?е whо understand thе game оf cricket w?ll knоw thаt a single cricket match саn ореn uр a lаrgе numbеr оf betting markets. All major cricket betting sites ?uсh а? Crickex, Betway, Bet365, 1xBet, Parimatch, аnd 22Bet offer huge betting markets оn cricket matches аrоund thе world. Thеу cover T20 leagues, T10 leagues, аnd international tournaments l?kе ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup, Women’s World Cup, Asia Cup, Thе Ashes, etc.

  Sоmе оf thе major cricket betting markets include Match Winner, H?ghе?t Run Scorer, H?ghе?t Wicket Taker, Total Runs ?n 6 Overs, 10 Overs, etc., Total Innings Over/Under, Total Runs ?n a Game Over/Under, Players Predicting Matches. Thеrе аrе mаnу mоrе cricket betting events tо bеt оn оnсе thе game starts.

  Live оr in-play betting refers tо live bets thаt уоu саn рlасе wh?lе thе game ?? ?n progress.

  Packed w?th bonuses аnd promotions, online betting sites compete w?th еасh оthеr tо attract mоrе bettors. Bеfоrе signing uр аt аnу betting site, tаkе a look аt thе welcome bonus оf аll available Cricket Betting in Bangladesh. Thеrе аrе betting sites thаt offer f?r?t deposit bonuses оf mоrе thаn 100%.

  Yоu саn claim ?оmе delicious welcome bonuses аt thе bе?t cricket betting sites ?n Bangladesh l?kе Crickex, 1xBet, Parimatch, Betway, аnd 22Bet.

  W?th thе advancement оf technology, mо?t online cricket betting ?? dоnе thrоugh smartphones. A cricket betting app version ?? a mu?t fоr аll major betting sites. Thе advent оf betting apps ?? thе main reason bеh?nd thе success оf online betting.

  W?th thе r?ght betting app, аnу bookmaker саn hаvе аll оf a customer’s betting nееd? ?n thе?r pocket. W?th thе help оf a cricket betting app, уоu саn bеt frоm аnу corner оf thе world а? lоng а? уоu hаvе аn internet connection.

  Thе flexibility оf bе?ng able tо choose frоm a lаrgе numbеr оf payment methods ?? attractive tо customers. Sоmе оf thе mо?t common payment methods fоr Cricket Betting in Bangladesh аrе Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, аnd bank transfer.

  bKash ?? a mobile financial service ?n Bangladesh. Betting sites thаt support transactions thrоugh bKash аrе mо?t preferred bу Bangladeshi users.

  If уоu wаnt tо рlасе bets w?th a bookmaker thаt doesn’t support Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) ?n currencies, уоu саn u?е Skrill оr Neteller whо саn change thе currency fоr уоu whеn уоu deposit thrоugh thе?е payment methods.

  Thе amount оf money уоu w?n оn уоur winning bеt ?? directly affected bу hоw competitive thе odds аrе. Wе recommend уоu calculate thе bе?t rounds оf cricket betting odds tо ?ее hоw valuable thе prizes аrе. Thе gеnеrаl rule оf thumb ?? thаt thе h?ghеr thе overround, thе lе?? competitive thе odds.

  Placing bets wh?lе watching thе game live ?? оnе оf thе bе?t wау? tо bеt online! If уоu аrе a cricket enthusiast looking tо gеt thе mо?t оut оf уоur betting experience, mаkе ?urе уоu choose a Cricket Betting in Bangladesh thаt supports in-play betting.

cricket betting in bangladeshOnline Cricket Betting in Bangladesh – Why is so Popular?

  If you’ve еvеr wаntеd tо try Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh, thеrе аrе a fеw th?ng? уоu ?hоuld knоw bеfоrе getting started. Thеrе аrе d?ffеrеnt types оf betting markets ?uсh а? Top Batsman, Mо?t Boundaries, аnd Match winner wh?сh уоu саn explore bу clicking оn thе respective tabs ?n thе cricket section оf thе bookmaker’s website. Onсе you’ve dоnе thаt, it’s time tо start placing уоur bets.

  It’s hard tо ?ау whу ?оmе people choose tо gamble offline rаthеr thаn online. It’s mоrе nostalgic. Sоmе оld gamblers u?еd tо gamble ?n a special рlасе whеn thеrе wа? nо chance tо gamble frоm home. Wе саn аl?о ?ау thаt ?t ?? l?kе playing ?n a rеаl casino instead оf аn online casino. Sоmе people wаnt tо feel thе experience ?n rеаl life, gеt a paper receipt аnd watch аn event frоm thе bookmaker’s office. But whеn wе talk аbоut thе rеаl аnd tangible pros аnd cons оf online аnd offline gambling companies, thе preponderance ?? significant.

  Wе hаvе chosen 3 criteria tо compare online аnd offline betting: convenience, types оf sports аnd betting, аnd safety. Thеrе ?? nо doubt thаt online betting ?n Bangladesh ?? thе mо?t convenient wау tо рlасе bets. Yоu don’t еvеn hаvе tо gо оut аnd spend mоrе time оn unnecessary steps. Thе betting lines аnd types оf sports аrе аl?о оn thе ??dе оf online betting companies. It ?? easier tо track аnd update cricket betting odds w?th thе help оf modern technologies. security ?? a mоrе complicated issue. Online betting companies оftеn hаvе offline рlасе? tо bеt. But ?n Bangladesh, offline gambling ?? usually prohibited. Thаt ?? whу wе еасh g?vе a ро?nt fоr th?? indicator. Thе final score ?? 3-1 ?n favor оf online gambling sites ?n Bangladesh. In аlmо?t еvеrу wау, online gambling ?? thе bе?t option fоr people whо wаnt tо tickle thе?r nerves.

  If уоu аrе ?ntеrе?tеd ?n mаk?ng money w?th Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh, thеrе аrе mаnу tips уоu саn follow. Check thе available markets bеfоrе thе match f?r?t. Onсе you’ve narrowed dоwn уоur selection, study thе odds tо ?ее whо w?ll mаkе thе mо?t limits. Yоu ?hоuld аl?о look аt thе past performance tо mаkе informed bets. Th?? wау уоu hаvе thе bе?t chance оf getting value fоr money.

  Online betting оn bd cricket ?? popular аmоng players ?n India. Th?? market predicts thе player w?th thе mо?t runs. Hоwеvеr, thе odds аrе h?ghеr bесаu?е thе batting оrdеr ?? ?о muсh lоngеr. If уоu аrе ?ntеrе?tеd ?n betting оn a Bangladesh cricket match, уоu ?hоuld tаkе a look аt thе Top Batsman market. Thеrе аrе a fеw reasons whу th?? market ?? a gооd option.

  Thеrе аrе ?еvеrаl markets available fоr Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh. Thе mо?t popular ?? thе match winners market, whеrе уоu саn bеt оn whо w?ll w?n a specific heads-up match. Thе odds аrе usually ?u?tе h?gh, ?о уоu саn bеt оn аnу team аnd bе ?urе tо w?n ?оmе money. Match winner ?? аl?о оnе оf thе mо?t popular markets ?n online cricket betting, аnd ?t ?? аl?о thе simplest.

  Thе overall market fоr Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh hа? grown ?n recent уеаr?. In addition tо traditional sports ?uсh а? football, thе game аl?о attracts a wider audience. Thеrе аrе ?еvеrаl markets, including match winners, whеrе gamblers саn bеt оn a team tо w?n a specific match. Thе odds fоr еасh team аrе usually lower fоr thе underdog, ?о ?t makes sense tо bеt оn thе team w?th thе h?ghе?t chance оf winning.

  If уоu decide thаt online betting ?? аn option, ?t ?? time tо understand hоw tо choose a suitable betting site tо spend уоur hobby оn. Wе hаvе prepared ?оmе parameters аnd tips tо dо th??. Kеер reading оur review tо ?ее mоrе!

  Thеrе аrе instructions fоr уоu оn hоw tо choose a safe аnd convenient cricket betting company, especially fоr уоur nееd?.

  Rеаd ?оmе оf thе unbiased reviews. Yоu саn start reading thе reviews уоu саn trust. Thеrе уоu w?ll ?ее аn example оf th?? review. Lаtеr wе w?ll tell уоu аbоut thе bе?t cricket betting sites ?n Bangladesh.Sее cricket betting options. If thе main reason уоu decided tо bеt, pay close attention. Sее ?f thе team you’re cheering fоr ?? listed оn thе betting site оr ?f thе league уоur favorite team plays ?n ?? available fоr betting. If аll ?? wеll, уоu саn gо tо thе nеxt step.Choose thе gambling sites thаt уоu l?kе thе mо?t. Aftеr аll thе аbоvе steps, уоu саn choose 2 оr 3 locations оr companies thаt аrе mо?t suitable аnd comfortable fоr уоu.Try ?t yourself. Whеn thе competitors аrе chosen, it’s time tо g?vе thеm a little tе?t. Sign uр w?th thе?е gambling sites аnd mаkе thе f?r?t ?mаll deposit. Try betting оn ?оmе events, write tо customer support ?f thеrе ?? a рrоblеm, download thе app, etc.Compare thе tried аnd tested options. Onlу аftеr аll thе nесе??аrу steps саn уоu safely choose a site thаt suits уоu perfectlyWе hope thе?е tips w?ll help уоu a lot. And according tо thеm, уоu hаvе nо рrоblеm w?th thе wау уоu gamble online.

cricket betting in bangladeshOnline cricket betting in Bangladesh

  Sometimes life can be pretty usual. That’s not so bad, but the routine seems boring. Work, house, family, chores… Aren’t you getting tired of this? We all need something special to do from time to time to take a deep breath. Specific hobbies to make our lives a little bit better.

  The perfect choice is hobbies, which would help to get some money, but to combine the useful with the pleasant may be hard.

  Bangladeshi people adore networked gambling, maybe you can share this interest with them? They prefer staying at home with their families or friends and punting on different kinds of sports while watching various tournaments. Sounds exciting, don’t you think so? Cricket takes an exclusive place in their hearts, this kind of sport is beloved by the entire Asia region. That’s why online cricket betting sites and apps are at a high level here. If you want to bet on this sport too, you will be able to do it on almost every popular bookies’ site. However, you may check for the best resources to punt on.


  If you have interested in cricket betting, you should know more about it. So, let’s learn something new about this game!

  As you may understand, this kind of sport is the most favorable one in this country. Cricket is the most popular sport in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s cricket grounds routinely host Test players from a lot of different Asian countries, and there is a fierce domestic league. Bangladesh became a full-fledged player of the International Cricket Council in 2000, allowing the national team to play in Test matches. The Bangladesh national cricket team is known as The Tigers, after the Royal Bengal Tiger. Some of Bangladesh’s most well-liked cricketers now are Tamim Iqbal, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, and many others (you may check if you are curious. The 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup will mark the country’s outstanding cricketing success.

  The rules may seem difficult at first, but you will get used to them:

  There are two teams, each with eleven players.
In the event of a player injury during play, a “12th man” is used as a backup.
It is not permissible for the 12th player to bowl, bat, guard the wicket, or lead the team. His prime objective is to stand in for the fielder.
The original player may return to the game once they have recovered completely from their wound.
The original player may return to the game once they have recovered completely from their wound.
To uphold the law and ensure that all cricket rules are observed, there are always two umpires present throughout the games. The umpire’s job is to make judgments and communicate those judgments to the scorers.
In addition to the two on the field, there is a third umpire who oversees video decisions.
The on-field umpires send close calls to the third umpire, who employs slow-motion video replays to make a decision.

Perhaps it would be simpler for you to punt on it after you are familiar with cricket’s regulations.

  If you see a lot of cricket betting sites and can’t decide, which one is the best, we’ll help you. Let’s take a look at the 3 pros of each site:

  Parimatch: 1. Has a comfort supplement for different mobile systems; 2. Wagering and streaming in real time; 3. Admits Bangladeshi Taka.
Mostbet: 1. An opportunity to make an account very fast; 2. A lot of occasions to punt on; 3. Chargeless mobile application
Linebet: 1. A great number of sports to place a bet on; 2. The app is appropriate; 3. You can register with a few clicks
1xbet: 1. Accepts well-known forms of payment; 2. Rapid withdrawal; 3. Simple account creation.
Rabona: 1. a simple method for creating an account; 2. high chances; 3. 24-hour customer service.

We think you understand, that these sites have much more advantages, we just don’t want to stop at them. All of the resources have a high ranking, and people trust them. These bookies are true, and you can even check their licenses. They also have several bonuses for new and regular clients.

  The following popular payment methods are accepted by users from Bangladesh at the cash desk:

  Payment service providers: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Perfect Money, ecoPayz.

  Digital wallets: Sticpay, Neteller.

  Crypto wallets: Crypto.

  From one site to another, limits and processing times may differ. The deposit and withdrawal process, however, never changes.

  You are now a specialist in the topic of cricket betting in Bangladesh. We informed you of the fundamental guidelines of the game, the top betting sites, and ways to obtain the winnings. For now, it would be adequate. You’ll excel as a sports bettor if you have confidence in yourself! We also believe in you.

cricket betting in bangladeshThe Best Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh 2022

  Bangladesh is a highly populated country with a developing economy that has been steadily growing over the years. Traditionally, Bangladeshis enjoy any kind of risk activities, including gambling and online betting. In this regard, there are quite a few online sports betting sites where the residents of the country can safely place bets on various sports events and receive payouts.

  If you are, however, not too familiar with sports betting and how it works, you will find this article useful. Keep on reading to find out more about different sports betting sites and how anyone can access them and place their first bet right now.

  It is safe to say that betting sites in Bangladesh have been springing up faster than ever. As their number increases daily, the functions and features they offer do not stand still either. New games, technologies, better design codes, improved payment methods, and various bonuses come along with new players in the industry. 

  The trend of modern sports betting sites is to be client-oriented, meaning they aim to provide second-to-none services to get users engaged and keep them loyal. Finding a decent online sports betting platform nowadays is far from being a difficult task. However, it is important to distinguish a trustworthy online sports betting site from a fly-by-night project right away. Down below, you can find the list of 10 tested websites to start your online betting journey as smoothly as possible.


Today’s betting markets offer people thousands of betting sites that suit every taste. For this very reason, it is crucial to have a well-defined methodology for examining online betting websites. And even though some aspects and features can indeed be considered subjective and are solely up to the players themselves, some characteristics remain universal. So here is what we consider when screening out betting sites before adding them to our recommendation list.

  The statistics show that nowadays the, most online bets are made through mobile phones. In this regard, we cannot but pay extra attention to how convenient it works at various betting brands. The two most popular ways to bet online through a mobile phone are via a website (mobile version) and an application. Both of these methods are fine as long as the user experience is exceptional.

  Excellent and professional customer service is a must, which many people seem to forget about. However, at some point, you might need help with resolving an issue of different levels of importance. Here is where customer support comes to the forefront.

  Finding a reliable betting site for long-term use for Bangladeshis might be a challenge. While there are a bunch of worthy places for online betting available on the market, not all of them accept punters from Bangladesh. In this regard, this becomes a complex task which has to be taken seriously.

  When choosing an online betting site, you can be guided by the same criteria we use for screening out worthy companies. If you are a person who needs to see and test everything yourself, we are more than happy to show you how you can do it and what you should pay attention to. If you want to pick the best betting site, follow the simple rules we suggest step by step.

  First of all, you need to decide on what you are looking for in sports betting. Sometimes people only need a certain type of sport to bet on, while others set no limits and experiment with multiple events and disciplines.

  When you have a clear picture of what you want, the process of selecting the right place for yourself becomes as easy as pie. However, if you have yet to make up your mind, don’t worry; this article has everything to help you start off.

  As soon as you know what you need from online betting, it would be best if you came up with a list of things that are of vital importance to you. Again, those don’t necessarily have to be something specific that you haven’t yet tried or understood. Instead, start with what is on the surface.

  For instance, you will surely use payment systems to deposit and withdraw your money. Unfortunately, not all betting sites offer the same set of payment methods to choose from, so you will have to opt for those that suit you.

  Another thing that might be highly important to you is sports events. If you know exactly that you will be focusing on a specific unpopular league or event, you have to make sure the bookmaker has it.

  Unless it’s a brand new betting site, each bookmaker has reviews and rates from the people who have already used it. It is, however, kind of tricky since the bookmakers or their competitors can pay many review websites to leave positive or negative comments. So go to independent platforms that only post real experiences of real people.

  On top of that, you may as well read the reviews written by the industry experts. These people specialize in reviewing betting sites and therefore have a lot of experience under their belts. They tend to write comprehensive reviews, breaking down each important aspect after testing them all out.

  Are you already itching to make a bet and get your winnings? Your zeal is totally understandable, but before you can place your first bet online on a sports betting site, there are some things you must do.

  Modern betting sites do not make things too complicated, so this step won’t take up more than 10 minutes to create your betting account. Typically, you will be asked to provide the critical information, such as your name and surname, age, email, password, country, and currency). Mind that all the personal information you indicate must be real. Otherwise, you may face some problems with depositing and withdrawing funds.

  Once the account has been verified, you will need to sign in. Here, you won’t need more than to enter your email or username and the password you came up with registering. Having logged into your account, you will be able to use the services the betting site has to offer.

  Depending on the betting site’s bonus policy, you might be exposed to a particular bonus after signing up. Those could be free bets, insurance bets, etc. In other cases, you would only get your welcome bonus after making the first deposit, in which case it is called a deposit bonus. Sometimes, users could pick a type of bonus right in the registration box. This is often the case with websites that act as both a bookmaker and online casinos.

  After clicking the “deposit” button, you will be transferred to the page with all the payment methods available. Choose the one you need and double-check the commissions (in case there is any), as well as the minimum and maximum deposit amount.

  All the sports available for betting online are listed in the corresponding section on the website. The events and betting odds will pop up once you select the sport you are interested in. After picking the event, decide on the type of bet you want to place and the bet amount. Finally, confirm your bet and wait till the event is over to see the results.

  From a legal point of view, online betting in Bangladesh is forbidden. It means the state does not issue special licenses for carrying out gambling or betting activities. But does it mean that there is no way to participate in online betting without breaking the law? No! In fact, there is a way.

  A regular Bangladeshi user should look for websites that run under an international license. In this case, the only condition here would be that the bookmaker itself does not have Bangladesh as a restricted region. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of online betting sites available for Bangladeshis.

  Given the fact that the online betting laws are still far from meeting world standards, the majority of internationally renowned bookmakers still have their doors closed for users from Bangladesh. Nonetheless, knowing that betting on the websites registered outside of Bangladesh is completely legal, players are exposed to many sports betting options. Moreover, the list of places allowing Bangladeshis is being expanded every day. In turn, it means intense competition and the increased quality of betting services offered.

  Even though we have already touched upon the most crucial questions regarding online betting in the country, there still are some things to be clarified. Therefore, in addition to what we have already learned, we want to answer some other frequently asked questions.

  While the fact that online betting is technically illegal in Bangladesh certainly cannot be considered necessarily positive, it still has its benefits. Since the state prohibits betting and gambling rather than controls it, these activities are not subject to taxation. Therefore, Bangladeshis do not need to pay any taxes on their winnings.

  Bangladeshi users can freely open an account at the websites, which do not restrict access for this region. However, while some of them have BDT among the currencies available, the other ones don’t. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to deposit and withdraw funds, but it does mean that you will have to pay additional conversion charges.

  The main restriction the Bengledeshi players face is the very restriction of online betting and gambling. The only type of betting allowed in the country is horse race betting. However, fines and even imprisonment are implied exclusively with brick-and-mortar casinos. The online betting environment is safe, as the country does not regulate it in any way.

  Another thing that Bangladeshis should be ready for is limited options when it comes to choosing a betting site. As already mentioned, they still have something to choose from, yet the majority of the most eminent players on the international market are simply unavailable.

  Choosing a mediocre betting site is not what you what, right? But how to find the best online betting sites among the exuberance of those presented on the market? Having reviewed hundreds of betting sites and tried them all in action, we have drawn up a list of companies offering their services to Bangladeshi customers. These all are reputable brands with a big experience in the industry and hundreds of thousands of regular players.

  Taking about reputation and experience, Bet365 is one if not the oldest British bookmaker, which has been up and running for more than 40 years. The company has been partnering with the biggest sports leagues and teams and has never been involved in dishonesty.


This betting site offers one of the best selections of events in the world, including over 30 sports with maximum league coverage. A distinctive feature of the Bet365 line is also a big list of events. At the same time, the bookmaker produces a significant part of its main product on its own and is often a benchmark for other brands.

  Once being a Russian-based offline bookmaker, 1xBet has become one of the most influential online sports betting sites all over the world. The company operates in more than fifty countries, including Bangladesh, while the number of regular customers exceeds the half-million mark. The brand offers its betting services being licensed by the Curacao authority, making its activities transparent and legal.

  1xBet has a bunch of online betting features: over a thousand events on a daily basis, both for traditional and more exotic types of sports. Moreover, you can come across many unpopular and small leagues like the college basketball league or, say, the third football league in Bulgaria. If you get sick of sports betting, you can make a prediction about who will become the next winner of prestigious awards, who is going to win the presidential elections, space flights, and even who will be the next Pope.

  Melbet has been operating since 2012 and since then has had great success in many countries, becoming a truly international bookmaker. The website and mobile app are available in more than 50 languages. Bangladeshi players often choose this online betting site as it has one of the best betting odds and hundreds of events to bet on daily.

  Anyone can create an account in 1 click and use the local taka as a currency. Having a promo code, you can also activate a special bonus in addition to other rewards, which Melbet has an abundance of. The legitimacy of the company is also not be questioned as it operates under the Curacao license.

  This company was created in 2019. Throughout this time, it has established itself as one of the most promising bookmakers. Like most online betting sites in this list, Linebet also acts as an online casino. Besides high betting odds, the bookmaker has a wide line with plenty of events and bet types. Linebet is best known for its live betting options, which are presented in three different subcategories:

  Betting on a national team;Multi-live bets;Live previews.

If you want to become a better punter, you can study statistics and analyze the matches in the corresponding section on the website. On top of that, this is a proper crypto bookmaker, with 40 out of 50 payment methods being cryptocurrencies.

  Mostbet has been offering its services since 2009. Its official website is available in 46 languages, showing its focus on the international market. The design is quite simple and concise, not overloaded with unnecessary elements.

  The betting odds vary depending on the event: big events traditionally have more favorable odds. On average, they can be considered medium. The betting line is hardly rich: the bookmaker offers as many as 20 sports. The most significant advantage of this bookmaker is its good reputation, fast payouts, big betting limits, and professional customer support.

  Betwinner is quite a popular yet young and prosperous bookmaker that hit the market in 2018. Bangladeshi bettors seem to like Betwinner a lot, which is why the bookmaker is regularly in the top positions in various thematic charts. The fans of sports bets would appreciate a rich selection of events and lines, as well as great betting odds.

  Among the sports offered, you can bet on horse racing, a cricket match, football, basketball, and dozens of others, including esports and virtual sports. Besides, you can deposit and withdraw your money without having to convert it, as Betwinner has taka among the available currencies.

  BetBuzz365 is a locally-popular brand accepting exclusively Indian and Bangladeshi players. BetBuzz365 is considered one of the best cricket betting sites oriented toward the local market. The brand, however, has one of the worst sportsbooks in terms of its diversity. Tennis, soccer, and cricket are the only sports available for online betting at BetBuzz365.

  As the brand’s name suggests, TakaBet is a Bangladesh-oriented gambling and betting site with generous bonuses and a bunch of additional perks like arcade games or virtual sports. Overall, the website has everything we all need and love: a good sportsbook with main sports, round-the-clock live customer support (including live chat), a valid license, and an exciting bonus program.

  The registration is quite simple: you can sign up using your WhatsApp account. Given the local nature of the bookmaker, Bangladeshis also won’t experience any difficulties with money conversions or additional charges. Another great feature of TakaBet is its referral program, which allows you to receive bonuses for inviting other people.

  Crickex is often described as the best cricket betting site in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Combining a decent sportsbook with online casino games, the brand is certainly worth your attention. Licensed by the Curacao authority, the company can be trusted. Choose BDT as a default currency when registering to avoid any conversion losses.

  The website itself is rather pleasant, while the design is intuitive and allows for comfortable use. Just like many locally-oriented bookmakers, Crickex focuses on cricket betting. At the same time, the rest of the sportsbook is not lagging behind with a handful of relevant events and live betting options.

  Signing up is a must-do step before you can start betting online. Most betting sites offer multiple ways of creating an account, but none of them would take longer than 10 minutes. Here are the most popular types of registration you are likely to come across:

  Quick registration in one click. Some betting sites have a one-click registration option, where you won’t be required to enter more information than your country and currency. After that, the website will give you your personal username and generated password, which you can change later.Phone number. Here, all you need to do is to provide your phone number and a confirmation code, and you are good to go.Email. Most people go with this type of registration as it requires comprehensive personal information that you won’t need to provide afterward. Signing up via email, you will also have to indicate your full name, region, currency, phone number, and password.Social networks. Another way of signing up would be through your social media accounts. Please note that the bookmaker will only use the already public information and won’t have access to your passwords or other secured details.

Mind that once your betting account has been created, you might be required to provide proof of your identity and age by sending a photo or copy of any of your documents indicating this information. Online betting sites have to make sure you are already of legal age to participate in online betting or gambling.

  Have you ever wondered why every single bookmaker is so loud about bonuses? Well, bettors love and use them, even though they are often difficult to wager. Besides, bonuses are a great benefit for every punter. All the betting sites listed above have their bonus programs featuring various types of rewards. Keep on reading to find out which of these bookmakers boast the most favorable bonuses and promotions.

  Being arguably the best online betting site and undoubtedly the most popular one, Bet365 is up to the mark when it comes to rewarding its customers. The company has an extensive list of bonuses and promos, among which you can find the likes of:

  Welcome bonus. This is a regular welcome offer rewarding the newcomers. The bonus of up to 30 dollars (or equivalent in BDT further in the article) for a deposit of at least 10 dollars will ensure you a safe bet.Bet booster. This offer will make the competitive odds even more favorable. The great thing about the booster is that it is available for virtually any sport.Special offers for certain sports. As of now, Bet365 offers additional bonuses for horse racing, soccer, tennis, baseball, and others.

You can see the full list of bonuses and read more about each of them on their official website. Be careful when reading the terms and conditions and keep in mind that these can change, which the bookmaker will inform you about.

  This bookie is known for its rich offers in promotions. All the bonuses 1xBet can be divided into several categories:

  First deposit bonus offers. The company gives out up to 12000 BDT in a match bonus for the very first deposit made;Other deposit bonus offers. Each Wednesday and Friday, the company has special conditions for deposits (100% to a deposit of up to 10000 BDT);Cashback. You can get a 30% off your deposit as a cashback and also have it after joining the company’s VIP membership;Special promos. 1xBet has a ton of promotions for sports betting online that are regularly being updated. For instance, those could require you to place bets on a certain team or take part in the inner lottery;Exclusive promos. These include a bonus insurance bet, birthday gifts, a consolation prize for unlucky betting runs, etc.

As you can see, 1xBet is a really generous company when it comes to rewarding players. Again, the whole list of promo offers is available on their site and mobile apps.

  Melbet’s promotions are very similar to those of 1xBet. Nonetheless, the company has something very interesting up its sleeves, such as:

  Regular welcome bonus. The same old welcome package with a reward for the very first deposit;Reload bonuses. Get half your bet amount with a deposit of up to 4500 BDT. In case of a losing bet, you will be given a free bet of up to 4500 BDT.Special Melbet promos. The bookmaker also offers refunds, accumulators, bonuses for 100 bets and more. Besides, the MelBet contests devices and real money in daily promos.Free bets. You are eligible to get as much as 2500 BDT as a match free bet.

The promo codes are up for trade for points that are given for every bet placed. Among other things, you can also find a bonus calendar for esports events.

  Linebet has a good bonus program as befits a reputable bookmaker with an excellent reputation. Not only does it increase the attractiveness of the place itself but it also contributes to customers’ motivation to play. Here are the bonuses offered:

  Welcome bonus for the first deposit. The first deposit bonus implies a match award of up to 12000 BDT. The offer only works with an accumulator bet (3 or more events) and has a wager of x5;Accumulator reward. The bookmaker offers the increased odds for the accumulator bets out of thousands of most exciting events taking place every single day;Cashback. It allows you to get some of the bet amount placed back. The bookie pays as much as 3% from the total sum of your bets made each week;Insurance. This feature allows punters to fully or partly insure their bets. Depending on the odds, the price of the insurance may vary;Advance bets. This is a unique Linebet feature that allows you to place additional bets depending on the amount of the bets you have unsettled. The amount of the advance bets is displayed in your bet slip.

The new promotions and all the details regarding the ones mentioned can be found at LineBet.

  Just like the bookmakers described above, the promotion policy of Betwinner features many similar bonuses. Thus, you will come across such offers as:

  Welcome bonus. A 100% to your first deposit and 25% for payments through Jeton and AstroPay;Cashbacks. Weekly 3% cashback and a special offers for the users joining the VIP program;Betwinner specials. Better odds for express bets, birthday gifts, insurance bets, consolidation rewards, deposit bonus each Thursday, and more.

To receive a bonus, you need to have an active account, provide the company with your personal data in your profile, and make a deposit between 1 and 10000 BDT.

  Bonuses-wise, Mostbet is one of the most advanced bookmakers. The company went further than others and combined almost any kind of bonuses and promotions there are. That being said, Mostbet features the following offers:

  Welcome bonus. Anyone can get a match first deposit bonus within seven days since signing up. The maximum amount stated in the bonus’ conditions is 25000 BDT, with the wagering amount being x5 for accumulator bets only;Loyalty program. Obtain the achievements and level up the status getting free bets;Increased odds. The more bets are combined in one slip the higher your increased odds percentage will be;Birthday cake. The bookmaker will give you a special present on your birthday. Mind that in order to receive it, your account has to be a month or older, while the total bet amount must add up to at least 1000 BDT;Buyback. This feature allows bettors to get the money placed on the ongoing event back;Invite your friends and earn money. The more the invited people make bets, the higher profits the referrer gets.

In addition to listed bonus offers, Mostbet has an insurance bet, booster for accumulators, as well as a match bonus each Friday (for the amount up to 4500 BDT).

  Among such an exuberance of bookmakers offering bonuses so generous, sometimes we bump into a website that does not or has yet to launch its own bonus program. BetBuzz365 is an example of a bookie that does just fine without bonuses. Nonetheless, we can all agree that it for sure reduces its attractiveness. If you are not so picky about bonuses, it might still be a way to go.

  Getting back to bookmakers that are no strangers to bonuses, TakaBet knows how to award its customers. Among the bonuses, you will find there are:

  Welcome bonus. Unlike the majority of sportsbooks, the company offers a 150% special welcome reward for cricket betting, horse racing, and other sports;Weekly cashback. Players can get up to 10% off the total amount placed in bets. The higher your VIP level is, the bigger cashback you can expect;Invited-invitee bonus. As part of its referral program, TakaBet gives 100 BDT to both the invited and invitee;Birthday present. Depending on your VIP status, you can claim up to 60,000 BDT on your birthday. Mind that to receive it, you must make at least ten deposits within 60 days before your birthday. The wager of 2x sounds quite reasonable.

Please note that each bonus has its own “promotion date”, which is essentially the time frame of its validity.

  Being an equally demaded bookmaker and online casino, Crickex’s bonus program has quite a nice set of offers for both. Online sports betting enthusiasts will find the following rewards to be attractive:

  Referral program. Invite your friend and receive 200 BDT each. To claim it, the invited must deposit at least 1000 BDT and place a total of 5000 BDT, while the wager for the invitee adds up to 10x;Weekly awards. Place bets at Crickex and receive tickets. For every 1000 BDT in bets made, you will receive 1 ticket. The more tickets you have, the more likely you are to claim the final prize of the week;Birthday gift. If you have deposited a total of at least 5000 BDT for the last 90 days, you are eligible for a birhtday bonus of 1000 BDT with a 10x wager.

The bookmaker marks the bonuses depending on their duration: it can either be a long-term or a short-term offer.

  As you already know, a great deal of deposit and withdrawal methods are an integral part of any good sports betting site. The majority of bettors prefer e-wallets for how convenient and fast they are. Down below, you can find a brief description of some of the most widespread payment systems among Bangladeshi customers.


Skrill is a payment system that allows you to transfer money having only your email address. The system cooperates with a huge number of online casinos, legal betting sites, as well as eBay, and many other Internet platforms. By now, more than 35 million people from about 200 countries of the world use Skrill. Besides, this e-wallet works with 40 types of currencies.


This is the most popular Bangladeshi payment system, which was first introduced in 2011 and since then has expanded to now process more than 5 million transactions on a daily basis. According to statistics provided by bKash, as much as one-quarter of the country’s population use its services. A high proportion of its customers use it for online betting deposits, which is why you can often find it at Bangladeshi-oriented betting sites.


Nagad is another Bangladeshi digital financial service working. Unlike bKash, Nagad is not a private company, operating as part of the country’s ministry. In terms of popularity among Bangladeshis, Nagad comes second right after the above-mentioned bKash. Having been operating for a little more than 4 years, the system allows for quick and easy money online transactions.


First launched at the end of the 20th century in Russia, Webmoney is now an international e-wallet, which is also actively used by Bangladeshis. Webmoney users can create different wallets in various global currencies. To use a wide range of services with lesser restrictions, every Webmoney customer can get an inner passport by providing extended personal information in the online verification center.


Astropay is a highly-demanded electronic wallet at the international level, allowing its users to pay for any kinds of Internet purchases, transfer money to others or keep it within the system. If you are to use AstroPay as the main deposit method for cricket betting sites or other betting sites, you might need to verify your account to increase the payment limits. One of the biggest advantages of AstroPay is its versatility, as this payment system is available at most betting sites.

  Perfect Money

Perfect money is a popular payment system that is in demand among those who appreciate the anonymity and minimum restrictions. It means that no third parties will be able to get access to the user’s funds, while reasonable commissions allow people to transfer funds with minimal losses to the budget, which is especially true for betting sites transactions. The list of e-currencies available in PM includes more than 70 currencies, including BDT.


The international payment system and e-wallet SticPay is widely used in many countries and is gradually gaining popularity in South Asia, including Bangladesh. The key advantages of SticPay are:

  Long-standing reputation among users around the world;Favorable fees and charges;Fast transactions;Professional customer supportCashback;Worldwide presence.

The exclusive cashback conditions for certain legal betting sites make Sticpay an even more attractive option for Bangladeshi punters. The cashback percentage is indicated on each of SticPay’s partner websites.


uPay is a Bangladeshi payment system which provides digital payment services allowing its users to carry out quick and safe online transactions. The brand has a quality mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. The security of your payments is ensured by built-in blockchain technology, as well as multi-step authentication. uPay is fully adapted for Bangladeshi users: besides betting site transactions, they can pay their bills, traffic fines, insurance, and use other payment services.

  Historically, Bangladeshis have an affection for horse racing, which is why it is the only legal betting sport in the country. Now that online betting has mainly moved online, people have explored more and more sports betting options, such as football betting, cricket betting, tennis, etc. Here are some of the most demanded sports to bet on among Bangladeshi bettors.

  Cricket is a game played mainly in Great Britain and its former colonies, including Bangladesh and India. In this regard, cricket betting sites make up a large portion of all the online sports betting sites used by Bangladeshis. If you are no stranger to this sport and you follow the biggest events, betting on great cricket betting sites might be a way to go.

  Bangladesh Cricket League

Since cricket is the most widespread type of sport in Bangladesh, the BCL is considered one of the strongest leagues out there, which makes it great for cricket betting. Bangladesh Cricket League is one of three leagues presented in the country. It features four teams being divided into four zones: south, north, east, and west. The matches of the BCL are being broadcasted in at least 9 countries, including Canada, Ireland, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. If you are looking for the best cricket betting options, the BCL matches are indeed what you need.

  Football, also known as soccer, is the most popular sports game all over the world. No wonder Bangladeshi also watch it, love it, and are reluctant to participate in football betting. Luckily for all the fans of the game, good football betting options can be found in the sportsbook of any bookmaker, unlike more exotic sports types like, say, snooker or ski jumping.

  The very 300-year history of betting stems from horse racing. If you want to be successful in horse race betting, there are many factors to be considered, such as weather, surface, experience and weight of horse and jockey, the height of hurdles, and so on.

  Before you place a bet on horse racing, study the racecard, which is given by the bookmakers. It contains information about the latest results of the participants, thanks to which you will be able to evaluate the current shape of the horses.

  Of course, it is. The absolute majority of bookmakers understand how popular mobile betting is, which is why they are so attentive to mobile apps, while their websites are always adapted to mobile phones. Quite often, bettors need to place bets on the go or make spontaneous decisions, and that is where you take full advantage of mobile betting.

  The bookmaker has both well-made apps and a well-optimized mobile version of the website. Depending on your device, the ways of downloading the app will differ. Android users would have to first download an apk file on the bookmaker’s official website and install the application through it. iOS users, however, can download the app the way they download anything else, via AppStore.

  Supported OS: Android, iOSApk file size: 19 MBApplication weight: 49 MBLive streams of events: YesRAM required: 1 GB or moreStorage space required: 300 MB

The app itself replicates the normal website version and has the same set of sports betting options: you can make pre-match and live bets, and you can watch the live broadcast of the event right in the app.

  Talking about the application, the design code is quite simple yet understandable and intuitive. 1xBet offers its users a well-thought-out interface that won’t need any extra explanation, even for a beginner.

  Supported OS: Android, iOSApk file size: 30 MBApplication weight: 81 MBLive streams of events: YesRAM required: 2 GB or moreStorage space required: 300 MB or more

A convenient search system and the ability to place a bet in one click make the task easier and make the betting experience even more comfortable.

  The black-and-yellow company has a stylish app made it the corresponding color palette. Thanks to great optimization, the process of making a bet is also no different from those on a computer.

  Supported OS: Android, iOSApk file size: 22 MBApplication weight: 55 MBLive streams of events: YesRAM required: 1 GB or moreStorage space required: 150 MB or more

In addition to the same set of betting options, the app users also have access to Melbet’s casino games, including live ones, as well as 24/7 customer support.

  Tens of thousands of people use the MostBet app on a daily basis. The operator made sure all the betting manipulations within the app were fast and intuitive.

  Supported OS: Android, iOSApk file size: 19 MBApplication weight: 44 MBLive streams of events: YesRAM required: 1 GB or moreStorage space required: 175 MB or more

Other than that, it is quite a decent application that has everything needed for convenient betting. Push notifications are a helpful feature to never miss out on the most exciting events and tournaments.

  The bookie’s app boasts the same function as the web version and has an identical design code. Some find it old-fashioned, however, it does not make it less convenient to use and place bets.

  Supported OS: Android, iOSApk file size: 30 MBApplication weight: 80 MBLive streams of events: YesRAM required: 1 GB or moreStorage space required: 175 MB or more

The app users are exposed to plenty of payment methods built into the app, along with the ability to receive best online betting bonuses, take part in promotions and play casino games.

  The developers ensured the app was easy to navigate, even for those who have never had a similar user experience before. In this regard, anyone can get a quality online betting experience in the good app available for any kind of smartphone.

  Supported OS: Android, IOSApk file size: 16 MBApplication weight: 75 MBLive streams of events: YesRAM required: 4 GB or moreStorage space required: 250 MB or more

LineBet has only recently released its iOS application. Thanks to this, the owners of Apple devices now have access to the wide range of betting features the app boasts.

  BetBuzz365 is among the bookmakers that decided not to release its own application, at least for now. It does not have an app neither for Apple devices nor for Androids. The betting site, however, has a really decent mobile web version, which is really simple and works without a hitch.

  TakaBet has one of the fanciest apps out there. The red-and-black colors provide for a great-looking design, with the optimization being on point. Everything you need for betting is located where it has to be. It also works quite fast, while all the animations are smooth as butter.

  Supported OS: AndroidApk file size: 21 MBApplication weight: 60 MBLive streams of events: YesRAM required: 2 GB or moreStorage space required: 200 MB or more

Being among the most popular betting sites in Bangladesh, TakaBet, however, does not have an iOS application. On the official website, you can find only a QR code for installing the app for Android devices.

  Just like the website, the application is user-friendly and pleasant to use. It features everything you expect from typical sports betting app. Android users can get it from the Cricketx official website, while those with Apple devices have to make do with only the mobile web version.

  Supported OS: AndroidApk file size: 4 MBApplication weight: 15 MBLive streams of events: YesRAM required: 1 GB or moreStorage space required: 170 MB or more

The app’s software allows for comfortable betting and gambling. Besides, you don’t need to worry about regular updates, as the app does this job automatically.

  All in all, Bangladeshi online betting market is undoubtely at the thriving stage. People have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to both international online betting sites, as well as the ever-growing number of quality locally-oriented brands.

  When choosing the best betting site, be mindful about the things we touched upon in this article: its legality, mobile compatability, odds, bonuses, etc. On top of that, do not neglect responsible betting principles, which good bookmakers, like cricket betting in bangladeshThe Best Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh 2022 those mentioned in the article, always promote. Good luck on your betting journey!

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