Captains Manpreet Makes A Heartfelt Letter To Support The Fans

India’s men’s and women’s hockey captains. Manpreet Singh and Rani Rampal individually have inquired. For the back from the teams’ fans from around the world. As they get their Olympic campaign underway in Tokyo. Manpreet and Rani said in an open letter. The players caught on to the significance of domestic bolster when they come to Tokyo.

Captains Manpreet Makes A Heartfelt Letter To Support The Fans

Manpreet Singh and Rani Rampal

On behalf of the Indian Women’s and Men’s Hockey Groups. We’re looking for the best wishes and whole-hearted back for the Tokyo Olympics. Even though we have thousands of miles away from our fans. We will feel this motivation as we step out onto the pitch each time,” said Manpreet and Rani.

“We guarantee you that we are going to value each and every minute of this prestigious competition to make you all proud.”

The men’s team start their campaign against New Zealand on July 24 while the women’s group confront the Netherlands afterward on the same day in their first coordination of the competition.

Captains Manpreet Makes A Heartfelt Letter To Support The Fans

Photo Taken in Competition

Both teams have confronted significant troubles and disturbances due to the widespread which constrained the delay of the Games by a year. “In recent months, our groups have gone through a part of time among our claim gather due to the modern reality of living and preparing in a secure bio-bubble.

All the time that the players have gone through in each other’s company on and off the field has brought our individual groups closer together than ever before. Each of us has developed as a hockey player and as a person in life since of the challenging situations that we have dealt with.

It could be a privilege for both of us to lead our individual groups into the Olympics. This is respect that counts among our finest individual accomplishments in hockey,” they said.

We are elated to share with all of you that the Women’s and Men’s Indian National Hockey Groups have securely arrived in Tokyo for the Olympic Games. This can be an enthusiastic minute for the full bunch since there have been numerous deterrents along the way to get here.

There were times when it showed up that the complete competition may be in question due to the circumstances within the world. Presently that we are here, we feel like we are inside touching separate of the dream that we have harbored for the final five a long time,” said Manpreet and Rani.

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