betting btc cricketCricket Betting With Bitcoin

betting btc cricketCricket Betting With Bitcoin


  Given the ultra-competitive nature of professional sports, cricket’s humble nickname says a lot about its nature and spirit. It is known as a “gentleman’s game”, with etiquette and sportsmanship at the heart of it. Well, if you can look past the recent Australian ball-tampering outrage, that is.

  That incident aside, cricket does have a truly unique appeal. On the surface, it’s a fairly basic bat and ball game. The main objective is for the batting team to achieve as many runs as possible. The fielding team must try to get the batter dismissed by catching the ball before it hits the ground, or by returning it to the batting area and hitting it against the stumps.

  There are three main types of matches: Test cricket, One Day Internationals (ODIs) or Twenty20 cricket (also known as T20). Test cricket is often viewed as the biggest test of a team’s ability. It’s usually staged over up to five days or sometimes longer, and it sees the two teams contest a four-innings match. T20 revolutionised the game when it was introduced in 2003, bringing a shorter version of the game?– consisting of just one inning – to its audiences. Similarly, ODI cricket does exactly what it says on the tin: two nations to compete in a one-day match.

  With so many different types of cricket games out there, it’s no surprise that you can place a bet on all types of cricket markets. It’s a very popular sport, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a casino that allows cricket bets in Bitcoin.

  If you’re looking for the top Bitcoin sportsbooks, make sure to check out our favourite websites in the Top 5 table below.


  In recent years, more and more sportsbooks have begun to accept Bitcoin for both withdrawals and deposits. Some sportsbooks only accept Bitcoin and specialise in cryptocurrency sports betting. Other sportsbooks have simply incorporated Bitcoin (BTC) as a new payment option alongside the usual suspects such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, PayPal, and so on.

  If you want to place a bet on cricket using Bitcoin, the first thing you need to do is get set up with a crypto wallet and make a deposit. To do this, you need to sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange and use your bank details to make a deposit. You can then exchange your regular money – such as GBP or USD – for Bitcoin (BTC). From here, you can transfer your BTC to a sports betting site where you can place a bet on cricket matches. If all of that sounds a bit confusing, make sure you take a look at our guide on how to buy Bitcoin.

  Before you place a Bitcoin bet on any cricket matches, you may want to shop around for the most suitable sports betting site. For instance, if you like big bonuses, make sure you sign up to a sports betting site with a generous welcome bonus. This is especially true of Bitcoin bonuses. Often, you will find that you can get incredible value when claiming a welcome bonus with cryptocurrency. In some cases, it can be 10x or even 100x as much as the standard welcome offer.

  The vast majority of Bitcoin and non-crypto sportsbooks will all offer bets on cricket. However, the number of markets can vary quite a bit from one site to another. Before you sign up to any site,? make sure they have your preferred markets available. If you love in-play betting, you might want to check if the betting site has a downloadable app so you can bet on the go. This can also make it a simpler process to transfer Bitcoin to the betting site.

  If you want a sportsbook that ticks all the boxes, you don’t have to look any further. We’ve already selected the best Bitcoin sportsbook websites which also allow you to bet on all types of cricket betting btc cricketCricket Betting With Bitcoin markets.

betting btc cricketCrypto Sports Betting

  While learning the intricacies of sports markets is very useful, it is only part of the overall equation.

  Winning in the long term is effectively impossible without knowing how wagering odds work.

  It doesn’t matter how much research you perform into sports markets; success will elude you if you take the wrong odds.

  When making bets, you have to realize that cryptocurrency betting sites have an edge on every market ranging from 3% to 30% or more.

  Your ultimate goal is to discover ‘mistakes’ in the odds occasionally made by betting websites.

  Value wagering aims to discover a bookmaker error in a market.

  For instance, your research shows a 30% likelihood of Manchester United defeating Arsenal in the English Premier League.

  Suppose the odds of a United win are 2.50 on most cryptocurrency betting sites. Should you make a bet?

  No! 100/2.50 means the sports betting website believes there’s a 40% likelihood of a United win.

  When researching any event, your goal is to discover enough information to ascertain how likely an outcome is.

  At the end of this process, you’re rewarded with a ‘betting tissue,’ which helps you better understand a bookmaker’s odds.

  What’s a betting tissue? It is a method of creating your own odds.

  However, don’t even think about making one until you know more about the different types of sports betting odds.

  Many people don’t know how to calculate betting odds, so we’ve created a quick guide to the three most common types.

  Sports betting sites that accept Bitcoin that cater to users in the United States will often use American odds, which have a plus or minus sign before a number.

  Use the sign to determine if the potential profit in crypto is bigger or smaller than the size of your bet.

  If the sign is minus (-), it means odds of below evens, so your profit will be less than your bet if you win.

  A (+) sign means an odds-against wager, so your possible profit is higher than your original wager.

  Here are some examples of American odds and how much you could win depending on the size of your bet:

  If you live in Europe, you’re likely familiar with decimal odds which are the most basic form.

  To calculate your possible returns, multiply the size of your bet in crypto by the odds.

  For instance, if you wish to bet $200 on England to beat Sweden at odds of 1.6, you multiply 200 x 1.6, which equals 320.

  An English victory means you enjoy a $120 profit as 320 – 200 = 120.

  To discover the probability of any pick winning in percent, divide the odds into 100.

  Using the above example, England has a 62.5% chance of winning according to the BTC betting website, since 100/1.6 = 62.5.

  Generally speaking, fractional odds are popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  This odds format features a slash between two numbers.

  For example, if you wager on an outcome at odds of 6/1, you receive $7 back for every $1 you risk.

  Therefore, if you wager $10 worth of crypto at odds of 6/1, you would win $70 if successful, for a profit of $60.

  The figure on the left-hand side is the profit you’ll earn if you wager the amount of money staked on the right-hand side.

  Let’s say you back the Tennessee Titans to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at odds of 11/4; this means your profit is $11 for every $4 you bet should the Titans win.

  Of course, you have to include the crypto you staked to determine the full payout.

  Most Bitcoin betting websites will allow you to change the odds format, so experiment to see which one you like the most.

  Bitcoin sports betting is incredibly popular these days.

  As a result, a growing number of sports betting companies enable you to bet on a wide range of sports and esports using crypto.

  If that isn’t enough, there’s a breathtaking number of markets.

  However, before you register with any crypto betting site and risk money, it is essential to understand the logic behind each bet.

  This means learning about the different sports betting markets and what they represent.

  This detailed guide discusses numerous popular markets and illustrates how you can win.

  With this knowledge, you’re more likely to find the best markets for your betting style, increasing your chances of winning Bitcoin.

  The most popular crypto sports betting market is backing a team or player to win.

  You have to choose which team/player you think will win the game.

  For example, you can pick the Boston Celtics to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

  Although it is a simple market to understand, there are some minor differences depending on the sport, as we illustrate below.

  SoccerSoccer’s win market gives you the chance to back the home team, the away team, or the draw.

  Draws happen in top-level soccer in 25% to 30% of games, making it a viable option usually available at decent odds.

  Soccer also has the following variations on the Moneyline:

  Basketball/ American Football/ BaseballIn several North American sports, games that finish level are decided in overtime.

  Basketball, American football, and baseball are three examples of this happening.

  You’ll find that most sports betting sites that accept crypto don’t offer a ‘tie’ market, although American football games can end in a tie after overtime.

  Consequently, you win your bet if the team you choose wins the game in overtime.

  However, we advise you to ensure that the BTC betting site includes overtime in your original Moneyline bet.

  TennisMany sports provide a binary win or lose option because there is no possibility of a draw.

  Tennis is one of the best examples because a game can’t end until one player wins the requisite number of sets.

  As a result, there are few Bitcoin sports betting markets as easy to understand as the Moneyline in tennis.

  There are generally large tournaments featuring dozens if not hundreds of games in different sports.

  The tournament winner market enables you to select who you think will likely win the big prize.

  This is a great market if you want to win plenty of crypto because there are many longer odds options.

  Some cryptocurrency sports betting sites let you mitigate your risk by letting you back your choice each-way.

  This means you can win crypto if your selection makes it to a certain stage, usually the semi-final or final.

  This well-known market revolves around the total number of scores in a game.

  Your mission is to determine whether the event will have more or fewer scores than the ‘line’ set by the Bitcoin sports betting site.

  If you believe the sports betting platform’s line is completely wrong, you can look into the alternative over/under market for higher odds selections.

  Obviously, the types of scoring differ depending on the sport.

  For instance, crypto sports betting websites might put the line on a Liverpool vs. Manchester United game at over/under 2.5 goals.

  If you’re anticipating a free-flowing game with at least 3 goals, you could wager on over 2.5 goals or back under 2.5 goals if you think there will be 2 or fewer goals.

  However, if you believe the game will be quite open, you could look for an over 3.5 goal market and win if there are 4+ goals.

  The beauty of this bet is that it doesn’t matter which team/player wins, as your only concern is the level of scoring in the event.

  This is one of the easiest betting markets to understand and is ideal for beginners.

  As the name implies, the idea is to wager on the next individual or team to score next in the match.

  For instance, you might fancy Liverpool to score the next goal against Manchester United.

  Please note that some sports are often low-scoring, so prepare to wait to learn the fate of your bet.

  Did you know that approximately 7% of high-level European soccer games have zero goals in matches despite the teams playing for over 90 minutes?

  As a result, if you want the chance to place lots of quickly settled bets, look at sports such as tennis and basketball.

  Most sports betting sites that accept Bitcoin let you bet on each basket or point in a match.

  You know whether your bet has won or lost seconds after placing it in many cases.

  Sometimes, the sports betting sites know that a game is unlikely to be competitive.

  Sometimes, the favorite’s odds are so unappealing that it isn’t worth betting on.

  However, you can make things more interesting by betting on the handicap market.

  Sports betting sites that accept cryptocurrency give the weaker team a virtual advantage, and you must determine whether the favorite is strong enough to win with this deficit.

  Let’s say that the Milwaukee Bucks are strong favorites to beat the Chicago Bulls and have a -10.5 handicap.

  The above handicap means that the Bucks have to win by a minimum of 11 points should you choose to bet on them.

  Alternatively, you can wager on the Bulls with a +10.5 handicap and win crypto if they win the match or lose by a maximum of 10 points.

  As you might guess from the name, the Asian handicap is a Bitcoin sports betting market that began in Asia.

  It is slightly more complicated than its standard counterpart, but it can give bettors an edge when used correctly.

  This is why pro gamblers prefer the Asian handicap market over the conventional version.

  Keep reading for an explanation of selected Asian handicap markets using an English Premier League game between Manchester City and Everton:

  The markets above work similarly if you decide that Everton will fare better than the crypto betting site’s odds suggest.

  For instance, betting on Everton with the +1 Asian handicap means you win if the Toffees avoid defeat and get your money back if they lose by a single goal.

  Certainly, these markets are worth exploring if you’re a risk-averse bettor because of the possibility of getting your money back in certain circumstances.

  By removing the binary ‘win’ or ‘lose’ outcome from the equation, the Asian handicap market offers something new when you decide to bet.

  There are relatively few sports where play is continuous, meaning you can benefit from extra betting markets.

  Imagine that you discover how successful a particular team is in the second half of games.

  You can wait patiently until halftime to see how the game develops.

  Now, you can bet on the team of your choice winning at this stage if the odds are right.

  By taking a detailed look into the capacity of a team to either start or finish fast, you could take your betting to the next level.

  Regardless of the team sport, you get the opportunity to bet on various player props.

  If you believe a player is in great form or has a record of brilliant performances against certain opposition, you can use this knowledge to win Bitcoin.

  This market could involve selecting player points, goals, or baskets depending on the sport.

  In potential mismatches, it is always worth focusing on the performance of a specific team.

  The fact that your bet can win regardless of the outcome is a significant advantage.

  A team can perform relatively well, help you win Bitcoin but still lose the match.

  Depending on the cryptocurrency sports betting site and the sport, you could have the opportunity to use the correct score market.

  You need to predict the exact scoreline in a match to win.

  It is easier to do this in tennis due to the lack of scoreline combinations.

  For example, in a best of three sets match, the only choices are 2-0, 0-2, 2-1, and 1-2.

  It is far harder to predict the final score in a soccer match due to the immense number of potential outcomes.

  Without detailed research, there is little hope of achieving success.

  The difficulty involved in winning on the correct score market is reflected in the long odds offered by BTC sports betting sites.

  Setting aside time to watch a match live could help you make money.

  The number of betting in-running markets offered by crypto betting website is incredible, though you need to act fast!

  If you’re wary of making bets before a match, waiting for it to commence can help reveal whether your pre-game hunch is accurate.

  If you’re an expert in any given sport, you might know the likely outcome shortly after the game begins.

  Also, specific markets are almost guaranteed to provide better value odds as the game proceeds.

  Ante-post wagering technically relates to any market where the event isn’t due to begin for at least another day.

  Nonetheless, you’ll find that Bitcoin sports betting sites offer odds on events that won’t begin for months.

  Experts in this form of wagering aim to get long odds on an outcome in the belief that the price will drop before the event.

  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way, and you may find that the odds drift.

  Moreover, before making an ante-post bet with any Bitcoin sports betting site, analyze its terms and conditions.

  In some cases, if your selection doesn’t compete, you might not get your money back.

  Imagine you confidently back clay court king, Rafael Nadal, to once again win the French Open.

  Suddenly, you discover that Nadal can’t play because of an injury.

  Depending on the BTC sports betting site, you might lose all of your crypto.

  Effectively, you make an ante-post bet any time you risk crypto on a tournament winner before the event begins.

  A group of people calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto created the Bitcoin network in January 2009.

  It remains by far the most popular digital asset and currently comprises almost half the market.

  The hype surrounding Bitcoin is immense and has caused its value to skyrocket at different points.

  A significant number of betting sites are happy to accept betting btc cricketCricket Betting With Bitcoin cryptos due to its popularity.

  Before you try using crypto on sports betting sites, here are some pros and cons to consider.

betting btc cricketCuracao’s New Gambling Laws Will Allow Cryptocurrency Payments

  The Government of Curacao will be running a tight ship on the cryptocurrency casino front starting no later than Q2 2023. The big news dropped on 15 November of this year (2022) was met with mixed feelings from operators looking at Curacao as their saving grace in the licensed gaming market.

  The news is about a new regulation regime aiming at gambling sites supporting cryptocurrency payments. Right now, anonymity is king on that side of the iGaming industry, but that will be subject to change if the new regulations. The main question is how that will impact the players and the gaming brands currently engorging the fruits of the very permissive licensing framework of The Government of Curacao.

  Consequences of Curacao’s New Gambling Laws
We don’t yet have all the details on the upcoming changes, but we do have the promise of Javier Silvania – head of the Ministry of Finance of Curacao – that the gaming authority of Curacao will continue to work with all licensees. However, this is not a guarantee that the new vision of the regulator will make everyone happy.

  On the contrary, as per the announcement made by Curacao in the summer of 2022, particular attention will be devoted to the vetting process. On the one hand, this will be better for the average user who has found a legit Bitcoin casino to have a look at and decides they want to make a full commitment. On the other hand, complications for the players and service providers will ensue.

  This is why reinventing the licensing criteria with the purpose of strengthening security in the ecosystem of licensees was not music to the ears of the top brands operating gambling sites licensed by the Government of Curacao. Here’s the rationale.

  Strengthening security means the introduction of KYC and responsible gambling policies, as well as complication of money transfers. Deposits and withdrawals will be held under more careful consideration. Withdrawal time will increase due to mandatory checks performed by all KYC-abiding casino sites.

  Curacao license holders have every reason to be concerned that deposit and withdrawal limitations will come into play after the new rules come into force. This would change the status of cryptocurrency gambling as “the land of the free” to something much less exciting for high-stakes players. It could very well kill the momentum the crypto-gambling industry has gained over the past few years. We can see how Tim Heath’s prediction of “a mass exodus” is not the least bit unrealistic.

  The National Ordinance of Games of Chance
In its reformed state, the gambling law of Curacao will go by the name “The national Ordinance of Games of Chance” (LOK). The law will make room for cryptocurrency payments with the contingency that in the future, more precise crypto regulation will be exacted. This very vague statement of Minister Silvania is also somewhat worrisome to anyone who enjoys the freedoms of crypto gambling.

  But that’s not all. A new regulatory body – the Curacao Gaming Authority (CGA) – will be tasked to monitor license holders. As admitted by Government consultant Mario Galea monitoring crypto payments is a big challenge. The creation of the right tools for that purpose was the main goal set for the 2022’s summer.

  With the proper tools at its disposal, the CGA will be able to enforce the new clause allowing for cryptocurrency payments to and from the sites licensed under the Government of Curacao. The CGA will also take on the responsibility of issuing B2B and B2C licenses.

  The Challenge
Curacao is actively seeking to harness the crypto gambling market without losing any current license holders. We should add to the equation the difficulty of monitoring payments made over a decentralized network such as the blockchain. One of the future applications of the blockchain will be machine learning, but easy regulation isn’t one of its virtues. The Government of Curacao and the Curacao Gaming Authority have their work cut out for them. Another difficult to account for thing for the CGA and the operators will betting btc cricketCricket Betting With Bitcoin be the volatile cryptocurrency price.

  Furthermore, the jurisdiction must stay a somewhat desirable target for license-seeking gambling brands if legislators have any hopes of being competitive. Currently, the huge contributor to that is the fact Curacao is not as strict a regulator, but as we already pointed out, this stance will be subject to change.

  Mario Galea said that the operators licensed in Curacao would be responsible for ensuring that the cryptocurrency networks they support are properly regulated. Also, on their shoulders will fall the burden of carrying out regular reports with regard to all crypto payments.

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