betting btc cricketBest Crypto Cricket Betting Sites 2022: Top Sportsbook to Bet on Cricket!

betting btc cricketBest Bitcoin Cricket Betting Sites 2022: Top BTC Sites to Bet on Cricket

  The best bitcoin cricket betting sportsbook has become popular in recent years. One of the games which have been getting steam recently is cricket. With the said world cup on the horizon and excitement rising, more people are getting into betting on cricket.

  Betting on cricket games is facilitated by the best bitcoin cricket betting sites that allow Indian users to bet through their sportsbooks.

  India users can directly place their designated sports bets through these online sportsbooks. Now, the payment medium at these sportsbooks has been moving towards crypto. More and more sportsbooks have been adopting to bet with bitcoins solely for facilitating cricket online betting.

  There are multiple benefits of using Bitcoin as the fundamental source for top BTC cricket betting sites. It is fluid and easy to use, allowing users to take advantage of the same within the platform. The transactional charges are also considerably low.

  Further, the interface of cricket sportsbooks has also improved, which helps the usage of bitcoin. In the article, the user will understand the basics of betting.

  Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency that runs on a blockchain network that any designated government does not control in the world. The whole network is run through nodes via designated computers.

  The price of the said currency has been increasing continuously for the last few years, so there are bright skies ahead for Bitcoin. Investing in the same right now can prove to be a boon. Further, merely trying the whole thing out won’t hurt much too.

  The current price of bitcoin around 15th October of 2021 is around 60,000 USD, and it is bound to go up in the recent future, so cashing in on the opportunity at this point doesn’t seem like a bad bet.

  Further, the decentralized and fluid nature of Bitcoin has become one of the primary for its widespread adoption in the cricket betting markets.

  Further, with the aid of some financial advice, Indian users can also use their bitcoin winnings in the form of investments, aiding them in doubling or tripling their said winnings. There are multiple pros of betting through bitcoin on cricket.

  The user will be required to buy some bitcoin to initiate the whole process, and the user can go to any big crypto exchange. There they should be able to find great offers on bitcoin, and accordingly, they can buy the same according to their budget.

  Once you acquire bitcoin, you would have to bank transfer the same in their sportsbooks’ wallets. After completing the procedure, they should place designated free bets by using bitcoin in their crypto wallet. Also, they can withdraw funds from their crypto wallets once they pass the limit of withdrawals.

  It is highly subjective and mostly depends upon the user’s location on the best BTC cricket betting sites. The lex loci – the law of the said place, will apply to that user. He will have to proceed, By the laws and regulations of his latest place.

  Every user must check the regulation of their place. The basic gambling and IT act of the said countries like Australia, Pakistan, and others should serve as great guiding stones when accessing the bookmaker betting sites.

  Further, inquiring about the same with the user’s customer care would also help in this regard. It says Indian users should try to inquire about the legality of their transactions before entering into any bitcoin transactions.

  Betting on cricket using Bitcoin is legalized in most countries like Australia, Pakistan, India, etc. Still, caution should be taken before taking any further decisive steps when accessing the bookmaker online btc cricket betting sites.

  Security Through betting via Bitcoin, the user will be able to save up on their transactional cost. Furthermore, the blockchain network of Bitcoin provides it with due security.

  The consensus payment method used in the blockchain allows instant transactions to be anonymous. The security protocol used by the miners also enhances the security of the platform.

  Further, the user can make a secured investment that is free of regulation scruples through using bitcoin. That’s the benefit a bookie gets to enjoy when they are playing on these gambling sites.

  It Can Be Used as an Investment Bitcoin is also considered one of the primary coins in the crypto space. One of the best advantages of bitcoin is that it is the main driver of the whole market.

  So, the primary market value of Bitcoin is on the rise. It is a viable form of investment. Using the same in such a way can be highly beneficial.

  So, through the winnings of bitcoin, betting on cricket can be used as a form of investment.

  Low Transaction Cost The cost of transactions is fairly lower than other traditional payment methods. The rate of transactions is also at par with usual payment methods as kept by the online bookmakers. Moreover, since BTC lacks any intermediary, the best crypto casino or sportsbooks allow Indian users to bitcoin deposit without commission fees.

  So, this means that the bitcoin deposits are safe, and you don’t have to pay any commission for the same. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

  Further, it also allows the BTC network to grow, which will aid the user if he holds any BTC during deposits and withdrawals.

  Volatility BTC can be highly volatile at times. Even though the market has become a bit stable in recent times, governmental allocation and policies can still affect the whole ecosystem at any time.

  Further, if the Indian users are not proficient in the technical analysis of the chats, they may not be able to predict the price action of the coin.

  If the user holds the winning position at a time of a bear market, then their investment in the form of bitcoin can also depreciate since the market would be in a visible downtrend.

  Non-Acceptance At certain junctures, bitcoin also faces great resistance from national governments from countries like Australia, Pakistan, and many more. It should be understood by the user beforehand that BTC in itself is not a government-sanctioned currency.

  It was through a decentralized way and is also minted in the same way. No government per se has any controls on this whole framework, and they don’t accept bitcoin as a currency yet.

  The most they can do is try to suppress it by imposing certain sanctions.

  Even though the acceptance of the other currency has been increasing for a while now, the opposing side still holds some relevance. Hence, due caution is required to be taken by the Indian users.

  Further, it is highly recommended that the Indian users check the laws of their country before indulging in the same.

  For instance, if the users are from China, they will be unable to invest in Crypto as their central government has banned the circulation of all cryptocurrencies.

  There are many reasons to choose the best bitcoin betting sites. We have listed down a few that will help you to understand the importance of the best betting sites:-

  Security should be the topmost priority of the players. They should look for BTC sports betting sites with three security indicators. The same has been attached below.

  Firstly, licensed bitcoin betting sites should be established, which has been around for some time now.

  Secondly, it should have an unblemished record, and its customer record should be pristine.

  Lastly, the licensed best bitcoin betting sites should be using high-level security encryption like SSL.

  A wide range of cricket promotions is available on these bitcoin betting sites.

  Owing to the high inflow rate, more and more promotions want to get into this business per se. The more options there are, the better the chances of the user winning when playing in the gambling websites.

  Crowds of seasoned gamblers and rollers are also attracted to such places, so it is pertinent that the user keeps a variety of promotions in mind while choosing the gambling sites to bet on cricket online.

  Also, many premier league VIP programs provide additional bonuses to India users. They also accept bitcoins in the form of investment and provide premier league bonuses for the same.

  You also get a premier league welcome bonus on your first deposit.

  Most premier league sportsbooks must have a designated section of testimonials regarding their customer staff, through which the user can understand the working of their customer support.

  Further, India users’ reviews on their download premier league pages can also be the user.

  Furthermore, detailed reviews of online geeks can also be used as a guiding stone in this regard. Good customer care makes or breaks the whole experience, so the Indian users must choose an excellent customer care site.

  Their user-friendly live chat service also helps users to resolve their queries as soon as possible.

  It would be highly favorable if the website had certain rights to telecast live casino games like premier league games, tournament games, bookies and bookie games, and other league tournaments. It will enable the user to track the game through real-time actions.

  Further, a live league scorecard would also help, as these tools can significantly help the players placing bets without faulting on the same.

  It is also highly recommended that the users know about the website’s specific live stream interface.

  Some league sports betting sites may boast good network connectivity, but they may not provide real-time live streaming; checking about the same would be helpful.

  Also, you can enjoy other perks like a deposit bonus or welcome bonus on your first deposit to watch cricket live. You can also redeem this welcome bonus to stream.

  The flow of fiat currency and the choice of the Indian market should meet the users’ or real-time needs. They should allow the user to have a fluid and flexible experience.

  If the users have multiple marketplaces to search from, they can place the bitcoin bets upon them through different currencies. It is also recommended that the user reads the review provided on various popular sports betting sites regarding other cryptocurrencies in the said sportsbooks.

  Some betting sites may boast a robust bitcoin network, but they may be severely suffering in reality.

  So, it is pertinent that the users look at these reviews and read customers’ testimonials before fixating on something.

  Having a high range of betting cricket markets at the user’s disposal would greatly help win. While choosing a website, this factor should be kept in mind.

  The house or the bitcoin sportsbook conducting the betting session should have a lesser edge.

  The minute the edge, the better the chances of the league player succeeding, so the player must keep that in mind further.

  It is highly recommended that the users check the casino games like premier league games, bookies and bookie games, live tournament games, and free bets accepted league tournaments and bets that the house allows them to make.

  Bets meant for precise predictions are way harder to win, so if the house puts a mandatory sanction on such bets, the user should refrain from choosing such a sportsbook.

  Bitcoin sportsbooks with a flexible betting regime and a lesser house edge are highly recommended, as every player wants to win and grow.

  When you register, you will be allocated a welcome bonus or deposit bonus. You can use the welcome bonus to play and learn how to win.

  There are many tips that the players can use to have the upper hand in the whole ballgame. The user would have a pair of observant eyes and an analytical brain. Users should make good money on their winnings by tweaking some things left and right.

  Stay clear from exotic wagers and over-the-top official betting sites if the user wants to improve the user or cricket skills based on the game’s popularity.

  Select the sorts of bets and the maximum amount of wager that can be risked in the event of a loss with consideration. Free crypto cricket betting tips are also a good idea if the user wants to win. Also, make sure that you check the best bitcoin betting site thoroughly before opening a betting account on the website.

  The user must have a basic understanding of the players to predict which player would shine after the match and push the game to the next level. It’s also vital to determine which bowler will take big wickets.

  An individual player or the entire team can elevate the national team to a higher level of competition. It can also lead to the nation’s win on national and international stages. If the match is played in the home country, the home team has a better chance of winning than the visiting team.

  Be prudent! At times, the team that starts well can go on to lose the game. All sports fans know how to pick the best playing XI.

  The type of soil and grass used might also have an impact on the outcome of the game. The players’ grip also determines how the team will play and is considered the most crucial element. For excellent batting, a flat pitch is required.

  In this circumstance, the match is most likely to be drawn. However, rain can potentially change the game on the batting side. The user only needs to get the concept and practice a few times to have fun while gambling and minimize losses on their online betting account.

  Environmental factors, such as weather, heavily influence cricket matches and their outcomes. Any cricket bitcoin bettors should keep an eye on the weather prediction. The weather heavily influences the direction of the match. These meteorological conditions are also affected by the location and venue of the game.

  For example, if a match is played in a country like Sri Lanka, where it rains more than in the rest of the world—the match may end in a draw—and the sun sets late in England—the match is likely to continue.

  When it comes to identifying whether the cricket betting online site is legal or not, there are many things to be considered in the first place. We have come up with a few tips that will help you to understand how to determine if the cricket betting site is legal or not:-

  Provably Fair Provably fair gambling is the mechanism by which a player may confirm that the outcomes of games like premier league games, league tournaments, India games, league gambling bets, and many more are fair in real-time.

  It employs three types of technology:- Number generation Hashing Seeding Random number generators generate millions (often billions) of numbers per second and determine game outcomes. Seed generators generate the numbers that are put into algorithms, which determine the outcomes. Players can add a seed number in provably fair systems to ensure that the casino does not manipulate the outcome.

  Hashing is the process of converting a longer string of data into a shorter string. When a seed number is hashed in the context of provably fair gaming, it is encrypted. Cryptographic hashes utilized by the accepted BTC gambling sites are regarded as unbreakable in all practical senses, ensuring that they have not been tampered with, especially when users access their betting accounts.

  Variety of Betting Options The user should keep the variety of the options in mind, and they should keep in mind that bets that they make should have a lesser house edge and have a considerable amount of best odds going your way. The disparity or limited betting options can cause the users to lose out on their gains, so this issue is meant to be kept in mind with utmost importance.

  Variety of Leagues The number of leagues that the sportsbook outlet functions over is also of prime importance as it helps the users choose from various options. Every user may have a designated league where he is interested. Further, he may also like to dabble in the leagues where he may have a high chance of making a profit. All these factors significantly affect the user’s experience. Thus, he should make his choices accordingly.

  Blockchain technology has made online betting and gaming easier than ever before. Millions of people gamble on their favorite games, and Bitcoin has quickly become a safe and transparent means for them to place their bets in seconds. Since many countries still do not consider gambling legal, the betting industry has traditionally been highly covert. However, with the introduction of blockchain technology and popular cryptocurrency tools, investors now have complete anonymity, making it difficult to trace their online payments.

  For example, if you want to freely bet on Cricket with Bitcoin online casinos, you can use a digital currency tool to examine the most recent trade signals, and your earnings may differ. Many online gambling customers are concerned about data privacy since the accepted online betting sites cricket frequently requests them to reveal personal information, which causes consumers to be concerned about how and where their data will be preserved.

  Cryptocurrencies allow cricket betting sites to avoid requests for specific information because the public blockchain instantly confirms bitcoin transfers. Consequently, safeguarding user information decreases the possibility of personal data being hacked, implying that bitcoin provides an investment option, allows you to gamble, and provides you with data anonymity.

  All this and much more is provided through betting on cricket through the usage of Bitcoin. Owing to all such reasons, the market for the same has been blooming.

  Blockchain technology paved the way for the birth of cryptocurrencies, decentralized digital assets that use blockchain technology to provide security and prevent duplicate spending. While bitcoin has been around for a while, its current widespread public embrace has fueled its rise. Many sectors have benefited from the simplicity and accessibility provided by cryptocurrencies via user-to-user payment method platforms. The $60 billion online gambling sector is uniquely positioned to benefit from the trend.

  Bitcoin and other cryptos would be chosen as they are highly efficient and they capture all transactions and preserve the information in a decentralized ledger, blockchain technology in online gambling cricket betting sites provides an additional layer of protection for customers. The system prohibits the unlawful exchange of digital assets while also lowering the risk of both hacking and payment duplication. In such a way, it is ideal for betting on cricket through online means.

  Combining the element of cricket betting with bitcoin and crypto betting sites can be super rewarding for the user. The field has been rapidly growing, and crypto can be a catalyst for increasing the value and frequency to bet on cricket with BTC to make the whole system work. Further, as mentioned several times in the article before, crypto is the currency of the future. It is meant to go up along with future investment and betting with bitcoin can also help the user in building a robust portfolio.

  Further, it has been around for a decade now; thus, it has a great ecosystem that has seen great changes and growth in the last 10-12 years. It has been a tool of anonymity that allows the user to keep his privacy in check. A user may need a good betting site with fluid transaction limits, allowing them to freely bet with bitcoin whenever they want without incurring additional costs.

  The best bitcoin cricket betting does just that. It has been a revelation that is only bound to grow as more people start betting and investing in the same in recent years. Ultimately, Bitcoin betting is the way to go for anyone who wants to indulge in online betting on cricket.

  Is It Legal to Use Bitcoin for Cricket Betting? It depends on the laws of the player’s country, but in most places, it is legal.

  Why Place Cricket Bets With Bitcoin? Unprecedented security along with privacy and increment in value. It is a viable form of investment, unlike money.

  How Good Are the Odds When Betting on Cricket With Bitcoin? The best odds are lesser in favor of the house and more in favor of the player.

betting btc cricketBest BTC Cricket Betting Sites in India 2022

  Cryptocurrency is based on digital or virtual currency. Cryptocurrency uses cryptography (encryption) to protect transactions. Bitcoin (BTC) is the first digital currency and is considered the most popular digital monetary system today.

  BTC cricket betting is rapidly gaining popularity among Indian citizens. In this case, we can tell you that online cricket betting sites also cover T20 leagues all over the world. These include the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League and Bangladesh Premier League. Players from India have many options for betting.

  If you want to bet on cricket, you need to create an account and deposit funds in BTC. You can bet on tournaments, matches and championships all year round.

  At the moment, online betting sites like Parimatch, Melbet and Megapari are actively developing and gaining popularity in India. With the help of this article, you can learn more about them.

  Parimatch was founded in 1994. It is now very popular and operates all over the world, including India. All new users can take advantage of the sports betting welcome bonus, which can be +150% up to 20,000 Indian rupees. Parimatch is fully legal under the Curacao license. 

  Purchase your tickets for all your MMA and Boxing Events by going here.

  Moreover, Indians can get access to all the features of Parimatch. In addition to this, they get access to some exclusive features that have been created specifically for Parimatch India. These can be viewed: 

  Parimatch India gives users the option to use the Hindi version of the betting app;Ability to bet in BTC;India can get all the services on Parimatch, in its native Hindi language. India users have the option of using payment methods such as Unified Payment Interface and PayTM.

In recent years, Parimatch bookmakers have become popular and active in the sports betting market in India. This company is the best in cricket betting.

  According to the information provided by the company, bookmaker Melbet started its operations in 2012. This site provides customers with favorable terms (minimum deposit is just 110 INR), as well as bonuses for new users (after creating an account and making the first deposit, new users can get a 100% bonus up to 8000 Indian rupees). This betting club combines online casino and sports betting and has a large list of events for betting and other gambling activities. 

  Melbet’s platform offers a professional interface and easy site navigation, making it a pleasure to use for newcomers and long-time users alike. The bookmaker offers customers the most favorable conditions for betting on dozens of sports. The main advantages of the website are:

  A multitude of payment systems;Possibility to use cryptocurrency for betting and casino;All sports are available here, including championships;It is possible to bet on eSports;User-friendly interface in mobile application;Customer support service;A high value of odds.

MelBet continues to improve the quality of services and guarantee you a legal, safe way to win money on the most popular events.

  Megapari is a young but already well-known betting company. It was registered and started operating in 2019. Today the site is actively developing and already today the number of registered users exceeds 400 thousand people. Such high ratings are due to the huge variety of games, nice bonuses for new users and convenient use of the site. Based on our analysis, Megapari is one of the most popular sites for betting on cricket from computer and smartphone. In this case, the bookmaker has a number of positive aspects:

  62 languages and Hindi;INR and of course BTK are accepted as currencies;The bookmaker’s website has more than 40 disciplines to bet on;Curacao 365/SJZ license;Intuitive design;Real-time sports betting;Megapari India is fully legal in India.  

The company can provide betting services and provides users with a number of guarantees, particularly on withdrawals. According to Megapari’s privacy policy, Megapari cannot share or disclose users’ personal information with third parties.


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betting btc cricketBest Crypto Cricket Betting Sites 2022: Top Sportsbook to Bet on Cricket!

  Crypto cricket betting is the online gambling category that comes under sports betting. Individuals can enjoy betting on sports through either dedicated online sportsbooks that accept crypto assets or online casinos, which also offer the option to bet on crypto cricket in addition to the casino games that they offer.

  If you wish to find more similar sportsbook to bet on cricket that is available in your country, below is an extensive list:-

  Cricket is a sport that is more popular in Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe which also implies that these are the locations that have a higher number of individuals who would want to bet on the betting sites that provide a way to bet on cricket using crypto assets such as bitcoin.

  The betting here has various details which can differ, such as the option to bet on the final scorecard, the match-winner, a man of the match, etc., and a variation of these options can be found on different betting sites. Cricket is not a very difficult sport to bet on, but platforms that allow individuals to use crypto assets are not expected.

  The cricket events supported by the platforms may comprise both international matches & events and the local sessions or tournaments that might be going on a national level.

  The approach of all sports betting is what is also practiced when it comes to cryptocurrency cricket betting. Individuals can bet upon various aspects of a crypto match on any betting site that supports the sports. These aspects include the total run obtained by a team in an ODI or test match, the winner and special awards to players.

  The odds of any game or crypto game might change the payout rate, and it is common to observe high betting odds for major cricket leagues and the world cup for any format of the sport.

  A betting site that provides the option to bet on cricket using cryptocurrency often has an entire sportsbook that can enable users to bet on many more sports and their events such as football matches, virtual sports, and other top sports, including basketball and soccer, etc. The platforms that provide crypto cricket betting online have a similar navigation approach to bring familiarity to individuals who might have been using other platforms.

  Global or Indian players can make deposits into their accounts, bet on sports they prefer, including cricket, and then withdraw the money to their respective wallets if they can gather winnings from any of the licensed crypto sportsbooks or Bitcoin gambling sites or Bitcoin cricket betting sites.

  In general, cricket betting or sports betting have been the most evolved forms of gambling and crypto betting. While the conventional ways to bet were quite cumbersome for some users, online cricket betting has solved many problems and presented an anonymous, convenient and seamless way to wager bitcoin cash or other assets on the match outcome and similar aspects.

  The advantages can outweigh the limitations or disadvantages of bitcoin cricket betting sites, and the first and foremost of these would be the accessibility of the platforms.

  A betting platform or sportsbook is only beneficial to a gambler if it can be accessed, and lack thereof would negate any of the benefits. Being online in nature, cricket betting sites welcome individuals worldwide without having them leave the comfort of their homes. Cricket bets placed over a crypto betting site are more private and anonymous than those placed at the traditional betting locations due to the lack of physical presence and the nature of the currency being used to wager on test matches.

  Betting sites also provide numerous promotions, such as a welcome or deposit bonus, that can be profitable and enable users to play for free or at discounted rates. This was completely unheard of when it came to conventional cricket betting. The inception of cricket betting sites has changed this phenomenon and paved the way for a new industry.

  Another advantage of using cricket betting sites for betting with crypto is that most offer quick or instant transactions where the money would be sent to the bitcoin wallet or any other online wallet (crypto wallet) of choice. Leading cricket betting sites have a huge inflow of liquidity which means the individuals are unlikely to find small prize pools or limitations in terms of betting options due to the availability of resources with the betting sites.

  Payment methods also benefit the individuals of top crypto cricket betting sites. The diversity of options enables the users to choose their preferred payment method and bet without jumping over many. The obstacles or connecting the wallet for the deposit or the withdrawal. Low fees and better payout rates are also frequently seen with regulated cricket betting sites. Last but not least would be the security protocols used by the betting sites to keep their platform safe.

  The rise of cricket betting sites has brought various options to the marketplace for the users to choose from and along with those comes a need to select the ones which might suit one’s particular needs and expectations. A few key factors should be considered while choosing the online crypto cricket betting sites for personal use.

  Security is undoubtedly among the most critical aspects of any platform. Having winnings would not matter much in case one’s information gets stolen or the money is lost. Security is usually paid great attention to most platforms, so having two-factor authentication built on the “HTTPS” protocol has become common.

  The two-factor authentication works in conjecture with the phone or the registered email from the player’s account. These can be notified in case of any major activity done through the account. It is also important to consider the security of other links such as the bitcoin wallet or the online wallet used for transactions.

  While promotions offered by betting sites do not speak for the overall experience of the platform, it is still worth considering, especially for the people who don’t wish to invest a huge sum or are not familiar with the ins and outs of the betting site. Promotions for a user account can include perks like a welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, free bets, free spins (available for slots in the casino section), etc.

  These promotions don’t always ensure winning or even improve the odds but can often be the tipping point for highly conflicted users about investing their money in an industry where many of the platforms seem very similar.

  Customer support gets overlooked before users start betting on crypto cricket on the platform, and this can prove to be a big mistake down the line. The efficiency of resolution of issues and the attitude of customer support of any platform is not only something that gives insights about the experience that is to follow but also gives a special highlight of the extent to which the platform cares about their players and their bitcoin betting experience.

  In rare cases, leading cricket bettings, sites have the provision for communicating with the users through multiple channels such as social media, email, live chat, or even phone numbers. Traversing through various third-party review sites can shed some light on the way of operations of the customer support team of any bitcoin betting site.

  This feature is not highly common but can still be found on the more popular bitcoin cricket betting sites. Live cricket streaming primarily shows the level of devotion a platform pays towards the sport itself. The benefits of having a live stream mean that the individuals can always keep track of the game through the platform and make an educated decision based on the same.

  This can also help individuals make other bets on the exact match, which may or may not contradict their previous bet. The feature also keeps users more engaged without updating the website with test matches or ODIs.

  The range of cricket betting sites with various markets is one of the more apparent characteristics that should be considered. Not all platforms are created equal, and often, the target demographic affects the range of games provided by the platform in that region.

  Keeping geo-restrictions aside, the range of markets should ideally consist of international games/cricket matches, diversity of aspects where one can bet (such as man of the match, total score, etc.), and all the local cricket leagues as well as matches that might be going on in the regions where the sports are more popular.

  Every player is concerned about the betting odds they face, and bitcoin cricket betting sites also face the same criteria for selection. While there are some matches where the odds do seem unlikely or pointless, in most cases, a good platform should offer a variety of odds, and the chances of winning shall not always favor any particular side. Users can consider this as a way to check for the platform’s ethicacy and vested interests.

  Betting sites that support crypto do so to be able to offer some unique features as well as convenience to the players. Moving along the same thought, the options for making a payment using crypto such as bitcoin cash also ought to be just as good.

  Users are advised to make sure that the betting sites consider supporting the crypto asset they wish to pay with and a list of secondarily preferred assets if one seeks versatility down the road for a different withdrawal.

  Promotions that come in a bonus are the most common way to entice a player, used by almost every sportsbook or best crypto cricket betting site. As aforementioned, the welcome and deposit bonuses are the most common ones, but the list doesn’t end here.

  A bonus can also be awarded in the form of a loyalty bonus which can unlock better perks, lower fees, etc. However, the bonus offer can mostly be availed by regular users using the platform or from a group of heavy rollers.

  Welcome Bonuses As the name suggests, a welcome bonus is a bonus that bitcoin betting sites offer to the new users who sign up to gamble on the platform and use its services. The bonus is applicable once the players have made a deposit transaction for the first time. Following transactions do not come under this accepted bonus.

  Match Deposit Bonuses A match deposit bonus is a bonus which itself is a bet as the players’ deposit amount would have to match the wagering requirement of the websites to be eligible for this bonus. If the first deposit matches the requirement, the players stand a chance to win a bonus that might offer free bets, cash, or complimentary deposits.

  No Wagering Bonuses Every player welcomes no Wagering bonus as it removes the requirements for the users to meet while getting their shot at winning the perks of this bonus. Here, even the free spins do not have any particular criteria to be met other than the standard guidelines of the betting sites.

  Special Bonuses A bonus can be considered unique if that particular perk or promotion is not available by its alternative platforms and might also have different criteria associated with it. For instance, a website might have partnered with a cryptocurrency exchange platform to allow the gamblers to bet with bitcoins or any other currency from the betting website itself, at discounted rates, etc.

  In this particular case, the special bonus is limited to the platform and would not be found on websites unrelated to the cryptocurrency exchange.

  No Deposit Bonuses Staying true to its name, this promotion implies that the players who sign up on the platform would receive the reward or the bonus without depositing the betting sites. These are less common and are only found in small amounts compared to the match deposits.

  Free Bets While these do not directly add to the assets or trials for the users, free bets have been a common promotional offer. Free bets can be awarded to users through many means such as loyalty points, weekly rewards, etc. These enable the players to try their luck without having to bet real money on the betting sites.

  However, these can not always be used to place bets on test series or live events with a massive viewership or following.

  Reload Bonuses Being quite lucrative in its criteria, the reload bonus can only be received by the existing users of platforms that accept cryptocurrency, digital currencies, or any other currency. Unlike the first deposit, this is awarded to the gamblers when they “reload” their account balance, i.e., when they add money to their account for an additional time than the first one.

  The propagation of numerous sites hosting cricket betting tournaments, offering crypto transactions and withdrawals to a hot wallet or cold wallet in many countries has led to a loss of vision for the industry. Many platforms have come up that do not meet the legal requirements or are unlicensed to operate both in terms of website withdrawals and payment (using bitcoin and other assets) and being a booking party to any game the site’s host.

  The most crucial factor to check while figuring out the legality of the platform is to check whether the crypto website is licensed or not and if the user account allows withdrawal from the platform. The legally accepted platforms have a good reputation for withdrawals to e-wallets, a cold wallet, or even a hot wallet, for that matter.

  The next step would be to get updated with the local laws and regulations to know if they allow crypto websites, e-wallets, and bitcoin betting sites or not. If possible, it is better to go with the platforms approved by the local governing authorities, as it would remove the extra hassle from the entire process and experience.

  Leading chains or teams of cryptocurrency online casinos and sportsbooks often are better at complying with more policies due to more resources. These teams are often labeled as different platforms, and if one is legal to play, all the best bitcoin casino sites under the group are likely to be legal.

  Visiting the lists of third parties or the platform’s site itself would also help shed some light on the legality and operation of the bitcoin cricket betting sites in those specific countries of the world.

  Restricted nations cannot participate in any league, make a deposit or do transactions with the crypto website. In some cases, the new players can’t even register for an account on the platform.

  Keeping in mind the security of making transactions, transferring winnings, or starting a deposit shall always be a top priority on the bitcoin cricket betting sites. Popular sports across their different tournaments attract a lot of attention. The platforms usually have a high industry-standard list of security measures deployed to maintain the integrity of the winnings in the account and the privacy of the bitcoin wagering website.

  Before starting to bet through the new account, one must remember to thoroughly check the security features that the platform mentions or has integrated into its system. If a platform states that one is at own risk for the security of the bitcoin deposit or the transfer to e-wallets, then it can be safely assumed that the site has not paid attention to the sanctity and security of the account.

  Some of the safety and security features of the bitcoin betting sites to allow crypto transactions include a two-factor authentication method, also known as the 2FA. In addition to these, SSL encryption has become common for better odds against cyber attacks on the betting site.

  There are a few other factors that are to be checked before users start betting on cricket or any other sport, including but not limited to the network stability of the platform, the user reports, and past incidents, and the company behind the betting site to see if the set of safety features are extended across the brand.

  The past few years have witnessed an exponential rise in the popularity of cricket betting, and many details have enabled this phenomenon. While cryptocurrency sports betting itself was popular before, the acceptance of online and crypto betting in various locations such as Great Britain, India, and others have opened the markets for huge user bases which are not driving the deposits through various currencies on these platforms.

  And thus, the suddenly increased demands have contributed to the betting sites being popular before even becoming regulated websites to accept bitcoins and other decentralized currencies to deposit or withdraw winnings from the sites using a simple and quick withdrawal transaction.

  Bitcoin itself has pushed the acceptance of crypto assets which is why cryptocurrencies too are being used as a leading payment method (i.e., bitcoin) on the internet, and cricket betting has not been a stranger to the same effect.

  Below are some of the most commonly used and found cricket bets which can be made through crypto on the respective betting websites.

  Betting On Victory Betting on the winner might be the most obvious thing to do, but it is the oldest form of betting accepted and can now be done through any supported online or offline crypto wallet that can store or even buy bitcoin.

  Handicap Handicap bets are given to offset extreme odds or delivered to the individuals to overcome a handicap to record a win. Handicap bets are not as common as bitcoin victory betting but still are regarded as the more popular forms of bitcoin bets.

  Winner Of The Tournament/Series Winner Like the winner of the match or the series can be bet upon through the funds in the crypto wallet by any payment method for betting. The winner of the series gambles that accept cryptocurrency can reach great odds and lead to significant withdrawals if the player wins the bet and wishes to transfer the money to the bitcoin or wallet.

  Match Betting Match betting is done with gambling on the specific details of the match, which could include the final scorecard, the bets on each of them over in matches, etc. These form the more technical side of bitcoin wagers where the seasoned individuals do the transactions based on the match predictions.

  Best Players At the end of the match, the best players are awarded titles like ‘man of the match’ etc., and these too can become a basis for a bet that is accepted by dedicated sportsbooks and offer low fees due to less volume bitcoin bets in this category.

  Live Bets Live are the bets which are concerned with the real-time specifics of the match. These include betting whether a player will get ‘OUT’ or if the team could hit a boundary in this over etc. These live bets are common on the platform, where services include simple withdrawals and live cricket streams.

  Localized leagues or tournaments often have their betting systems with different fees and services due to the different target demographic, which wish to do any transaction with intricate details on the websites, and are devout sports fans who desire to withdraw their win based on the predictions they make. Some of these common bets can be placed on the following basis:

  The purple cap winner is an award given to the cricketer who has shown the most exceptional performance in the entire tournament. The bets made here can be more informed as the bitcoin and crypto bettors would have some sense of the player’s performance from the first few matches.

  Like the purple cap, the orange cap can be regarded as the runner-up to the purple cap in the league of IPL. Over the past years, orange and purple cap winners have been quite similar and came from the same pool of potential winners.

  Hitting boundaries is the easiest way to get ‘runs’ or scores in the game of cricket. Popular batsmen often become the vessel of bitcoin betting based on the number of fours or sixes they might hit or surpass in a particular match or the entire series itself.

  Titles like a man of the match, a man of the tournament, and the MVP are awarded at the end of an international series or a major event. Judging from their performance, the bettors can bet on whom they think might get the title post the completion of the tournament.

  Cricket is one of the most popular sports across the world, and its following is not going to shrink anytime soon, implying that the societal and legal acceptance of cryptocurrencies and online gambling would undoubtedly result in a bright future for the betting crypto cricket platforms were making a payment is easy and odds of winning are high.

  As the users increase the liquidity of the sportsbooks and casinos, more individuals can expect to be in a position to withdraw a substantial win without high fees associated with withdrawals. There is also a possibility of seeing an industry-wide theme that offers low fees to stay relevant in the increased competition.

  Crypto cricket betting sites have come a long way from their inception, and today, they can be reliably used to bet on the platforms with faster and easier methods that are both safe in nature and offer a way to enjoy bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling without giving up comfort, using the wallet of one’s liking.

  Interested individuals can choose from the most prominent platforms or the indie casinos as per their offers and outweigh their disadvantages against one another.

  What are Crypto Cricket Betting Sites? Crypto cricket betting sites are online platforms that allow users to place bets on cricket matches using cryptocurrencies. Overall, they provide a convenient and secure way for users to bet on cricket matches using crypto like BTC, ETH, and more.

  Are Crypto Cricket Betting Sites Safe? The websites that are regulated and licensed often are the ones that are safe and offer many benefits allowing the individuals to choose from a reliable set of options for a pleasant betting experience to set up an account easily.

  Why Place Cricket Bets With Crypto? Placing bets on cricket using crypto assets enhances privacy and comfort compared to betting online with fiat currencies. Crypto also allows quick and fast transactions (such as fast withdrawals and deposits) to a wallet for payment through the withdrawal from the account. A deposit done through crypto is often also faster and enables the individuals to surpass the bounds of their locations to bet on the sports they like through betting btc cricketBest Crypto Cricket Betting Sites 2022: Top Sportsbook to Bet on Cricket! bitcoin.

betting btc cricketBetting

  Betting on sports using Bitcoin has become a lot simpler than you can imagine. Recently, sportsbooks have been more accepting of Bitcoin bets and even give out larger bonuses for users who use cryptocurrencies, opposed to those who stick to traditional currencies. It’s also much nicer being able to both play and win in BTC.

  We list the Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

  Established back in 2013, Cloudbet was one of the first bitcoin casino and sportsbooks. If you are looking for a safe and reputable bitcoin casino with multiple betting options, including sports betting and esports this is your best option.

  You can literally bet on every major sporting event including NFL & NCAA football, NBA & NCAA basketball, MLB, NHL as well as boxing, rugby, MMA, and much more.

  This is by far the best bitcoin focused sportsbook and offer a massive welcome bonus up to 5 BTC.

  USA Prohibited.

  A global leader in offering world class sports betting, they offer multiple cryptocurrency deposit options including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM). They offer betting on virtually every major event including NFL, NBA, NCAA basketball, NCAA football, UFC, MLB, boxing, golf, tennis, etc.

  Bet Online has an impeccable reputation and they have achieved this by offering some of the best customer service in the world, along with great odds. You can wager in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM). They offer options to wager on nearly any sporting event that you can think of. They also offer all new players a generous sign-up bonus. Also check out the great casino games.

  This is one of the oldest sports books in the world, and they were also one of the first to focus on offering bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. A clear favorite Bovada offers betting on all of your favorites sports, they also offer a world class casino, poker rooms, live dealers, and much more.

  This is another solid option for players who are want to wager on sports using Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrency. This is a smaller outfit than the others that we recommend, the benefit of this is they really go out of their way to offer the best in customer service, and they always aim to payout winnings as fast as possible. Make sure to checkout the promotions page.

  Players must comprehend the fundamentals of crypto-currency betting before they even place their bets. There is a wide variety of bets you can choose from, each of them having its own pros and cons based on their type, wage and value. Some of the most popular ones are:

  MoneylineParlaysPropsPoint SpreadFuturesLive BetsThe most straightforward way to get into Bitcoin sports betting is Moneyline. The player receives a payout that is directly linked to the result of the event that is happening. The odds are expressed with fractions, decimals or American odds. We will use American style round the entire post, to keep things most understandable.

  American odds detail what it would take for the player to win a certain amount of money on a particular bet. Imagine that the Super Bowl is happening and the player wants to win 100$. Odds are usually displayed as:

  Pittsburgh Steelers (-200) vs. Dallas Cowboys (+180)

  This means that if the player wants to win the 100$, they are required to place a 200$ bet in favor of the Steelers. In contrast, if the Cowboys win and the player has bet on them, they get paid out a sum of 180$.

  Sportsbooks root the payouts by the current trends across the betting market; this is the reason why the payouts are much less than the bets themselves.

  Parlay betting allows the player to stack up games in order to enlarge their win. Usually, up to three games are required to place a parlay bet. The player can also use point spreads and moneylines to be stacked on a parlay.

  While the payouts are generally larger, the only downside is that the player needs to win all the bets in order to be paid out.

  “Props” or propositions bet means that the player bets on a certain occurrence of the event, not the result of the event itself. For example, the player can bet that Dak Prescott can score 25 points in a game or whether Andy Dalton does around 23 passes.

  The catch of this type of bet is to bet on a game with even odds, meaning that the favorite needs to win by a certain amount while the underdog needs to lose by an even amount. If we use the game from the previous example, the bet would look like this:

  Pittsburgh Steelers +3.4 (+130) vs. Dallas Cowboys -3.4 (-130)

  For the player to win 100$, they need to place a 130$ bet. At the same time, the Steelers need to win by at least 4 points to ensure that the bet is won; if the Cowboys lose by 4 points or less, the player is also paid out.

  This type of betting is especially popular with NFL and NBA games, because it is really easy to assume the favorite and the underdog on an even playing field.

  By the title of the bet, it is obvious that the player bets on a prediction that is in the far future.

  For example, you can bet on a certain NBA team to take the crown in the next championship:

  Chicago Bulls +420

  Meaning that if you place a 100$ bet, you can be paid out a sum of 420$. The downside being, that any other team can win the championship, leaving your bet to a loss

  Generally, sites that allow crypto-currency betting enables players to continue wagering on their preferred sports; to keep things simple they usually cite BTC bets in dollars. Because of this, the sites protect the players from price swings that go up to 30%, as well as offering them larger payouts, sometimes even higher than 200%.

  Using Bitcoin on sportsbooks is really easy. Firstly, you need to buy Bitcoins from your credit card, which can be simply done with exchanges such as Kraken or Coinbase. Once you have the coins, you transfer them to the sportsbook’s crypto wallet address. Transactions usually betting btc cricketBest Crypto Cricket Betting Sites 2022: Top Sportsbook to Bet on Cricket! cost a couple of cents, and they appear on the sportsbook almost instantly. This process can be easily done through mobile apps or websites.

  The only thing you need to note is that bitcoins trade to 12 decimals, in contrast to traditional currencies trade to 2. It is possible that sometimes a transaction can be completely free, but most sites limit users to a minimum and maximum exchange amount for deposits and wagers as well.

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