best cricket betting predictionsThe Netherlands Eredivisie Predictions 2022 | Betting Tips for South African Players

best cricket betting predictionsThe Netherlands Eredivisie Predictions 2022 | Betting Tips for South African Players

  Cricket betting predictions and cricket betting tips are some of the most in-demand among all sorts of betting predictions. After all, that is to be expected from one of the most popular sports in South Africa.

  So, if you are a South African punter, looking for the best cricket and IPL predictions and betting tips, this guide is for you.

  As far as cricket predictions are concerned, there are many different types of predictions. Since there are many different types of bets that you can place, the different types of predictions correspond to the different bets.

  Some of the most common types, including ones that will come in handy for IPL predictions, have been explained in the following sections.

  1X2 bets are the simplest form of sports betting. They involve betting on the ultimate outcome of the match and nothing else. In this bet, 1 is a home win, X is a draw, and 2 is an away win.

  So, 1X2 predictions are simply to help you understand what the likeliest outcome of a match is supposed to be.

  Let us assume that you want IPL betting tips for a contest between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders. You want to place a simple 1X2 bet. The 1X2 cricket predictions will inform you who the most likely victors of this contest might be.

  You may have heard of over/under bets. If not, we will explain it in detail in a bit. For now, all you should know is that over/under predictions give you a sense of which over/under bets are likeliest to turn out a profit.

  Over/under bets are also often called total bets. You have to correctly predict whether the total score of the game (both teams combined) will result in a total over a specified number or under.

  So, for example, there is an ODI match between South Africa and Australia at the Kingsmead Cricket Ground in Durban, South Africa. And there is an over/under betting opportunity where the total is set at 700. Then you can bet on the ultimate combined score of the two teams being less than 700 or more than 700.

  Handicap predictions are intended to help you make decisions regarding handicap bets. But you might ask, what are handicap bets?

  Assume for the sake of argument that there is a T20 game between India and Zimbabwe. Punters and sports fanatics alike will consider India here to be the overwhelming favorite. The contest is too one-sided and not a lot of money can be made. That may turn away many punters including you.

  That is where a handicap bet makes things interesting. It makes the contest between the two teams more equal, at least in betting terms. A handicap bet is where India would not only have to win the game but win the game by a margin greater than what is set out in the handicap bet.

  So, for example, a handicap bet would only win if India won against Zimbabwe by at least 50 runs or 5 wickets.

  Live betting has become quite a common and exhilarating feature of the game of cricket in recent years. This is more applicable to T20 cricket than any other form of cricket.

  But, during live betting on T20 games like the IPL, you can become too engrossed in the excitement and emotion of the game and make reckless decisions.

  That is why cricket predictions also include livescore predictions. As you can probably guess from the name itself, livescore predictions guide you to make informed and sensible bets during a live game.

  Imagine a tightly contested India vs. Pakistan match where India is batting first. But there is a quick collapse of the top-order batsmen. Then what would you do?

  It is possible that you would analyze the whole situation logically and make a reasoned bet. But it is just as likely, if not more, that you would end up making rash decisions.

  That is where livescore predictions can help you regain a sense of perspective and give you important information.

  Bet of the day predictions is quite simple. They tell you the bets most likely to win for the events to be held on that day.

  There can be several cricketing events being held on the same day. There could be IPL matches in the fixture as well as an international ODI series somewhere else in the world. You may want to know which events and what types of bets would be more likely to ensure a pay-out.

  Well, bet of the day predictions can help you decide that. If they recommend betting on the IPL match, they can give you the most knowledgeable IPL predictions and IPL betting tips as well.

  Many sportsbooks also identify certain bets to be more profitable than others. They gather those bets and publish them as bets of the day on their site. They may also offer bonuses with those bets. Bet of the day predictions can also help you make decisions regarding such bets.

  If you are looking for IPL betting tips or other cricket betting tips, some of the points you must always note have been explained below.

  Arguably, cricket is the game where past performance and statistics are talked about the most. If you watch cricket games live, you will notice that a large chunk of the commentators’ time is spent discussing statistics.

  But there are so many statistics. You might ask, which ones should I pay attention to? That depends on what type of bet you want to place. For example, if you want to place a 1X2 bet, you need to look at the results of the times the two teams collided before.

  For example, India had an unbeaten record against Pakistan in World Cup contests until recently. They no longer have an unbeaten record but their win percentage against Pakistan in World Cup matches is still quite high. So, if you ever place a bet on an India vs. Pakistan World Cup match, you can take this statistic into account when making your decision.

  In cricket, the venue of the game is of utmost importance. Because the pitch, the crowd, and the conditions can sway the match.

  Moreover, the difference between a team’s home performance and away performance can be poles apart. That is true of teams like Bangladesh and even India. Generally speaking, India has a poorer record abroad than on home soil.

  Not just teams, but players’ performance can also be affected by the venue. For example, Sachin Tendulkar, often called the greatest of all time, never performed well in the Gabba stadium in Brisbane, Australia.

  So, if the most in-form and consistent player in a team is playing at a ground where they have historically lagged, that might be a problem for the team.

  You should also look at the names in the squads. The form, recent performance, and consistency of individual players can make or break a match.

  It often happens these days that star players at the peak of their form can be ruled out prior to a series or even prior to a match at the last minute. These are developments that you must keep track of.

  For example, you may have placed a pre-match bet based on the presence of a star player who has been scoring big runs on a consistent basis. But they are ruled out of the next match shortly before it is due to begin.

  If you know about it, you can take steps to cut back your losses either through cashouts or live betting.

  Going into the nitty-gritty of cricketing statistics and trivia can be a time-consuming matter. You may not be able to invest as much time in it as professional experts. You should do some preliminary research but you can outsource most of the legwork to experts.

  There are reliable cricket predictions, including IPL predictions, from knowledgeable sources. Our site specialises in this and is renowned as one of the best. You can consult our predictions and betting tips like the latest IPL betting tips to make your betting decisions easier.

  Moreover, you can consult the odds that sportsbooks offer. They use highly reliable mathematical models to come to their conclusions about the probabilities of events. So, if you want a safe bet, you can always go with the one that has the lowest odds. Your returns will be minimal but you will be bearing less risk.

  However, if you want to place high-risk bets, it would be best to refer to cricket predictions, statistics, and expert analysis before you do so.

  Some of the questions that frequently arise in the minds of punters like you when it comes to cricket predictions have been answered best cricket betting predictionsThe Netherlands Eredivisie Predictions 2022 | Betting Tips for South African Players below.

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