Athing Mu the first American woman to win gold in the women’s 800 meters

Athing Mu became the first American lady. Since 1968 to win gold within the women’s 800 meters. In the last of 2020 Tokyo Olympics games.

Athing Mu of the Joined together States. She won the gold medal within the Olympic women’s 800 meters. Last Tuesday and got to be the primary American woman to do so since 1968. Her compatriot Raevyn Rogers stuffed away the bronze decoration. While Keely Hodgkinson of Britain took silver.

Leading nearly from the start. Mu is ruled the race and crossed the line clear of her rivals. In a time of 1:55.21, to secure the U.S. The moment gold in the occasion after Madeline Manning’s victory in 1968.

Athing Mu the first American woman to win gold in the women’s 800 meters

Caster Semenya

The absence of South Africa’s twofold winner Caster Semenya. They were ruled ineligible due to increased testosterone levels. Opened up the field to a new victor. And the 19-year-old Mu took full advantage.

Mu, whose guardians moved to the U.S. from Sudan two decades back. She said it was “awesome” that she won gold at such a young age.

“I wasn’t truly putting gold on that. But because it got closer to the final nowadays. I was like, ‘Yeah, we need gold’,” the 19-year-old said.

Mu said getting ahead rapidly was a portion of her strategy. “I needed to go early from the front and not let anybody. To mess up my race plan. I fair needed to do my own thing,” she said.

Mu’s time was an American national record. “I knew it was lovely near but to do that once more feels amazing,” she said.

Other than the bronze for Rogers. She posted an individual best of 1:56.81, the combine. It has to be the 1st U.S. medallist on the occasion since 1988.

Britain’s Hodgkinson ran a brilliant moment. Then half of the race to gain silver. After the race, she was excited about two teenagers winning. For the medals at the most amazing stage.

“There’s not fair one 19-year-old within the race, there’s two. Which is incredible. Ideally, it stems from a great competitive 10-15 years ahead. And quicker times on the skyline,” she said.

Athing Mu the first American woman to win gold in the women’s 800 meters

Kelly Holmes

Kelly Holmes is a 19-year-old who broke the 2004 Olympic winner. The British national record with a time of 1:55.88.

“Kelly could be a massive legend of the sport. And she continuously will be with that double Olympic gold. She sent us all many messages within a final couple of days”, she told correspondents. “I am very in shock about that time.”

Inquired how she would celebrate, Hodgkinson said; “You’ll capture me within the bar. One guilt-free night out then I finish up the rest of the season. Rogers said.

Rogers dedicated the medal to her mother who is celebrating her birthday today.

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