Atanu Das says Deepika Kumari “kept telling me to believe in myself”

Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari

While matching a game in Tokyo Olympics 2020. There were no fans to cheer Atanu Das. On Thursday at the Yumenoshima Stop Arrow-based weaponry Field in Tokyo. Due to the Covid-19 confinements. But he had solid back from Deepika Kumari who was at the setting. To cheer and support her husband.

The Yumenoshima Stop Bows and arrows Field. That much like all other settings at the Tokyo Olympics. Leftover portion purge on Thursday as India’s star archer. Atanu Das took the field within the Men’s Individual Recurve events.

There were no fans to cheer up but World No. 1 Women’s Recurve. Bowman and his wife, Deepika Kumari was at the stands. Shouting in messages of the bolster. And sending pieces of counsel for the archer.

Deepika Kumari made sure her spouse was charged up. When he confronted the London Olympics gold medalist. And South Korean incredible Goodness Jin-hyek within the Round of 32. Das held his nerve at the imperative minutes. And came back from behind to shock the difference. Olympic medalists 6-5 after sealing an exciting shoot-off.

Oh, Jin-hyek went first within the shoot-off and hit a 9 with his first bolt. Atanu was beneath the weight. But he conveyed his most vital bolt a 10. To end the South Korean’s trust of a moment. Olympic person gold award.

“Good work! Confidence!” Kumari shouted to her spouse. The solitary voice of back within the stand. Where a dozen Korean staff and group individuals attempted. To encourage Oh to victory.

“I was hearing her the entire time. And she was pushing me up and telling me to accept in myself,” Das told Reuters on Thursday. By chance, Das was wearing two rings a wedding ring and an Olympic ring.

Tokyo 2020 for India post on Twitter

Atanu Das also uncovered. That he and Deepika are remaining completely. In different rooms in the Games Town. But come together for training. Deepika has moreover progressed to the Round of 16. Within the Women’s Person Bows. And arrows occasion. She will be in action on Friday.

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